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The information disclosed is for educational purposes, to help people enlighten themselves on the unknown. Please read this document and watch the video, and equip yourself to understand the hidden mysteries of our earth.

The video that follows is based on Indonesian culture and their traditions. However, if you observe and search on YouTube, this activity of death ceremonies is happening all around the world, especially in ethnic countries i.e. people of colour.

(I came across this video a week ago, and the cave burials, inside mountain burials, inside tree coffins burials mentioned in the video, sheds further clarity on what I have explained thus far in my writings)

This document is to further educate those who enter my website. I am not trying to insult global indigenous culture and traditions i.e. the past History of Man.

There really is not a pretty way to say this, without offending.

The history of man, and man’s past concerning spirit is a total and utter con. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a more subtle entry. This con has been engineered by this negative force via man’s intelligence, and kept alive by those who are keeping this secret. (This is a dark force that we are up against, to be blunt, this entity is the enemy of man. It wants man to be its harvesting machine)

To work with this entity means having to keep its secrets. I want the reader to understand, that there are countless elite occultists i.e. spiritualists globally keeping this entity’s microscopic functionality a secret.

This is one cunning force right, to manage and get man to hold such secrets and sell his fellow man out.

I don’t have the time or interest to argue with people lost and stuck in their indigenous spiritual ancestral practices on social media.

I don’t need to argue with those that it may affect, the announcement of the entity that I am exposing takes care of that by itself.

The reality of this field is, people can be really thick skulled when it comes to the unseen. Why is it that people think or believe that their ancestors had the answers, and my parents or my grandparents knew better, they swore by these practices etc. The truth is, past man has got this totally wrong and has been conned, and the present day man is lost in his spiritual understanding, because of our ancestor’s errors i.e. past man’s errors.

(The old and ancient do not have any answers to life, they were fooled from the beginning by this evil force, and this misguidance continues today amongst people. The ancient and wise, the all-knowing i.e. the elite, have presented the devil and the dark side as good, and these entities have been made to be God’s. The same entities that I am exposing, are the same entities entwined with ancient cultural practices and Polytheism)

My writings are based off the Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic scholars, and through them, is the entry into the beast, and via that, is the downfall of Satan’s Secret Underworld.

Some may say, I’m rather ambitious aren’t I, no, its simple maths in my understanding.

The entry into this underworld for me and its understanding, has been orchestrated by the Light Force, and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars were the entry point.

A new reader may become upset in my explanation of the unseen. I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which proves and demonstrates that I am eligible to give a detailed analyses on this subject (The video will be displayed further down into this document)

I am born of a Muslim background and faith, and my website is dedicated to exposing occult and the unseen underworld in Islam. So, I am not targeting anyone’s particular faith. I am targeting the occult as a whole, and what is really going on unknown to the common man.

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These ceremonies are claimed to carry the soul i.e. assist the soul to the afterlife i.e. the heavens etc.

Everything is a lie, yes, common people believe in it, and swear by it, because it’s become custom and part of the culture. It is that imbedded into the people, it’s like the lottery, a must do, and if you can do it, then you’re one of the fortunate ones.

This no doubt has been brought forward by those who work with the entity that I claim i.e. Sorcerers and those who present themselves as healers. The instructions are coming from lower astral entities i.e. the dark side.

This evil force I talk about dominates all corners of spirituality.

It’s common for families to save for decades to send off their loved ones correctly and correctly means spending upwards of $30,000 on Buffalo to sacrifice. (Text taken from the video transcript)

Buffalo are the vehicle to the afterlife. It’s all lies, it’s been orchestrated to serve lower astral entities i.e. this force that I talk about, and it’s all designed for that purpose only.

They say the Buffalo accompanying the soul is to ensure the passage to the afterlife, it’s all a lie and a con to serve this dark force I talk about.

Below is a section taken from the transcript of the video i.e. the actual conversation concerning these rituals. 24 Buffalo will be sacrificed for this particular afterlife ceremony.

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Water Buffalo that will be sacrificed, will ensure the body entering the Puya.

Water Buffalo are bred specifically to be different colours because Torajan believe the white marks on their skin emit light as they travel through the darkness of the afterlife.

The more Buffalo sacrificed, the faster your soul gets to pull you, which happens because of the importance of this journey. Buffalo here are treated like Kings here at the market. They get showered, they get a haircut and they get hand-fed every single day. And this one is all black with a white head, which means something special.

Translator Guide – Like a Buffalo that will light the forehead. Because the white is like a, like a headlight, the white spot emits light.

Translator Guide – It will become like a torch. So he’d be front of the entourage in front of the group leading the other Buffalo forward with his forehead that glows.

Below bodies kept in the house, the family are still saving money for the procedure.

The husband or the wife? Yeah, both.

Here in Tana Toraja the dead are still very much part of the family. They have not yet had the funeral and therefore both her and her husband’s spirits are still inside this home. They are called Tamakula, which means sick. And they are treated that way.

This bold text right now is me explaining. The spirit that they are honouring is the lower astral entity within man, it’s not the real spirit i.e. the Light Force, the real me and you.

Transcript continues below.

How long ago did they pass away? Wife… already five years. And the husband, he just died three weeks ago.

They also speak to them. They ask them questions. They say the Tamakula respond in their dreams. The couple will stay this way until the family have saved up enough money for their lavish funeral.

This sometimes means living for a decade with a dead body in your house, or in this case two.

The funeral for this couple is a few weeks away. It will be a big thing for the family, but we’ve been invited to visit another one tomorrow.

Animal’s rooster’s and pigs to join the entourage for the passage to heaven.

Days ago, roosters were the first to join the spirit entourage. Next. It was the pigs sacrificed in the square. Their spirits sent to feed the deceased and their body sent to feed us.

The sick are officially about to die Tamakula to Tomatay.

After all, she’s about to embark on the greatest journey of her lifetime.

Their loved one won’t be alone in this journey. The spirits of the roosters and pigs are already waiting. Now, all they need is their protection, a herd of special Buffalo bred for a special reason, their life’s purpose to guard against the demons and dangers of the underworld emitting light in all directions, ploughing through the smoke, the fog, the darkness to Puya, so the soul may finally rest. Right! So the time has come for the Water Buffalo sacrifice today.

These are the first two Buffalo of 24 that will be sacrificed over the coming week.

These animals are said to help pull the soul through the darkness protect from the demons, pull them through the smoke to the afterlife so the soul may rest.

Now let’s continue. With that act begins the journey of the guest of honour, the woman into the afterlife, Puya the souls of those two Buffalo will guide her, will protect her in her journey.

It is part of the tradition here and a very important part of the death process here. The funeral will last for the next four days with feasting and celebration.

After her body will be placed in a cliff grave with her ancestors. We had seen these everywhere into Riau.

The dead are not only put in cliffs, but also in caves and even trees.

Transcript ENDS HERE.

LIVING A WEEK with the DEATH TRIBE of Indonesia.


This bold section is me explaining. They say, 24 Buffalos are being sacrificed for this funeral, it’s all a con to sacrifice for this evil force that I talk about. Fantasy emotional stories have been made, that would make anyone feel emotional. These people use their life savings for such procedures.

The common folk will not know the truth, the ones who manage this service, they will be part of the hereditary practices and they will know the truth.

This is nothing to do with the soul i.e. the real you. The real you doesn’t need anything. All this entertainment is for evil spirits.

I have talked about an entity that I am exposing. This entity is intelligent and is way ahead of man. The reason it is ahead of man, is because it can read human thoughts. I have explained that this entity is in the rivers, sea, caves, mountain areas, in the soil, in the forests, and inside the trees etc.

There are different types of this entity, but they represent one force. You may not like my explanation. (They represent a dark force, and we are not alone without unseen obstacles on this earth)

In the case of this death ceremony, they are allocating the deceased humans to caves, holes in mountains, mountain coffins, hanging mountain coffins.

New born and child death, are to be buried in tree graves i.e. holes cut into a tree i.e. tree coffin, and the child or baby being placed within the hole. They have stories, of how the tree will feed the babies milk and nurture them.

There are sects of holy men in India, who bury their dead directly at the base of a tree i.e. beneath trees roots. It’s all to do with this autoimmune causing entity that I am exposing.

So, with the sacrifices and the bodies being allocated to caves and mountain holes. I have explained that caves and mountains are known to harbour senior demonic entities, and entities called devils. There is a race of entity’s called devils.

This shows me that the ex-human lower astral entity is being given to senior satanic entities, and the ex-human lower astral entity will worship those entities. The Buffalo sacrifice is not for an ex-human lower astral entity, an ex-human lower astral entity could not manage and control 24 Buffalo spirits. So, this herd of Buffalo are for the senior satanic entities residing in those mountains as a treat for them.

Someone in the past has engineered this false understanding for the benefit of mountain and cave satanic entities.

Whatever sect of entities a particular holy man i.e. healer from the past or present works with, they will always find ways to provide for them. Those who work with this force cannot disobey, they have to listen word for word and follow their instructions, and the main instructions are giving homage and reverence. Man has to use his own intelligence on behalf of this entity, and figure out how to con and steer his people so it provides for this force, hence man’s rituals, and all these Gods man has.

Whether you believe it or not, this entity wants to live inside man’s body. Please don’t feel privileged by this, it wants to invade man, it wants to deplete man, its presence inside our body results in autoimmune disorder, and the end result is cancer.

You may think how can such entities be on earth, and how can they be as widespread as you claim.

To cut this short, let’s get past the red tape. We are a spirits from somewhere else, and this earth was selected for our soul journey.

This entity that I talk about was already residing here, it was on earth before man.

Every elite occultist i.e. elite spiritualist knows this secret. They embrace and submit to what is present and most dominant i.e. this entity. What the reader may may call elite I don’t. Western English occultists, or any occultist who is white will not understand this, they do not understand the science of this entity and its functionality.

Its ethnic elite occultists who understand this, but they pretend and act like Western white spiritualists. They pretend it’s just my intuition i.e. I just know things etc, to blend in with modern day spiritualism.

Ethnic occultists accept this entity knowing it’s wicked and evil as an innate function.

The true correct side is the Light Force, to understand this please keep reading.

This entity that I claim, via man it has integrated itself amongst man’s rituals. These rituals originally came through this dark force in the first place via these so called healers i.e. holy men, and those who work with the unseen. If you think carefully, you will figure it out, that all of man’s rituals especially those involving sacrifice to the so called Gods were past and brought forward via the unseen, relayed by someone working with this negative force.

Every ethnic related spiritual practice that’s made its way to the common man is via this force, through the mediums and those who liaise with the unseen.

We have been presented with Gods, which are not our Gods, but they’re Gods of these lower astral entities and their race. The lower astral entity system is full of leaders, rulers and Gods.

You may say, well, the text coming from our Gods is enlightening. The text came from man’s own intelligence and understanding at the time, and merged with this entity’s requirements.

Different parts of the world they have different sects of entities, and they’re all territorial, and between themselves they want to dominate man. They have area Gods, regional rulers upon rulers. It’s a world of Hitler’s all struggling on which sect can dominate over man. The domination this entity works towards and its success is via the holy men, and those who work with this force.

The history of man is littered with sacrifice, offerings to the Gods, human sacrifice, and humans asking the mediums i.e. spirit workers, ask the Gods what do they want. Everything from the past to now relating to spirituality is connected to this entity.

We have been robbed by this force, and I feel really hurt by this. We have been so conned its unspeakable.

I have previously explained that the reason we struggle to see through any of this is, because we have one entity i.e. a single entity within us from that side, and its innate function is to keep us like this. This is part of the soul journey, to be lost like this.

Our own birth lower astral entity will not let us see through this. There are a number of ways in my opinion to see through this, one is mass education, the other is being touched by the Light.


You may think, how can it be like this.

We are on a soul journey, and we have been setup to be lost as such. To make it even more difficult for us, we ourselves have a negative entity inside us from the dark side. Please keep reading, let me take you past this and allow you to see.

I see through all of this so easily. What I see through, so do the elite Sorcerers i.e. elite mystics, but they have already submitted to the dark side, there is no escape for them.

If you observe my website, you will realise that I am up against Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic scholars i.e. mainstream Islam, who are protecting this force that I talk about. You may say, why would someone protect this force. The reality of it is, the learned use this force, and they are happy to know the truth and still be slaves of the devil.

You may say these are harsh words, here I urge the reader to view my website to understand what these scholars are engaged in.

The learned i.e. the scholars want to keep the common folk ignorant, and they want to control them. They advocate pray, pray, pray, to the masses, whilst they themselves are involved in the occult at the highest level.

Ethnic countries entertain this entity, and I can see all the signs very clearly.

This entity that I claim, its innate function is a worshipper and it has a major influence over us.

This you won’t like, it’s not the white man entertaining these devils. It’s our own ethnic people. Ethnic countries are riddled with the honouring of this entity, and they have brought this wickedness into the West, and via the West this will get eradicated i.e. exposed. I’m in the West and I operate from here, and what I’m doing and exposing, could only be done from a civilised country. I could not expose this via any country of colour, you would be collected and picked up by the governments or another group it may affect. In any ethnic country you would simply disappear i.e. go missing never to be seen again.

You cannot correct anything from an ethnic country, the countries are a total mess.

The scholars I am up against, they cannot do anything to me in the West, they cannot express their grip in England. If I were in any ethnic country these Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic scholars would have me disappear.

They are powerless here, and I don’t have no care, or fear against what they can do in England.

The elite within religion protect this entity, it’s always been like that. Look around ethnic countries and their traditions. If you observe, you will find, that all these Gods and entity’s want you to sacrifice animals and cut throats on their behalf. This evil entity that I talk about, it is they who want you to worship them, and give them animal sacrifices as homage, because they want the spirit of the animal to enhance themselves.

This entity in its ideal world, wants human sacrifice.

The History of Man & Human Sacrifice. Please check the URL below to get an insight into past man and human sacrifice.

The History of Man & Human Sacrifice.

My opinion is, human sacrifice was brought forth to man via evil spirits, and such evil spirits were posing as man’s guidance, posing as God, and Gods to man.

My writings explain that every human being has been appointed a birth Lower Astral Entity, which is allocated to us by Higher Angelic Forces whilst we were in the womb. This entity appointed to us was a new born with no data i.e. no memory.

This entity is a negative entity, its innate character is mischievous and it’s a liar, it came from the dark side. This entity is the Ego inside man, all your bad habits and negative thoughts stems from this single birth lower astral entity. It was put there by Angelic Forces as part of this earths journey, its purpose it to confuse and mislead us i.e. lead us astray. This is part of the soul’s journey i.e. this confusion.

Our purpose and aim is to elevate above this i.e. try to see past it, and to figure it out ourselves, thus enhance ourselves, but no one seems to be able to figure it out. This birth lower astral entity that I claim, its purpose is to not let you figure it out, that’s its job, it knows why we are really here.

For the record, every ethnic spiritualist who communicates with the unseen i.e. these so called healers etc, they all know that we have a lower astral entity within us.

I have explained that we ourselves are a Light Force inside a body, blinded from any knowledge of where we really came from, or who we truly are. I have explained that we are accompanied by many Angelic Forces whist on this journey. I have explained that this Angelic Force with us is shy and reserved in the background, whilst the Ego i.e. this entity is present and makes itself be known at all times.

I have explained that this entity was on earth before man, and we are in its territory, and earth was selected for our soul journey. This entity is wicked as an innate function, to say it blunt, it’s the enemy of the Light, it’s the enemy of man, this is the truth. This entity and its kind have displayed themselves via the spiritualists and mediums in the past, and have presented themselves as our Gods. We have been conned i.e. duped and done over by the dark side.

Please scroll down and follow the URL’s to understand this subject.

For those who may say, what qualifies me to explain on the subject of the unseen i.e. spirits, Jinn’s, and the unknown.

I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on this subject i.e. the occult underworld.

The video is titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

Towards the end of this document, I will display short split sections of Jinn Exorcism videos, which clearly proves and demonstrates I am qualified to expose the occult underworld. Also, I will provide a separate video i.e. after Exorcism Reaction video | I Saw the Light.

The exorcism video above, and some others towards the end of this document, were replaced on the 20th March 2023, for mobile friendly exorcism videos, with less face blur.

The entity that I am exposing here, is responsible and behind all occult. I explain and demonstrate this entity further down into this document.

Towards the end of the document, there are two particular documents that I advise the reader to read. I believe they will help a person broaden their understanding in this subject.

1st document titled, Spirit Awareness, You Are a Spirit Accompanied by Spirits.

2nd document titled, The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

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This is what all elite healers & elite occultists are protecting. follow the urls and read.

Although the title may say Sarcoidosis, however what’s captured in the burning device below is responsible for most autoimmune disorder including cancer.

Again you may say, what’s Sarcoidosis got to do with this. The reason I have named the title Sarcoidosis, is because the first typical entry stage of this entity within the human body represents this formation.

Sarcoidosis is the name used for the formation of the non-caseating granulomas i.e. the display of our immune cells forming a circle, a surrounding formation, as though they are surrounding a bacteria, but within the formation of the immune cells under microscopy no bacteria can be found, hence the title Sarcoidosis i.e. the name of the formation.

The entity in the device below is what is responsible for this formation. This entity occupies our immune cells and takes custody and drive of them, and in this position surrounds the superior entity which is in the center of the non-caseating granuloma. (The surrounding formation is a worshipping format)

This entity is a worshipper in its innate characteristics, it wants to be worshipped and honoured. However, if this entity fell amongst other senior satanic entities, then it will be forced to worship that entity.

People live with such formations within their body without realising, it only becomes are problem when there is too much activity as such, and if this entity’s activity involves an organ, then organ function will be compromised.

The same entity in the burning device displayed on the video below, is the same entity being worshipped and honoured in indigenous practices.

This is the entity that the spiritualists and healers are liaising with.

I have explained about this entity and its characteristics previously, to understand this, I suggest reading the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed & The Big Bang (2021) The Deception of The Deobandi Occult Underworld Shredded.

This entity wants to control man, it wants man to worship it, and it wants man to be its slave, that’s how this entity is as a character. This entity is a born liar, it is the enemy of man, it just can’t help it. It is so treacherous and deceitful it’s unbelievable. If you try to figure out, how can an entity be like this in character, you will lose your mind trying to understand it. So just know it’s rotten, and mischievous, and it’s a born liar, a chameleon of lies.

This entity, its innate character is a worshipper and a control freak. No matter how juvenile it may be, if it can be in a position for man to worship and honour it, it will take that route. If this entity is not in a position to be worshipped, and fell amongst the presence of a higher evolved Lower Astral Entity, then it would be forced to worship that entity.

This entity, no matter what type it is, it’s all about worshipping and control. The way a Queen Ant commands the nest, this entity is as such.

The description of the worshipping formation of this entity, and how it demonstrates this position within our own immune system, when occupying our own immune cells.

This entity, the leaders are surrounded by the other entities like a hive format, the leader or leaders are in the center, and command this obedience, which results in the leaders being surrounded.

This entity takes this worshipping formation when it’s inside the human body. Lower Astral Entities surround and worship the leader without choice, it’s direct obedience and blind worship which the lesser ranking entities have to follow.

Let’s say, the non-caseating granuloma found in Sarcoidosis i.e. the formation of our own immune cells. They appear and demonstrate the formation of surrounding, as though our immune cells are surrounding something i.e. bacteria or a foreign invader, but nothing can be found under microscopy.

Let’s say bacteria inside our body, if your immune system cannot terminate it, then your immune system will surround the invader as a defensive mechanism, i.e. to isolate it, to wall it off, to deprive the bacteria of any life support, hence killing the bacteria.

In Sarcoidosis, those cells when in the formation of the non-caseating granuloma, under microscopy, no infection or bacteria can be found. (The medical system cannot understand what they are surrounding, there appears to be nothing in the center, so why are the immune cells making this formation) In this case the medical system believes, it’s an immune system malfunction, meaning, something is wrong with your immune cells, because the medical system cannot identify anything. This entity is occupying our own immune cells, and taking them as hosts, and using our own immune cells to circle the leader in a worshipping format, whilst the leader or leaders, are also occupying our immune cells, in the center area of the granuloma.

The format is like a circle i.e. circling, a surrounding format. In this case, the leader or leaders that are being worshipped are in the center cells i.e. occupying the center cells, and the other lower ranked entities take this worshipping position i.e. (surrounding)

Yes, I know, our own immune cells surround bacteria to wall it off, but in these cases, there is no bacteria to be found. What I am explaining is, this entity when occupying our own immune cells takes the circle surrounding formation when in worship.

In cancer or a benign tumour, it’s a cluster of cells i.e. a mass, and nothing can be understood about it. This entity is inside the immune cells, and the leaders will be in the center of the cluster of cells. Whenever this entity occupies our immune cells, and clusters into a group, the leaders are always in the center.

(In a small area i.e. microscopic, there could be a number of leaders, with each receiving its own circling and worship. An area of immune cells taken as hosts by this entity, it doesn’t mean there is one leader, there could be a number of leaders being circled and worshipped. In most cases it’s the entities that are microscopic that occupy the immune cells)

The highly evolved entities that are not microscopic, usually occupy the nerves, and vary in size i.e. not microscopic.

This entity’s activities and occupation within the human body, and its abuse of man is endless.

This entity wants to live and reproduce inside man, it wants man to be its harvesting machine, and the Sorcerer and those who work with talismans aid this entity in its requirements. Do not ever think an elite ethnic Sorcerer doesn’t understand the science behind this entity i.e. (what this entity really is, and what it wants, and its purpose with man)

This entity is a natural invader, meaning a possessor, an occupier. If you can comprehend, that this entity can possess man, and it can use the human vocals whilst in this state, and use our knowledge and thoughts to communicate. Now, imagine what we are up against i.e. an entity that is microscopic in most cases, which can take control of the human brain from any part of the body.

Now, I want you to think what I am saying – my belief is, sorry I take that back, it’s not a belief, it’s a reality, and this is what’s taking place unknown to the medical system, that this entity can occupy any organism, inside or outside of the body.

This entity can ride along within a living organism, whilst the organism has its own life, and this entity can remain within it. (Also, this entity can take total control of an organism and drive it)

A human being could host countless of these entities, and still live without any knowledge that this entity is inside them. This entity can control man in any direction as explained in my documents.

The medical system would look at an organism, and study its behaviour externally i.e. movement when observed, but the occupier, the unknown true Alpha invader, i.e. this entity, which is within the occupied organism goes totally undetected, this is what’s taking place.

When viewed under the microscope i.e. when an organism cell structure is being observed, this entity knows what the viewer is doing, and what you are looking for. The observer i.e. the viewer is looking for movement i.e. swimming and movement within the observation, it’s not going to move, it knows you’re looking at it, so, it will cluster together and remain idle, it will occupy whatever that is within the cell structure that is being observed, and remain idle and still. I should have wrote this a long time ago. You have an entity that is cunning as a fox, and if you want to talk about enhanced thinking, its way ahead of the observer.

This entity needs agitating i.e. irritating under the microscope, to force it to show itself, to force it to move i.e. scarper, then you will see it.

Something else for thought, this entity can occupy most fluids and survive, it can happily live in mustard oil. The holy men load this entity into mustard oil, and other oils, and give it to their customers to rub on their body for therapeutic reasons.

Apart from this entity and what I claim i.e. that the majority are microscopic, and that they occupy our immune cells when in our body, and the larger i.e. more evolved entities occupy our nerves and organs, and would resemble fibrosis scarring under a CT scan, or markings that the medical system ignores and takes as errors with the scanner. Say example, the person observing the scan, say they saw a wiggly line in an organ, or some form of distorted line, it would be classed as an error in imaging and ignored, whilst it’s really a highly evolved entity living in an organ.

This entity is that obsessed with man and his internal body parts, a highly evolved entity would be pleased to wrap itself around someone’s heart, and live in that location, I have come across this in exorcism. I really don’t understand how the medical system is missing such long stranded entities, even when the entities de-size, they need to step their game up with these antique scanners, and these ocular microscope lenses.

This entity in my opinion is possibly responsible for 80% of human sickness. Apart from this entity being responsible for most autoimmune disorders and cancer. The other part is mind control, Sorcerers i.e. those who work with this entity can control people like a puppet with this entity, they can control a target like a rag doll (if they used entities with the correct data)

A word on possession, and this entity’s ability to possess man.

When I say, that this entity can possess man, and it can use the human vocals whilst in this state, and use our knowledge and thoughts to communicate. Some may be thinking, I don’t see people walking around possessed. It’s not like that, it’s not like the zombie image. This entity cannot just possess people like that.

If you went to a hypnotherapist who talks to altered Ego’s via their work, this is the entity that rises up and communicates (this entity is a liar, and you should not entertain it). It can only rise up and take this position i.e. trance state, if such circumstances are ripe an invitation as such i.e. someone has been made to enter this subtle state of trance.

This entity responds to rhythm, how a snake responds to a snake charmer. It can only rise up to this position, if it is entertained to get there (whether it be through hypnosis or rhythm i.e. chanting of words which led to the possessed state). Exorcism and repeat recitation i.e. a rhythm, enters such states into this subtle trance, which opens this doorway and makes this connection.

Then there are those who have entered this state that often, that they are able to enter it, and let this entity rise on demand i.e. mediums, or occult victims who have been through exorcisms a number of times.

I do not recommend people to enter this state, or look to enter this state of trance i.e. looking for such connections. This entity cannot possess a conscious normal person, unless the person has a history of being abused by spirit and they are unbalanced, and suffer via the use of occult.

In most exorcisms the possessor is talking to the birth lower astral entity i.e. the Jinn of the patient, and he is being fooled by the entity, This entity uses the known information in the head of the patient and misleads the listener, it pretends, acts and lies, it just cannot help it, that’s the way it is.

This is why I am totally against people seeking holy men and spiritual help via people who work in this field (i.e. the occult), all it does is open doorways that will cause you further harm.

My advice for those who believe they are suffering spiritual abuse is, find a way to cope with your difficulties, seek medical help if needed, but avoid holy men and those who are known to work with the occult.

I like to explain as I write, to provide education to the reader on this subject.

The entity that I am exposing here, is responsible and behind all occult. I explain and demonstrate this entity in the URL below. (I advise reading the text on the URL)

Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed Unknown Etiology Explained.


To see this entity trapped and terminated via a simple device, please watch the video below. I show how to captivate this entity via a simple device. Before attempting to use this device, follow the URL in the description of the video, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)


Follow the URL above, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

The video below I advise watching i.e. more footage of captivation of this entity.

The Secret The Elite Holy Men & The Darul Uloom Deoband Scholars are Protecting.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

Cancer Metastasizing in REAL TIME on camera, Unseen Healing & Deception Exposed.

Cancer, autoimmune disorder, it’s all the same thing in different stages, find out what this entity really is.

Yes, I know the medical system says, it’s an immune system malfunction i.e. the cells aren’t working correctly. This is totally wrong, it’s not a malfunction, it’s an invasion by a microscopic entity, which you can read about on the URL below.


I show a device on how to capture this entity.

One would say, well, if you can show it like this and capture it, then why can’t they see it under the microscope.

The animation of immune cells drawn by the medical system, one would think, well they must be able to see the entire cell structure clearly and the nucleus. The images drawn by the experts are an imagined structure, the reason I say this, is because what I am showing is inside the immune cells in the nucleus and the medical system cannot see it clearly. There are entities i.e. microscopic entities that push the limits of modern day ocular microscopy, hence going so long undetected.

This entity is intelligent, and when observed and viewed under the microscope, it would go idle and remain still i.e. dormant, because it knows it’s being observed. This entity is intelligent and would attach itself to the cell structure and remain idle, and fool the observer into believing it’s part of the cell. You may say, how can an entity be so intelligent, I would say, are you kidding me, do you really think it’s only man out there with intelligence.

To understand the science and functionality behind this entity, please read the document titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed. (To Understand The Science of Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity Functionality Read This Document)


The document below delves deeper into the occult underworld, it’s a follow up to the Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed document.

The Big Bang (2021) The Deception of The Deobandi Occult Underworld Shredded.

The Deobandi Perfected Methods of Chanting Jinn’s for Mind Control.


(To understand the depth of mind control concerning this entity, and what the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars can do via using the occult, please read the document below)

The document below Mufti Siraj Saleh targeted an ex-customer of his that I also know. He abused this lady and tormented her, and made her believe it was me that was causing her harm via the use of occult. He does these types of attacks to cause chaos. The URL below demonstrates a clear-cut scenario, of mind control via the use of this entity.

The Unknown Anonymous Victim of Mufti Siraj Saleh Disclosed (UNDERSTAND WHAT A SORCERER CAN DO)


(Those who have doubts concerning this entity that I am exposing i.e. the existence and its use, please check the URL below. This demonstrates clear sale and advertisement of such entities)

Holy Rings, and So-Called Spiritual Blessed Jinn Rings, Djinn Rings Exposed.


To understand why Mufti Siraj Saleh sends his patients to English graveyards only, please read the document below.

Why Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars, tell their patients to go to English Graveyards only.


For the reader to understand concerning the occult underworld i.e. India and the holy men, please read the documents below. Watch the videos and follow the URL’s which provide the information concerning the videos.

Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception Exposed | Paramahansa Yogananda | The Doctor Said He Had a Heart Attack.

Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception.



Baba Ji Bhoot & The Holy Men its GAME OVER


(Those who have doubts in the unseen, by this I mean, the dark side i.e. the opposite side to the Light Force. Please watch the videos below, this shows the use of evil spirits and demonstrates the occult. You cannot be a sceptic and deny the unseen after watching those videos)

South African Pastor Puts Evil Spirits & Sheep Spirits in The Worshippers & Says COME MY SHEEP COME, MY SHEEP ARE COMING.

Healers & Spiritualists Being Conned by Evil Spirits i.e. Lower Astral Entities – Global Unseen Pandemic

(Check my website to understand more about the unseen world. This activity is going on all around the world, its evil spirits manipulating man, and using man to spread. This is not healing, these people are being conned and abused)

Muslims Possessed | Semi Possessed | Lost in Dhikr & Trance – The Global Pandemic with EVIL SPIRITS.

This is people going into spirit possession and semi possession via chant and rhythm i.e. rising Jinn’s, evil spirits up. There is more to what meets the eye going on here. In these cases, the upper end Islamic theologian has put evil spirits inside his followers, and he himself has the leading evil entities with him.

Being Deceived by EVIL SPIRITS & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Below, a Shaykh from the USA is talking about his personal experience concerning the occult, and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars.

Black Magic & The Deobandi Movement

Spirit Awareness, You Are a Spirit Accompanied by Spirits.


Brief intro into our birth Lower Astral Entity.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth i.e. a Lower Astral Entity, it grows with us, it’s part of God’s plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. This lower astral entity is appointed to us whilst we were in the womb by Angelic forces. All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego, which is the birth lower astral entity.

We are a Light Force, we also have a negative entity i.e. spirit inside us, and we ourselves as a spirit are inside our body, we are a Light Force ourselves. We are blinded from any knowledge of where we came from or who we really are.

The negative feelings we have, and the lack i.e. the empty spot stems from our birth Lower Astral Entity. The deceitful and bitter feelings within us, and the aggressive side of us stems from our birth Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity. This particular entity has a major influence over us, it is there to keep us ignorant and blind, that is its job, because this is its innate character. The purpose is to keep us blind and never understand. It has been put inside us by higher Angelic forces as part of this earths journey, its purpose is to confuse and mislead us. This confusion is part of the soul’s journey. Being aware of spirit i.e. that we are a Light Force accompanied by many Angelic forces can enable a person to see through the confusion.

(We are all the same, born in different parts of the world into different religions and cultures)

We also have an Angelic force with us i.e. inside and out, and we have a negative entity from the dark side inside us.

The Angelic force is shy and reserved in the background, whilst this entity i.e. the Ego is present and makes itself be known at all times. That’s just the way it is, I would prefer if the Angelic force within us, was more forward and present, so we don’t have to struggle so much concerning this negative entity.

Text from the above URL ENDS HERE

The gallery below is taken from the URL above. I hope the images and information provided broadens ones understanding on the unseen mysteries.

The Angelic Force that is with every man & women.

The document below will provide a good source of learning, and should help one become more conscious, I advise the reader to check the URL below.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Pagan Gods and the Gods of Polytheism, who are these Gods. Look past the idols and beyond, what is really there. Let me take the veil of this and let you see.

This document delves into the dark side of man, and his worship of evil spirits.


The gallery below is taken from the URL above. I hope the images and information provided broadens ones understanding on the unseen mysteries.

Evolved Lower Astral Entities i.e. Evil spirits.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

If you understand this entity, you will understand the past and the history of man.

Below I have displayed short split sections of Jinn Exorcism videos, this is to prove and demonstrate I am qualified to expose the occult underworld.

Exorcism of a Bulls Spirit || Angel Orbs In Flight || Light Orbs in Slow Motion (HD Re-Upload)

Exorcism of Pig Spirits By Light Orbs || Angel Orbs || Trance Medium || Spirit Possession || Exorcist

Exorcism By Light Orbs, Orbs Terminating Demons

Above, Exorcism by Light Orbs | Termination of Lower Astral Entities | Jinn

I SAW THE LIGHT – Angel Orbs after Possession Exorcism REACTION VIDEO – (HD Re-Upload)

Kind Regards S Uddin – Document Created 29th May 2022

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