Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera – Mr Sexy – ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME

The video above and why it’s uploaded on this document, is explained in detail towards the end of this document.

Truth is an absolute defence to defamation, it is not slander if it’s demonstrably true. If what you say is true, it cannot be defamatory, no matter how unpleasant the statement or the results of its publication.

Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera – Occult ties and affiliation demonstrated and proven, with logic and common sense.

Below is a link to view some of the Satanic taweez i.e. talismans that were supplied to me personally by Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera, you know how much your involved in this. You made your choice and chose the side you wanted. I have been warning you about your stealth activities concerning you supporting Mufti Siraj Saleh. I never wanted you in my documents at all, why do you have to follow this fool. You guys don’t get it, this fool doesn’t see himself in the picture when observing me, he only see’s me (NOT HIMSELF)

He is like a vampire looking into the mirror i.e. no reflection. You are all following him into a perfect avalanche, he will take Darul Uloom with him. Just calculate yourself where his antics have brought this situation, and how he has failed to neutralise this. (He keeps the fire kindled)

He has displayed himself to the Deobandis as the saviour, when he himself is the cause and the effect. Mufti Siraj Saleh is going to have a Grand downfall, and the clock is ticking.

My April 2018, January 2019, January 2020, February 2020 and September 2020 Complaints to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


This document no doubt will receive complaints, due to being controversial concerning Islamic religious theologians, who represent the school of thought Darul Uloom Deoband. This is a mass movement that dominates Islam worldwide.

If any official persons are reading this document due to such complaints. Please understand, I have numerous complaints with this organisation that they won’t respond to, concerning an horrific experience I have had with my family regarding a High-Ranking Islamic Mufti, named Mufti Siraj Saleh. The Mufti in question stems from the very top of this organisation, they view him as the Messiah and follow his prophecies, and he is protected by all the followers of the movement.

I am Muslim myself, so this is not religious hate.

The followers of this movement are into the occult and the unseen i.e. spirits and occult activities, this activity is a threat to the civilised world. I am highly experienced and qualified on the subject of the unseen i.e. spirits.

I am exposing hidden Satanic practices within this movement, which are true. I am a victim of their hidden occult ways. Please ignore any complaints, the complaints are aimed at hiding the secret occult ways of this movement.

Please allow me to express such information, this needs to be aired to shed some light on this hidden occult underworld. This is a monster of a cult, the West has no idea what is growing within it, you have to let me shed some light on this. This organisation runs and controls Western Islam with media perfection, charity and playing the piety role. This movement has ulterior motives than what they display to the public. The West is in danger, and you have no idea what these scholars are really upon.

I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on what these scholars are really upon.

My qualification video can be watched direct on YouTube titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

The above link and other exorcism videos uploaded on my YouTube channel White Dove, clearly demonstrates and proves I am qualified to give a detailed analysis on this subject.

Also, I have provided a previous detailed document on the perfected Science of the Deobandi Occult Underworld titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed.


I have explained regarding the scholars associated with and around Mufti Siraj Saleh. To protect their hidden occult ways, they will do whatever is needed. What I am explaining regarding what Mufti Siraj Saleh has put my family through, the Darul Uloom scholars couldn’t care less, this is the truth.

All they care about is their movement, and the glory and uploading the image of Darul Uloom.

The N0 1 scholar Darul Uloom Deoband has created in the UK thus far, in my opinion, is a Darul Uloom graduate named Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera from Zamzam Academy.

I am going to demonstrate this scholar’s involvement and how he operates to safeguard their occult ways i.e. his loyalty to Mufti Siraj Saleh.

It’s hard to digest for the public how this organisation really operates, Darul Uloom works as a unit, they move as one. Through understanding how Dr Abdur Rahman Mangera operates to defend the Cult, and the level of stealth mind games, you will be able to understand how the other scholars associated with the movement are.

My story is a nightmare full stop, the Darul Uloom scholars have shown me no empathy, not one single Darul Uloom scholar globally has condemned Mufti Siraj Saleh, instead they protect him, honestly this is terrible.

I have presented an entity i.e. Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, and demonstrated the captivation of an unknown species. I have unravelled the science of Jinn functionality in the document, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed. With all this presentation, the Darul Uloom scholars should have stripped Mufti Siraj Saleh and disciplined him, with a public video apologising for the suffering my family has faced via their High-Ranking scholar, instead it’s the other way around, they support the abuser and praise him, they keep him on a pedestal.

Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, Unknown Etiology Explained


They are protecting what is burning inside the device on the image below.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

This entity that I have exposed, yes, I know it hasn’t been announced as yet, but it will. The system is one retarded slow system (Pardon My Expression) you have a global Coronavirus Pandemic, a high death toll, and this virus is active and progressing, and they can’t even get a vaccine set for the public. I know what entity I have presented, and I know what it is, it just hasn’t been announced.

I don’t like explaining things on petty levels, the levels these scholars are operating on. Really, it’s not my style, I have spent my life deliberately avoiding people who play mind games, I disengage, I can’t be bothered with it. Now I’m facing the elite, the teachers, the advisors for the Muslims, these people actually counsel people with difficulties, it’s unbelievable. Now I have to unravel their twisted foul behaviour.

Sometimes explaining something, especially on this level i.e. wavelength, it can look bad for the person doing the explaining.

Let me say, if you believe any of my information i.e. my documents on this subject, if you believe they hold truth, and if you believe I am fighting for a just cause, considering what I have explained thus far, then please believe me when I explain about the wavelength these scholars operate on.

They’re too deceptive and malicious to go unknown. We are living in an era of truth and correction, bad things have to be thrown out, everything to me points to improvement in all aspects of life i.e. (meaning the average person’s intention in life is good) it seems to me, life is improving in some way, or going in that direction.

You can’t have these scholars operating from within the West with such tactics. If I am fighting for a noble cause i.e. the causative agent responsible for autoimmune disorder, and these scholars are trying to hide it, and disrupt all aspects of it, because their school of thought i.e. custom, uses this entity that I am exposing. The defenders of this entity need to be exposed for what they are really doing.

The reason I have to mention this scholar Dr Mufti Mangera, is because he knows exactly what Mufti Siraj Saleh is doing and he supports it. You have to read the document on my website titled, The current status with Mufti Siraj Saleh, and the legacy of the Deobandi Imams to understand more.


Below is a section taken from the document, The current status with Mufti Siraj Saleh, and the legacy of the Deobandi Imams.

In this I have discovered Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera is knee deep in this, he’s best friends with Mufti Saiful Islam, so he will be knee deep in this.

You know the old saying, you become what you keep around you, you keep low down scum Sorcerers, you will become the same. In any case the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars live by the taweez i.e. talisman, everyone knows this anyway, it’s just no one has ever had a clear learning experience and guidance to understand this subject, and been alive to express it. This is what the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are upon, I am telling you, I live this life and I know what these scholars can do. Further down I will explain.

I have a video with Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera promoting talismans i.e. taweez and its use, stating that talismans are the same as medicine and the same as dua i.e. prayer. Let’s say it straight, talismans are occult, talismans serve only one purpose and that is to release Satanic entities. All this polished acting and pious behaviour means nothing, if you’re sitting on Satan’s lap. These scholars do not see anything wrong with what Mufti Siraj does, this is the truth and I will prove it.

Throughout this I have used Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera’s hashtags, my aim is just to let people know i.e. make them aware of Mufti Siraj Saleh and what he has done to my family.

I had noticed Dr Mangera, a lot of times, kept putting tweets after my tweets, regarding marriage, divorce, rules on marriage, if your wife has been with someone else the Islamic rulings etc. I get it, I understand the rules, he was deliberately rubbing salt in the wounds i.e. deliberately trying to provoke me. I ignored it. He writes new articles on the same subject translates it in Bengali, making new articles trying to wind me up, its stealth malicious behaviour. Tweets and self-made quotes saying, instead of looking at organisations etc, look at your own family, constantly taunting me.

You might think I got it wrong, hold on let me get there, this activity didn’t bother me at all. None of what he was doing affected me, as I would put tweets up, he would counter my tweets with such malicious behaviour. I was not interested in Mufti Mangera at all, he has been doing these types of tweets since 2019.

Before I wrote this, I did think for a week prior, I didn’t want to put Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera on my documents. The other day I thought, I would scroll through his twitter hashtag, it came to my attention that he had deleted all the constant marriage and taunting tweets which followed my own tweets. Because of this cunning method of deleting and playing such mind games, this further pushed me to show Dr Mangera. You can’t have scholars acting and behaving like this, supporting Sorcerers with no concern and empathy for another person’s family.

What bothered me and gave me clear cut understanding Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera is approving of Mufti Siraj and what he is doing. A couple of weeks ago, Mufti Siraj had made packages of entities to spin you out of balance, it’s very interesting, I found it interesting in my examination.

It’s all to do with what data the entities hold, and the Sorcerer rehearsing and acting out the emotion and desires. It’s just like a drama show, a roll play, Jinn’s are highly absorbent and absorb the instructions.

If someone put these entities into a bundle of taweez, like Mufti Siraj Saleh i.e. an elite Sorcerer, and kept spinning round and round, then deliberately falling on the floor having reached such dizziness from spinning, if such rehearsal is repeated again and again, the entity absorbs this as a command, and if the person used Jinn’s from psychologically disturbed, or mentally unbalanced ex-human Jinn’s. A victim would feel as such i.e. out of balance and confusion.

Ancestral dancing from ethnic countries i.e. motions and drama i.e. chanting and the falling on the ground, this is mostly to do with such practice to do with spirits i.e. Jinn’s, instructions and commands. Today when Western people do these spiritual dances, it would be normal without the hidden occult. Overseas in rural areas this Jinn rehearsing and dance is taking place, without the normal public being aware of the true purpose.

Say example, I was in the kitchen and something lands on me, total confusion, walking left and right and doing wrong things, totally out of balance. Unbelievable confusion.

I live with my brother, Light Orbs would put it in my brother so I can understand further, my brother was doing the same thing, total confusion and out of balance. Mufti Siraj is an occult genius he will try anything, he did this many times, it’s the same response, confusion of direction on what you are doing, I experiment with all the feelings, this is the road I’m on, how else am I going to understand without feeling and seeing all angles of this. My own brother is an additional reference.

Light Orbs know exactly what to stop, or allow to connect for my learning. If it’s a threat of life or organ they would halt it in seconds, otherwise Mufti Siraj would have finished me off a long time ago. An elite Sorcerer can terminate someone at will, I promise you this.

Mufti Siraj is so dumb, he actually thought he might have had me, his method is the science of human breakdown. If you let your mind go i.e. fall into a weak state, meaning with stress and worry as an addition this won’t help.

Now with this, I am on twitter, and I do check the hashtags, I do check Zamzam Academy Dr Mangera, because I am using those hashtags, he’s always hinting, side hinting me, he speaks his feelings day to day on his tweets with quotes and emotions.

This is the interesting part, he made a YouTube video talking sensible about social media, nothing bad, he does talk sensible. I realised he is clearly approving and with Mufti Siraj and has no concern for my family suffering and what I have explained.

Right, Mufti Siraj sent entities for the purpose of spinning someone’s head i.e. it would make a person feel as such. I look on Dr Mangeras hashtag, he’s got a video titled, Is your brain like Swiss Cheese ? Social Media and Scattered Brain syndrome etc. I thought aright Mr Hinter no problem.

Mufti Siraj was doing this repeatedly, Light Orbs do cut it out quick, he’s aware of everything and the dumb Sorcerer is getting excited.

Mufti Siraj is like a rat, false hopes, gets over excited. Me experiencing this for a number of days, I found it funny how something can make you walk all directions, I was testing it out. Mufti Siraj would be aware of the effects and getting excited, this information he would relay to Mufti Saiful Islam and the associated scholars.

The last day this happened, I looked on Zamzam Acadamy Dr Mangeras hashtag, what do I find, he just uploaded the same video titled again, Is your brain like Swiss Cheese ? Social Media and Scattered Brain syndrome. I thought to myself, as a Doctor and reading my story and playing such levels of stealth mind games. A normal person, these types of mind games would crack them up. I use everything as motivation, anything negative I try and find the positive. As a doctor he shouldn’t be playing such levels of mind games, especially understanding the human mind from a medical point of view.

What I have witnessed, no man could take. So the, Is your brain like Swiss Cheese ? and Scattered Brain Syndrome, this is what produced this document right now. My advice, stop following a dumb Sorcerer who keeps looking into the future.

Looking into the future is a trap for the looker, and a trap for the listener.

You followed Mufti Siraj Saleh’s tactics, and you have been uploaded on my website, and you are a part of my story now.

Dr Mangera has deleted the tweets relating to mocking and hinting at me, and just left a single tweet of what I have stated, Is your brain like Swiss Cheese, social media and scattered brain syndrome.

Now, how did Dr Mangera know when to react as such, and at what moment to upload the content so it may be affective in adding to the confusion. I would imagine Mufti Siraj and Dr Mangera don’t talk on such low petty levels. I believe its Mufti Saiful Islam filling Dr Mangera, and Mufti Siraj is instructing Mufti Saiful on what to relay.

What I find really dumb about this is, Mufti Saiful talks with his eyes closed most of the time, he himself is a victim of Mufti Siraj, but like a gofer he is following Mufti Siraj. These are the scholars who run UK and Western Islam i.e. mainstream Islam, Darul Uloom Deoband runs UK Islam. All these Muslim councils, and frontline Islamic organisations are Darul Uloom scholars, and they live by the taweez i.e. talismans.

And why would Mufti Saiful follow him, just like the rest of the scholars, the predictions and prophecies he has told them, that I am a threat to their way of life, again it boils down to the school of thought and the forefathers of the movement.

The above is taken from the document, Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib & the legacy of the Deobandi Imams.

A section of text below it taken from the document titled, (NOTIFYING) The Main Darul Ulooms in England RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


Because it is relating to Dr Mufti Mangera, it makes sense to add this section here to enlighten the reader.

Mufti Abdur Dr Rahman Mangera is a Doctor, he should sympathise with me and what I have explained, but the school of thought he follows won’t allow him to care, it will strip him of his morals and make him into a beast. There’s many technicalities which I don’t want to get into in detail i.e. grey areas, like, under his set belief system, his morals are governed and limited by the schools way of life, and his code of loyalty is to uphold Darul Uloom and safeguard those scholars associated with the movement.

He is allowed to act and lie and ignore what I have explained if he has valid reasons, if the reasons permit him to. What I’m talking about is, for Darul Uloom and its way of life, in his mind, he is allowed to play against me and have no feelings, he is supposed to join Mufti Siraj Saleh, and my life or family suffering means nothing to him. This is what a Cult belief system will do to someone’s morals.

It all boils down to protecting the hidden ways of the school of thought, it’s not my fault your prophecy making scholar threw the book of Deobandi occult at me, it’s not my fault he unleashed Darul Ulooms secret weapons. You throw these weapons of occult at me, what do you want from me, you want me to sit in silence, whilst your scholars continue to keep my wife blind and continue to violate my family.

You have to be able to put yourself in another man’s shoes to understand. (Never wish for someone something bad, that you wouldn’t want for yourself) What if this was your own family and this involved your life, please read the document titled, The science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed to understand what Mufti Siraj Saleh and his Sorcerer scholars have been doing to my family.

I know Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera will read this document, I want him to read it, and stop making pretend repentance videos of seeking forgiveness.

Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera, what if Mufti Siraj made your wife blind to you, and was trying to make your wife into a whore, how would you feel, look in the mirror man, ask yourself, look at your wife’s face and imagine it.

You might be able to fool the white man on the effects of occult, but you can’t fool ethnic people, because most believe in the effects and dangers of occult.

I have displayed my qualification video on the subject of exorcism and the unseen. I demonstrate blue Orbs flying in the exorcism video and show the before and after exorcism reaction. But a Darul Uloom scholar couldn’t care less, you will look at the blue Orbs and call them Devils, and you will look at Mufti Siraj Saleh’s Satanic talismans and say, yes, sometimes we have to summon Satan for help, you are lost in backwardness man, ideology can do that, the spirit of Deoband will do that to you, it will make you ignorant on right and wrong.

Why hasn’t one single Darul Uloom scholar condemned this occult. Why hasn’t one single scholar condemned Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The truth is, no Darul Uloom Islamic scholar could ever publicly condemn this, if they go against Mufti Siraj Saleh the Cult would turn against them, the person doing the condemning would be exiled from the movement, and all his scholarly ties would be severed.

This is why, not one single Darul Uloom scholar could ever make a public video condemning Mufti Siraj Saleh, and these Satanic talismans supplied to me.

This shows the Darul Uloom Islamic movement is dangerous, and unfit to comply with moral codes of practice. You really can’t get any worse religious scandal than this, it’s been publicly presented for them to do something about this, but still they are not willing to comply, they can’t because it’s a Cult.

This scandal and Satanic activities are coming from one of their senior scholars, whom they have anointed as a Saint, who is connected to the core of this movement, from India, Africa, Canada to England.

The above section is from the document titled, (NOTIFYING) The Main Darul Ulooms in England RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

I have explained on the document, The current status with Mufti Siraj Saleh, and the legacy of the Deobandi Imams. How Dr Mangera was aiding Mufti Siraj Saleh by taunting me via twitter, I wasn’t bothered, I thought how low are these scholars.

Following that document, Dr Mangera has taken to taunting me via his own videos, i.e. silent subliminal taunting. Its directed for me, as explained, it’s to cause me disruption and unsettle the mind. Really, I am not bothered about it. But due to him continuously playing on such a wavelength, I have to show him for what he is really doing.

I have explained about this entity, and how a Sorcerer can use such entities to stalk someone and monitor them around the clock. This is nothing new, ethnic people all understand this, it’s just no one has ever explained it before.

The Darul Uloom High Ranking scholar can stalk a victim and know all details through the day and night about them, if one of these scholars latches on to you, you are finished, you have no chance.

So, in my case, he is monitoring my wife and family around the clock, this is what Sorcerers do. He is hell bent on making my wife into a whore, and delighted on the thoughts of trying to crack my mind.

Some may say, what’s the mind got to do with anything. The mind is the King, and it controls the rest of the body i.e. it can breakdown the entire body, and compromise your immune system. Jinn’s can influence the mind chronically, if I let the mind wander into such thoughts, as what Dr Mangera is trying to stimulate, I could jump into a one-way trip to damaging myself.

In short, let me explain quickly and blunt. Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom scholars can send entities at an alarming rate. Jinn’s connect immediately to thought, Jinn’s jump into an existing thought, they can choose the moment to connect for a particular thought, and in that connection it can make your thoughts run wild into a state, that can cause you damage i.e. stroke, seizure, paralysis.

Nothing has happened to me, but I understand the science of this entity, and understand the way the Darul Uloom scholar can target for the precise moment in abundance for a desired outcome. See, it doesn’t matter if I have protection, that does not stop or hinder the Darul Uloom scholar, he has his own plans and goal, he doesn’t care what is in the way. He disregards the Light Force, because he operates with devils, the Light Force is an enemy to the devils, they clash. So, if you allow the mind to wander and sink, it will provide an opening that could dismantle you, hence the reason Dr Mufti Mangera is trying to fine tune and make the opening.

The human mind is known to wander, people’s thoughts very easily runs wild. A small crisis very easily derails and breaks someone down, because I understand this entity and how it operates, this in itself has improved me as a person i.e. in my thoughts. This has made me mentally stronger than before, and allowed me to train my mind, not to bother with unnecessary thoughts, and focus on positive thoughts rather than negative.

Because I understand the dangers of occult, I do not entertain any thought that may have the potential to allow me to sink. I only entertain positive thoughts, and listen to uplifting sounds i.e. I like uplifting motivational videos. Comedy and funny videos, will uplift and snap a person out of any low zone. I highly recommend watching funny people i.e. a presenter, host, that has got a sense of humour, these little things are important for a healthy mind. You cannot be dead serious about everything in life, like a robot, you will just set yourself up for a stroke in the future.

I haven’t got any problems i.e. stroke etc, but because I understand this entity, I won’t provide it any angle. I have Mufti Siraj Saleh and the elite i.e. doctors and people who understand the human mind, trying to find an opening.

I am going to show one clear cut example, and believe me when I explain it for what it is.

If my information presented thus far is appealing and holds truth, then believe me when I explain this now.

Because Mufti Siraj Saleh is stalking my family with his Sorcerers, Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera is able to deliver subliminal blows with accurate timing. The aim is to try and drive me crazy, but it won’t work, these scholars are stupid. If the recipient i.e. me, understands the cause i.e. your aim, then it won’t work will it.

Right, my son has a childhood best friend, he’s an electrician. My daughter said he has been around the house a number of times doing handy work. My daughter said, he has been a great help, he doesn’t charge because he’s my son’s best friend, when he comes my son is with him, they are around together most days.

Mufti Siraj due to his stalking, will know all the details, and he would have briefed the council i.e. Mufti Saiful Islam, Dr Mangera and the rest of the clan. So, what does Dr Mangera do, in his video shown below, he is talking very explicit and trying to damage a person’s mind i.e. mine.

He says something along the lines as, if your wife is bringing another man in the house a bit too often i.e. the electrician, you know there’s gonna be a problem an issue. Then he was talking about, talking with a loved one on the phone, the sexy talking, passionate texts, and booking hotels, and the feeling and the taste and experiencing one another in an hotel environment. You have to refer to the document titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed to understand, what level Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera is playing on.

Please listen to the video clip below, Dr Mufti Mangera made this and uploaded it within 48 hours of my knowledge of the electrician. The aim is, the delivery to be precise and have an impact, this does not affect me, what irritates me is, the thought of the level these scholars function on, that’s what irritates me.

Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera – Mr Sexy – ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME

Mufti Siraj Saleh stalks my family, and responds according to what he knows, its science-based occult, its accurate and undetected. I didn’t want to explain what I’m going to say now. You will know from my documents Mufti Siraj has unlimited stock of entities, for precision targeted attacks. The Darul Uloom scholars from South Africa and India will be forwarding him a continuous supply, for this job. I have explained how exorcism works via Light Orbs, and how they show me what they want me to understand, and the timing i.e. for my knowledge and learning.

Following my knowledge of the electrician, what was shown on exorcism was, female Asian British ex-human Jinn’s, they said they like the person, I won’t say his name, they said they like the electrician. Mufti Siraj had put entities in my wife with instructions for that particular job, to ardour the electrician who visits my house. That’s what kind of precision targeted attacks I’m talking about. Once a Darul Uloom scholar latches onto you, you are finished.

A Sorcerer relishes the notion of demoralising his victim, it gives him the feeling of being God i.e. what his twisted mind believes what God is. This feeling of grandiose and satisfaction when hurting people only satisfies the devil, this satisfaction is associated with evil.

Imagine a person who can stalk you and send entities at will for any purpose, at the time and moment they choose, for the cause they desire. I have explained normal Sorcerers do not operate on this level, no one has the patience to operate with such precision. But the Darul Uloom scholar is disciplined in recitation, and living as a particular role in life, he is able to do what the other Sorcerers cannot. These scholars are way too dangerous to go on unknown to the masses.

As I have explained, it doesn’t matter what Light Orbs remove, Mufti Siraj Saleh just replaces it, because he can. The Darul Uloom Sorcerer is confident, and when he sets you as his target, you are doomed.

For trying to make my wife into a whore with such passion, I will take your underworld down, this I promise you Mufti Siraj Saleh.

In this I have learnt Mufti Siraj Saleh as yet cannot do any attack which is life threatening, this gives me a clear indication as to my own safety, and how I feel within. This situation is designed for me to understand the science of this entity i.e. its functionality, and ability to enforce mind control, and what it really is.


Document created – 20th September 2020

Kind Regards S Uddin