Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception.

Truth is an absolute defence to defamation, it is not slander if it’s demonstrably true. If what you say is true, it cannot be defamatory, no matter how unpleasant the statement or the results of its publication.

Mahasamadhi is this highest goal of the spiritual seeker, stated by the holy men such as Sadhguru. This is the act of leaving your body and dying consciously i.e. death of the human body, please keep reading and I will expose this devilry for what it really is.

I am going to write about a subject that is unknown to the common man, unknown to the Western spiritual seeker, but this information is known and kept a secret by all the elite ethnic holy men.

If the reader is a holy man himself and you do not understand about lower astral entities i.e. evil spirits and their use, then you are that odd holy man that has been left in the dark.

Why am I writing this document, and how does this benefit me. The only reason I am writing this, is to help people understand about the occult underworld and be safe from it. I can’t hold back information that causes man such harm.

The holy man road is a con. No holy man will ever tell you the truth, you could wait another millennium it will never come out, the entity’s they work with won’t allow it to be known.

If you’re from the West and you’re into meditation and Yoga, and your searching for enlightenment. Take your meditation and Yoga and stay in the West and remain safe. The West has no idea what the holy man road really is, it’s a secret that no holy man will ever disclose.

I am going to make a brief explanation on this subject of the unseen, before I explain Mahasamadhi & The Holy Men.

I am going to talk about the unseen i.e. spirits, and what the spirits associated with most, if not all of these holy men are. I have to explain about the unseen underworld to shed some light on Mahasamadhi and the holy men.

There may be odd holy men left out from the science and understanding of this entity, if you are that individual holy man, then please count yourself out.

Western people who have travelled overseas and become a holy man, will be totally in the dark about this. This is a secret that is shared amongst all of the elite ethnic holy men i.e. so-called Godmen.

I am talking about a subject that I specialise in understanding. You may become upset reading this document, due to the readers perception of what a holy man i.e. Godman is. People adore the holy man, and those who walk this path of guidance for the searching soul.

I am against the summoning and the use of lower astral entities, Jinn i.e. evil spirits and the occult. Some readers may know a little on the subject and say, hold on, but they are nature spirits and we have to honour the nature and what it produces.

I want to help the searching soul and be of benefit, I have knowledge that I want to share that will help you. A truthful person will not lead you falsely, he will not point you the wrong way. The holy man is not truthful, he holds secrets that can benefit human understanding, but his allegiance is to the dark side. The holy man has presented the dark side to the masses as the good side.

All lower astral entities are bound to places and are generally unable to cause us harm. It is man who is releasing them via occult, ritual and talisman usage. Whether the reader knows of this or not, the holy men work with these lower astral entities and release them as a way of life. If the reader does not know about this entity, then it’s simple as you not knowing what is really going on and taking place.

All elite holy men recycle the ex-human lower astral entity as a way of life. They won’t tell their followers of this practice, because it will ruin the flow of their movement and plans. If you knew the truth you wouldn’t search for these holy men at all.

Has any holy man ever explained the basics of the ex-human lower astral entity to the public, no they haven’t, WHY. They haven’t even made it known to the public that we have one inside us, as part of this earths journey, so what kind of holiness is that, if the basic start of the human life on earth cannot be said truthfully.

The first basic secret that all of the holy men are keeping is, we all have a lower astral entity within us that is microscopic as an entity. This secret is kept by all the elite holy men and hereditary trained occultists.

We also have an Angelic force with us i.e. inside and out, and we have a negative entity from the dark side inside us.

The Angelic force is shy and reserved in the background, whilst this entity i.e. the EGO is present and makes itself be known at all times. That’s just the way it is, I would prefer if the Angelic force within us, was more forward and present, so we don’t have to suffer so much concerning this negative entity. The hell hole dark side Jinn is running the show, and is rampant in our life.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth i.e. lower astral entity, it grows with us, it’s part of God’s plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. This lower astral entity is appointed to us whilst we were in the womb by Angelic forces.

All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego, which is the birth lower astral entity. In our body our mind has the ability to overpower it, and choose to be positive, as we all know the inner struggles we face with thoughts as we live our lives. That is just the effects of one birth Jinn that grows with us. The human Jinn is the most basic type, the world and people now are being subject to the release of legions of different races of evil entities, due to the use of occult and the holy men.

All elite holy men recycle the ex-human lower astral entity as a way of life. This entity is a negative entity that holds the data of the human life lived, it is an identity and personality that is real. It is a negative evil entity which holds the data of the life lived, occultists and holy men use this entity to control people in personality, to get their desired goals. This entity is given instructions for its release, and it honors the requests of the holy man for its freedom, to be given a new life to live.

When I talk about mind control concerning this entity, the imposed feelings become your own, it becomes your own thoughts and desires.

Holy men live by this method of life, India’s elite holy men practice this, it’s unknown to the common man such practice. Holy men use entities that hold data from their own way of life and allocate these entities inside the seeker, hence luring the searching soul into their own way of life.

Please keep reading, I will explain more details as I’m writing. You will never get any of these answers from a holy man.

To prove my eligibility to be able to give a detailed analysis in this field, please watch my qualification video below.

My qualification video can be watched direct on YouTube titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

The above link and other exorcism videos uploaded on my YouTube channel White Dove, clearly demonstrates and proves I am qualified to give a detailed analysis on this subject.

The exorcism video above, and some others towards the end of this document, were replaced on the 20th March 2023, for mobile friendly exorcism videos, with less face blur.

Also, I have provided a previous detailed document on the perfected Science of the Deobandi Occult Underworld titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed.

The document below explains why I understand what I do, and provides detailed information on this entity’s functionality. I have to be clear in my explanation, so the holy men can’t wiggle around my authority to explain what I am. No man has ever disclosed such information on the unseen underworld. This information is vital for the searching soul i.e. to remain safe.

My intentions are sincere and good, I’m not deceptive like those who protect this underworld. I don’t protect and promote bad things.

I also have a detailed video and text document exposing this entity I talk about. I have demonstrated the captivation i.e. how to capture this entity and its functionality on the video and text document below.

The document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, Unknown Etiology Explained.

Please watch this video and read the text on the website to understand about this microscopic entity.

(WARNING) on the video above I show how to captivate and terminate this entity. Whoever is reading this information, if you show this device to an elite holy man, Guru, Baba, Peer etc he will turn against you and act frantic, if you build this device in front of an elite holy man and light it, he will turn on you.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

Also, an elite holy man, could light this device with instructions to his own entities to go away from the device, just to mislead what I have displayed, to discredit what the device actually is. People who work with these entities are manipulative and deceptive. The secret of this entity has been kept hidden since man became aware of spirit, those who work with this entity are sworn and bound to secrecy.

Understand the holy men are raised and trained in the art of verbal deception and jugglery, they are masters in fooling the listener. No person was born a great speaker, the holy men that can speak for the earth, practice such poetry and postures to act this way. Everything is a mirage concerning the holy man.

There are also those holy men that are not blessed in such communication, and just sit with their eyes closed absorbing the grandiose feelings.

Understand the elite holy men, the entities they work with live inside their body and around them, the entities will frustrate them inside their heads and abuse them verbally in thought, if they alluded to their activity and operation amongst man. The holy man who works with these entities hears the voice the same as someone who has schizophrenia, it’s the same.

The schizophrenia victim is being tormented in the mind, but the holy man does not experience it as a torment, it’s a second voice. The voice is not a separate voice, it’s your own voice talking to you loud and clear, but if the holy man used evolved Satanic entities in communication, his own tone would be aggressive i.e. the hosts, it would be dense. The quality of voice depends on the type of entity that is in use, most of the holy men use ex-human lower astral entities to talk to, and the ex-human entity talks to the other entities present. Some holy men would instruct the other entities, do not try and talk to me, only talk via so and so i.e. the ex-human lower astral entity.

Those who operate with the unseen are most definitely accompanied by higher evolved lower astral entities called devils and demons, there are entities that are called devils.

If you’re an elite holy man reading this information, and you are on the mainstream media, and you are not in direct communication with such entity’s, and you don’t understand the science of this entity’s functionality. That means you are a puppet for the other holy men that are guiding you, and you are following them, with their holy visions for man.

Any person who is a holy man, if he is not entwined with this entity consciously, you can be assured whoever he calls master or Guru he is.

Most elite holy men and Sorcerers do not know of the use of this device i.e. termination of this entity. The holy men don’t terminate evil spirits, they worship them, they don’t really have any idea of such a device.

When using this device, try not to think what you are doing in your thoughts, lower astral entities can read thoughts. Read the text in the link to understand.

How to Terminate Jinn & Devils i.e. Lower Astral Entities. This is the best man-made device to terminate evil spirits.

If you are a victim of occult abuse, watch the video below from 7:50 to 11:05 to watch the tutorial on how to make this device, and read the text on the website, it’s easier to understand.

Will your holy man allow you to use this device to banish evil entities in his Ashram, will he let you light this device anywhere near his premises or the Ganges, no way. Show this device to a Baba or any elite holy man he will target you with the occult aggressively, because the entity’s he works with will demand your head.

When using this device, the victim has to be in the presence of the flame, I advise sitting close and watching the flame. What you look at, so does what’s around.

The device on the video above, I have seen an Aghori Sadu on a YouTube video at the river side cremation grounds, using this device in a different way than what I have shown. He was using the device in a jar of oil, but he used the burning device as a candle wick i.e. the lit part was above the oil, and the rest sunk into the oil, so it’s used as a candle wick i.e. burning down with the flame above the oil at all times. What was he doing ? he was making the entity’s sink into the burning tube, this process leads the microscopic entity’s into the oil, so basically the end goal is to have oil loaded with this microscopic entity. In the end he will give the oil to a patient as blessed holy oil, to rub on the body for therapeutic reasons i.e. a form of healing.

Why has he done this, when this very same entity is responsible for autoimmune disorders. He is doing what all holy men do, they are all agents to distribute lower astral entities. The holy men honour this entity and make the high-ranking entity’s into God’s, people need to wake up, the holy man road is a con.

So, the oil is loaded with this microscopic entity, when rubbed on the body, the oil is absorbed into the skin’s pores, hence entry into the body.

This entity demands to be allocated to man, and the holy men provide this passage to honour the evil spirits, and those people who do this are called Saints and the blessed, this I’m afraid is not blessed. This is deception at the highest, misleading the searching soul i.e. making hell on earth.

The only good spirits are the Light Orbs, and this device does not affect them or any other good spirits, this I promise you. Only evil spirits respond to the occult and talisman use.

This is a weapon of mass destruction, it works best on wild lower astral entities. Those who have spiritual problems or are affected by Jinn’s i.e. black magic, use this device as often as needed, it works best in the dark. All black magic is the use of this entity, no occult can function or cause man harm without the direct use of this entity.

Lower Astral Entity’s adore the fire and become hypnotised by the flame, then it will drift into the pistol device, once it’s in its stuck i.e. bound and trapped, those entities that have had an animal sacrifice can avoid the flame, and those entities from newly deceased ex-human Jinn’s can avoid this device.

Also, so the reader knows, I am not targeting the Holy Men and Polytheistic followers. I am targeting the occult underworld as a whole, and I see no colour or religion in what I do. I am exposing a real threat and danger to the civilised world.

I am born and raised in the West i.e. England, here we are naturally raised on empathy, meaning if your surrounding and environment are comfortable, it encourages empathy to grow. Those who reside here improve in their hearts. That’s why in broke down countries anything goes, and the occult and such practises are rampant, here we condemn bad procedures, hence the West is the leader on morals.

The truth is, if a county is broken and people can’t eat and survive, how can empathy and such values blossom. The environment has to be right to produce such qualities.

I am born of a Muslim background and faith, and my website is dedicated to exposing occult and the unseen underworld in Islam. So, I am not targeting anyone’s particular faith. I am targeting the occult as a whole, and what is really going on unknown to the common man.

The document below, I am exposing Darul Uloom Deoband’s recycling of the ex-human Jinn i.e. lower astral entity.

The current status with Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib & Darul Uloom Deoband’s recycling of the ex-human Jinn, is just the entry level into this underworld. This devilry goes way deeper than what you can imagine.

Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib & the legacy of the Deobandi Imams.

This occult underworld is such a threat, I have also contacted the UK Parliament, which can be read on the document below titled.

My Complaint to The House of Commons UK Parliament. Regarding Darul Uloom Deoband’s Underworld and Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

I have also contacted other Governments, which can be read below titled.

(WARNING) to The Government of South Africa, Canada, Australia & The United States of America RE: Darul Uloom Deoband & The Holy Men.

Let me remind the reader before I continue, it takes the unseen to expose the unseen, otherwise how else would such information come forth. Sorcerers and these holy men are literally getting away with murder, and heinous activities unknown to the common man. Someone has to throw a spanner in this subject, and I find myself in that position.

All holy men support the occult, and occult is the summoning and the use of lower astral entities i.e. Satanic spirits. There is no good in occult, the same entity I am exposing responsible for autoimmune disorder is the same entity used with all occult.

The holy men know exactly what these entities are and they worship them, they support this entity and honour it, the holy men are misleading the masses.

The holy men give themselves to these spirits and follow their desires, it’s always been like that with the holy men.

I have to say it as it is, holy men specialise in talking in riddles and being eloquent. Most have been practicing from children to talk in riddles, on the quality of communication and how to waste your time i.e. keep you lost and guessing.

Sadhguru, real name Jaggi Vasudev is an enlightened speaker, but just like the rest of the holy men he himself is lost in the occult underworld. Occult is taking the world backwards.

The truth is, the occult and its use is the rise of hell on earth, its freedom for the dominion of lower astral entities and the abuse of man.

A true seeker of truth and enlightenment for mankind, would condemn the occult and say it for what it really is. The truth is, no holy man could ever condemn occult, if he dared the whole Guru network of secret keepers would turn against him, and he would find himself exiled from his own country.

If a holy man dared condemn the occult and the use of these lower astral entities, then to me he stands for true progress for mankind. I am against this entity because of what it does, and what its intentions are for man.

This is hard information to digest, but I know this subject, no holy man can do the things I have displayed on my qualification video. I have to be clear in my explanation to show I am eligible to say what I am about to say. No holy man from the past to the present has shown any such ability as I have displayed.

Everything to do with the holy man is jugglery of words, visual deceit and magical tricks. The holy men from the past have squirted water out from their mouths, and produced objects via tricks and become approved Godmen.

Right let me get in, I’m tip toeing around. The holy men work with evil spirits, they honour them and follow their desires. They live by this way of life as a choice, this way of life has been passed from generation to generation of holy men, this secret is shared amongst all of the elite holy men.

These holy men make devils and demons into God’s.

Elite holy men have entities which talk in their own head, they could be with you and also entertaining and listening to a second voice within themselves. This is how they live, and when moving around they are also aware of the others who walk the same path.

All these holy men are sworn to secrecy, those who hold this entities knowledge and the science of this entity. In the past such people-controlled man and religion, and provided man a way to live.

There are levels in the understanding and use of this entity, but the common basic use for those who work in this field i.e. with this entity, is to provide them homes and attach them to people. This is what this entity wants, this entity wants to live inside us and the holy man provides this passage for them.

Those who work with this entity, use this entity to control people in mind and personality. This entity is associated and is abundant in the rivers and sea, graveyards, cremation grounds, forests, caves and mountain areas.

This entity is a lower astral entity, it is negative as an entity i.e. wicked and evil as an innate function.

Caves and such places harbour lower astral entities that are called devil’s by name, and this is where the holy man calls home. The West is flocking to such places not knowing what is actually going on, how have they made this holy and blessed.

I have explained about the data holding entities and the non-data entities on the Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed document, so I won’t get into that in detail here.

Entities that hold the data of the human life lived are used to control people in mind and personality, and if combined with demonic entities they will totally control the human mind and personality.

The non-data holding entities are not equipped to control someone’s personality, due to not having such data. The non-data holding entity is a negative entity, it is evil, there is no question about that. Mass occupation of non-data entities results in autoimmune disorders, compromises organ function, the list is endless.

When I talk about mind control concerning this entity, the imposed feelings become your own, it becomes your own thoughts and desires.

Holy men live by this method of life, India’s elite holy men practice this, it’s unknown to the common man such practice.

If you go lurking around the holy men with a free spirit, if the holy man decides to put entities inside you that hold data from their culture background i.e. ex-human, worshippers of their own way of life and those humans who lived a life as such. Meaning they had devoted their lives to worship on whatever sect the individual holy man is. Remember it is an evil entity holding data of the human life lived, the holy man’s proposal to the entities is, I will give you life, make this person submit to our way of life. Now depending on how many entities the holy man decides to put into the victim, is determined by the result he wishes to attain and his knowledge on what type of entities that are adequate for the job he wants.

If he puts ex-human entities, say many, that person would become fascinated by that lifestyle and be compelled to follow. If the holy man over filled to more than what’s needed for the job, an eager Sorcerer i.e. the holy man that does not want to let the opportunity pass by for the catch, it’s all a catch for them, an investment, first thing is satisfying the entities, elite holy men worship them.

Now if the holy man put ex-human lower astral entities i.e. jinn’s assisted by demonic entities i.e. real demons, the victim would have a wide eyed gaze on them, and have a stare about them. This stare may look fascinating to some, the look of a person with a particular type of gaze. The gaze of looking like your lost in the oblivion, it may even appear like a mysterious gaze, this is an indication of hard mind control. When the Holy man over fills in this way, in my opinion those are the followers who end up leaving their entire life with no return.

This entity as a character is a worshipping type of entity as an innate function, it worships higher evolved Satanic entities without choice. If it can be in a position to make other entities worship it, then the entity will take that route. This entity is lost as an identity, its character is confused and warped, and we have one with us. This entity plays a major role with our own character.

The Western soul is easy influenced by feelings and by following intuition as a direction, hence Sorcerers i.e. holy men are loving this, entities with the data of the human life lived are used to control feelings.

Holy Men & The Unknown Mysterious World | The Recycling of The Ex-Human Jinn | Lower Astral Entity

The holy men that work with these entities are misleading the masses.

Those who think, there isn’t a dark force out there, you are totally wrong, I study this field with an open mind, with nothing restricting my understanding. But I can confirm, this dark force is quite useless without man providing the passage for transportation. Its man who is a beast for doing what he does.

All these holy men residing in the jungle as their induction into being spiritual, and staying there for years, what do people really think this is. This is giving yourself up to lower astral entities that reside in the woodlands, hereditary practices passed down from holy men that honoured the same life path. As I have explained on the attached links, it’s all to do with this entity that I am exposing i.e. Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

All elite holy men from the past to now, they have been working with these entities. This entity gets paid via animal sacrifices, it demands blood sacrifice. What the holy man presents is an act, a show of prestige. You can never get a straight answer from a holy man, so how can a seeker expect the true face to be shown. It’s not just an act of pretending to be poetic and talking in riddles, they also put the mystery act on. They show their best face as much as they can. They won’t show how they go away and sacrifice for the entities they work with. This entity demands such payments as a minimum.

The holy men that you may look up to, look at his face and imagine him sneaking off to meet other blood men who are into the science of this entity. Imagine them cutting throats of animals and calling names of abomination whilst in the act. This is what they do, this entity only works and cooperates for blood sacrifice and such rewards.

The little holy man with the hippie hair saying to his Western followers, this is your home, your home now. You have no idea what you have fallen into, my advice is RUN.

In ethnic countries this entity is more demanding, it exploits man where it sees possible, and demands according to what it gets accustomed to, and what it knows the going treats are.

Entities called devils and demons etc are more demanding, and those entities take the holy men on abusive rides and make them commit to promises. The holy man has no defence against such entities, so when a promise is made, they have to comply, and such devilish ways of life becomes the norm.

If the environment is right and fertile for this entity, this entity will demand human sacrifice. The olden days in the past, people used to sacrifice for this same entity. When troubles and misfortune struck in ethnic countries, and they used to consult mediums to liaise with the so-called nature spirits, again this entity would relay, the river demands a human sacrifice, or the sacrifice is required on an alter or where ever the entity requested.

History shows such activities took place, ethnic people are aware of such ancestral history. You may think I’m exaggerating, I’m not, this does still happen in today’s times such sacrifices. Whatever this entity can get away with it does, it gets most of its access to manipulate people in ethnic broke down countries. There are many videos on YouTube concerning such activities involving this entity in modern times. These demands are coming from lower astral entities.

This entity is an enemy of man, this entity wants to abuse man, it likes to play God with man, and the holy men honour this entity.

This entity wants to be worshipped by man, the holy men usually have the evolved devils residing in them. So, when the holy man is present on stage and there’s a Grand audience, the entities associated with him are absorbing the grandiose and feeling as though they are being worshipped and honoured by man. I know it sounds perverted but this entity is perverted, evil and twisted.

So, as I’ve explained this entity demands life when it can take the opportunity, this is obvious to understand, animal sacrifice for this entity is known worldwide it’s not a secret. This is the entity’s basic requests i.e. blood sacrifice, its ideal request if it can get away with it, is human sacrifice. This entity takes advantage of what it can get away with, and progresses more into a monster in ethnic countries.

The holy men today and from the past, have always experimented and looked for ways to look and act like Godmen, and how to portray the image. Sorry to say this, ethnic countries produce this nonsense, because they had nothing better to do but play in the dark.

This viral holy man phenomena were invented and sprouted from ethnic countries and now it’s a global pandemic.

With this practice and time spent with these entities, holy men have learnt to play tricks with the assistance of this entity, with the entity slowing the heart rate etc, and men glorifying and showing that it is he himself on such a high evolved level as to be able to do such bodily control.

I could pretend and say I do the exorcisms with my holy inner power within, but I’m not a liar. I would never say such words, I say it how it is, I don’t like talking in riddles and fake behaviour.

As I’m explaining on this subject, I like to get into what I’m trying to say with explanation, without losing and confusing the reader. This subject is not easy to explain without getting into some detail. The people who work with this entity all believe, including all of the elite Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic scholars. They whole heartedly believe, the future isn’t ahead of us, they believe it has already happened, and lower astral entities and spirits can access this information visually. I don’t want talk on that subject at this time, I am explaining what people who work with these spirits swear by.

The video below shows scientists and Einstein’s understanding of time, the past, present and future. The video below is uploaded for educational reasons, to point the direction to what the holy men, mystics and Sorcerers who work with lower astral entities swear by.

An Angelic spirit i.e. Light Force, would never give future predictions and information. Think about it, why would an Angelic force relay advanced information, when you are supposed to live your own life, the soul journey is yours. The errors we make in life are ours to burden and learn from.

The illusion of time, past, present and future all exist together.

With mentioning that, now I can explain how the elite holy man can be conned into self-sacrificing himself for lower astral entities.

Those who work with these entities rely on future advice and guidance from the same entity. Always remember this entity is a born liar, and it will always wait to deceive you and make an abomination of God’s creation i.e. man.

When I talk about holy men, they are not holy at all. The dark side have control of that title i.e. holy man. There may be odd individual genuine holy men, a true person who presents himself as a holy man wouldn’t do occult. The occult simply said, it’s the devils work. I know this road, read my story and you will understand why I am able to unravel this.

Now, say you were going to be popular anyway, and in 10 years time it was naturally going to be just that, this holy man is going to be a Guru sensation etc. This entity is so malicious, it will trick and fool the holy man. The entity in the past has said to the holy man, I will give you such wealth and popularity, even though this fortune is the natural part of your own life which will follow, this entity will take credit for it to abuse you.

This is the deal the entity says, by this age I separate you from this life, some cock and bull story. Once you make a deal with such an entity you can never escape it. So, when the time of taking was near, the spirits announced it, and said choose a day and call it out.

The holy man, to look like a true Godman shows divinity and the ability to leave earth at will when he decides. This is false misleading by the lower astral entities, this entity is like this as an innate function, your imagination of how deceptive the devil is, all your expectations are true concerning this entity. Now this has filtered into the hearts of the common man i.e. such fairy tales of departure, if your heroes are departing in this way, it makes it glorious and acceptable to the common man.

It was murder by evil spirits, everyone wants to look glorious, and ethnic countries are built on fantasy and folk tales. Folk tales keep people ignorant and make them gullible. I’m in the West, here we deal with facts and straight level headed thinking. I have qualification proof in this subject, I’m not squirting water out of my mouth or spitting out plums, like some of these holy men coming out of India.

The holy men who talk with spirits in their heads, they don’t tell the outside people they are having a 24 hours a day conversation in their heads, rather they glorify it and say, telepathy and special abilities i.e. just knowledge from the God’s, it’s all a con.

Different people who work with these entities practice different things, in London a holy man that goes under the name Rishi Ji from India, he has gatherings where he touches a person on his forehead and knocks the person unconscious, he is a known certified Sorcerer, every customer of his, he sends them with a bowl with mithai, Asian deserts i.e. sweets inside, and tells them to float it in the river or sea.

He says do not open the content otherwise it won’t work, the usual holy man tricks, he tells the client to touch the mithai and contents with your hands. Inside the bowl underneath hidden is a talisman, the touching is your DNA, the talisman is the doorway. He is basically making the patient summon river lower astral entities to themselves, he is honouring and giving homage to the river lower astral entities, by giving them a home i.e. the patient’s body, this entity wants to live inside man, hence ethnic people are riddled with autoimmune disorders, the presence of this entity leads to autoimmune disorder.

When I use the word lower astral entity, it is an evil entity i.e. spirit. It is abundant in the rivers, sea, graveyards, forests i.e. woodlands. Some call them nature spirits, to say it straight and clear, they are evil spirits that are responsible for giving man autoimmune disorder leading to cancer. Watch the video Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, Unknown Etiology Explained.

All holy men make their followers worship the rivers, and make offerings to the rivers. The holy men have conned their entire people from the beginning, everything with the holy man is to do with lower astral entities.

Some holy men’s choice of divinity and enlightened, is to live inside a cave. Others send their chosen students to live in the jungle alone for years. Those places I have just mentioned are the locations where evil spirits reside i.e. rivers, sea, forests i.e. jungle, the most sinister entities are attached to caves and mountain areas.

The device I have shown on the video to terminate evil entities, go and light one in a holy man’s cave, and sit in silence by the flame and watch what happens. The device will turn red towards the end due to the evolution of the evil entities, meaning highly developed evil entities. Go in the dark so the flame is a focal point, this is what you will see happen.

Let me get back to Rishi Ji and continue, then I will get to the Mahasamadhi deception.

I know Rishi Ji very well, what he is doing is using Satanic entities to enter the forehead and knock a person unconscious, this is something he has been training these entities to do, this activity is the abuse of man, this entity wants to subdue man, this is lower astral entities abusing man. The performer is putting on the mystical face and acting like he is magical and divine, this whole industry of holy men is a con and designed to mislead the searching soul. It’s basically welcome to the world of devils enter please.

I have seen people queuing up to be knocked unconscious by such methods, believing it is heavenly, people are so lost its unbelievable. This is not heavenly, it is devilry.

I am going to show another Guru called Osho, he has passed away, and I am not discrediting his foundation at the current time. It may be wonderful and uplifting, I don’t know. What I am talking about is the origins and the unknown unseen side of the occult underworld, that which normal people do not understand.

I am qualified on the subject of the unseen, I am showing the holy man moto and the way of life i.e. surrender and empty your mind and don’t ask questions is dangerous. This method of giving yourself up for the holy man to guide you into the light, is dangerous and it’s an opening for the dark side, because the holy men work with evil entities, it has always been like that.

A famous Guru that was named Osho, he used to do the same method i.e. touch the forehead and knock you back unconscious. No one will say its evil spirits doing it, they know silence is better.

Osho died because of a heart attack, his heart stopped dead. I want to shed some light on the understanding of this underworld. Osho definitely worked and talked in his head with lower astral entities.

People know if they say something talks to them, people will accuse them of talking to devils. Instead they stay silent, they pretend divinity and knowledge i.e. I just know, telepathy etc. This holy man industry is such a lie, filled with deceit and tricks.

Bottom line, good spirits would not be abusing man by making them unconscious, good spirits would not be making orgies. I don’t want to knock Osho, he’s gone. Osho was the Grand Kingpin of orgies.

The above is Osho, this is Satanic spirits possessing man i.e. abusing man. This is why these holy men open these foundations and Institutes, it’s for the entertainment of the lower astral entities, the bonus is wealth and fortune. It’s all to do with keeping these lower astral entities happy. Look at that picture, people screaming with their legs open, partially possessed, loss of sense, some unconscious. This is not healing of man, this is abuse by Satanic spirits.

Let me give you an example, this is how all lower astral entities work, even though you work with them i.e. Osho. If another black magician sent entities to abuse Osho. If what was sent was senior evil entities, higher than his own i.e. above his own. His own entities that he adores will not tell him at all, I promise you this.

So, example, if Osho was 100% sure he was being tormented by spirits, he will demand to his own entities, tell me who is giving me trouble. The other entities above Osho’s own entities, will tell his own ones to say a false misleading direction i.e. it’s your own customers doing occult to you and mislead you. This entity will lie and make havoc, this is how this entity is. There is no loyalty with this entity, it will drown you and hold on to its own kind without choice, it’s a ranking system.

They have ex-human entities that are microscopic, then they have ranges of demons of different evolution and sizes. Then they have entities called devils, and the normal lower astral entities worship them.

So, if you have entities that are the length of a car as an entity, telling microscopic entities to close their mouth, and say this and that, the entity will follow, it has to, it’s like a dinosaur against a mouse. That’s just how these entities work, no one is safe working with this entity, there is no loyalty with these entities.

If someone thought aright, I will use the most evolved type, still you lose, you totally sell your soul, look at the state of the Aghori Sadhu’s, there neck deep in this. The higher you go, it leads to human sacrifice and deeper perversion. In English it’s called selling your soul to the devil. There is no wining, so why even look that direction, I’m explaining this to shed some light to the reader. The hardest black magician can be killed by the same entity, there is no loyalty, if someone fills your heart with this entity, no matter how many devils you have, you’re finished, the reaction from the occupation of these entities will lead to a heart failure fast.

Only an Angelic spirit can stop such an attack on the spot from lower astral entities. Read my story to find out more.

In any case, if a Sorcerer directed entities inside another Sorcerers heart, it’s as simple as that. his entities cannot do anything. This entity does not care for man, so why is man worshipping it.

When man is using this entity and benefiting himself believing he is being successful, the user is fooling himself. You may have temporary help and life is short, and you have just sold your family to the dark side, this entity moves in mass numbers, and it attaches itself to other family members. In the long run who wins is the dark side, the spread of their seed. The holy men are continuing to worship the rivers, and call the river my mother.

The only thing that is associated with the river, is the entity that I have disclosed on the video titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

The document below explains such information, as to Osho accusing his own clients of using occult on himself, and another link showing such information as I have written i.e. orgies. The reason I have put the links and showed such information, is because I know how fans and people can be. I am talking facts with evidence, images and URLs to show such information that I am writing about, and my own video qualification on the unseen, to prove my knowledge and eligibility to explain on the science of the occult underworld.

Osho Rajneesh used sex and promiscuity to keep his cult loyal only to him

Ma Anand Sheela Wiki: Fascinating Facts about the Controversial Figure in the Rajneesh Cult

My opinion is, I know this entity and how this underworld operates. Osho made serious noise, he pimped the whole place out with orgies, went to USA and made a mess there, his assistant was involved with attempt murder, poisoning people, it was mayhem.

Osho was made to leave the USA, he was not allowed to travel to Western countries. So, he went back to India. I strongly believe the underworld Guru network decided, Osho has made too much noise and corruption for the holy scene, we need to get rid of him etc. I firmly believe they did a hit on him i.e. mass targeted heart occult attack i.e. sending this entity in mass to occupy the heart, hence the result, heart just stopped dead, over mass occupation of the organ.

So Osho, he’s heart stopped dead. This is the same thing the holy men have prescribed into their followers as Mahasamadhi, and made it look enlightening, it’s the same thing. Osho died on the spot with entities in mass sent to his heart. The same death can be done willingly with the title Mahasamadhi, when in really its occupation of lower astral entities i.e. stopping the heart dead. Sorcerers are always refining and looking for ways to take the human life.

The holy man enhances this entity’s ability by practicing methods on his clients and patients. The students are there just to practice and advance their own occult techniques, it’s a glorified Frankenstein’s laboratory for the unseen world of devils.

Sadhguru himself had blood works taken in the USA for health-related issues, he himself said his own blood works were like something of an Alien, filled with unknown cellular activity which has never been seen before. This is the result of working with the occult and such forces, you have victims that are honouring that which gave them such health-related problems, that’s how backwards the occult underworld is.

They honour and cherish and call God’s to that which gives them autoimmune disorder and cancer. Really how backwards can man be, you really can’t get any worse than this, the holy man is worshipping cancer and calling it God. No man will tell you this but me, you will never here such information coming from the holy men. I am guided by Light Orbs which are Angelic forces, hence I am able to expose this underworld.

The holy Godmen have embedded into their followers, we don’t believe in Angels, it’s because the entity they honour knows the only threat they face is the Light Orbs. Today because of Western influence and white spiritualist do believe in Angels, I here holy men now calling their devils Angels. What a backwards system of enlightenment, just get as far away from the holy man whilst you are still able to, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Whatever a holy man does or wherever he goes, he consults and follows according to the entities desires and what the entity prescribes. The holy man uses these entities for every move in life i.e. important meetings to influence and persuade people for his desires and goals. Sadhguru has got the world moving to his beat, he’s got the white man on his knees looking for spirituality.

When I say the holy men use this entity, I mean they will put entities inside people to influence them in mind and personality, as to their desires and goals, this will lead the victim to having autoimmune disorder in the long run. If the holy man over filled a victim for his desires, the victim can result in having nerve related problems i.e. Parkinson’s is a result of being overloaded by this microscopic entity, lesser reactions are nerve tremor and twitching. Also, this entities presence is always accompanied by anxiety, confusion and depression.

The bodily affects and such reactions can be made minimal, it depends on the understanding of the holy man, and his knowledge of the science of this entity. If a holy man used the correct data holding entities, instead of just overloading a victim with non-data and random uncalculated entities, a science based holy man could get the desired mind control without such adverse effects on the body i.e. mind control that goes totally undetected.

I am not teaching people, I am exposing how holy men are able to control people, and such control goes totally undetected. The Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are into controlling people for their desires and goals, they use the correct data holding entities, and fine precision in calculation. Any wonder why Darul Uloom Deoband controls most of Islam globally, they dominate Islam in the West. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are majority Darul Uloom Deoband Islam.

I’m making it clear, I’m not targeting the Polytheist followers, I am targeting the occult underworld as a whole.

Sorcerers use this entity to occupy a person’s body to cause ill health, and they also use the same entity for mind control, which will also lead to ill health. When holy men use this entity, they allocate this entity way ahead of the actual meeting date, they can transport these entities via the use of a simple picture.

I have heard Sadhguru saying, the occult can transform the world, it can be used for good and bad. Occultists call, controlling someone or making someone fall in love using this entity for mind control as good magic, and they call attacking someone for destruction bad magic. It is all the same thing, the same entity, there is nothing good to come from the use of this entity. How can you call, controlling someone’s personality for your own desires by deception and the use of evil spirits good. It’s just jugglery of words, there is nothing good to come from the use of this entity.

The deadliest sect of occultists India has produced is the Aghori Sadhu.

The Aghori Sadhu holy men, have sex with dead bodies, sit on top of dead bodies and chop body parts off and make love to the body, then finish by eating the body parts. They eat their meals inside a human skull, they walk around and eat their own faeces, animal faeces and drink urine. They live by the cremation grounds and wait for the dead bodies, this is what India has produced, and someone once told me India is becoming a super power, cannibalism, people walking around eating their dinner on human skulls.

There’s different sects of these lower astral entities, starting from basic ex-human entities to different sects of demons and entities called devils. You can tell by the human behaviour of the Aghori Sadhu the type of entities that reside inside them by their lifestyle.

Look at the video below, Sadhguru is supporting the most ruthless occultists India has ever produced, which is the Aghori Sadhu.

Sadhguru is saying, oh they’re aright, they are not bothering anybody, they are looking for the pranic energy you see, that’s why they are waiting for the body. Saying, see when you die there is still energy left.

It’s all jugglery of words and the white man is dancing to his beat, how gullible can people be.

Watch the video below and watch how the worlds N0 1 Guru supports occult. The holy men are trying to make hell on earth. Sadhguru shows he represents global enlightenment which is false, he represents India and the rise of lower astral entities on earth. You cannot aid the entity that is responsible for human sickness, and go around like a Godman.

Scientists do Bizarre Things… Not the Aghori – Sadhguru

Now imagine in England, someone waiting by the graveyard for fresh dead bodies, then makes love to the dead body, then he sits on top of the body with his legs crossed, then butchers the body parts and eats the flesh.

Then after, walks around with a human skull cap and eats the remains, most times he has his penis out, then burns the body and uses the ash as a moisturiser, and wipes stripes across his forehead with dead man’s ash.

Now imagine the local councillor saying, oh its aright, he’s just looking for the pranic energy you see, because there is some left after death, oh he’s not bothering anybody, see science cuts up animals don’t they, so what’s the difference. This is what Sadhguru said on the above video.

These holy men are trying to make hell on earth, they have polished up their jugglery of words, and are conquering the world.

Common now, people have to be sensible, this is an abomination, and the holy men support this. Sadhguru the worlds N0 1 Guru supports it, backs it and respects it.

Let me tell you what the Aghori Sadhu is doing. These entities want to humiliate man, abuse man. There is a source of good i.e. God, this entity is the enemy of the light. It wants to show this by abusing man and misleading man.

So, you have races of different types of evil entities, starting with the basic river entities to ex-human lower astral entities, then to races of different demonic entities. The more evolved and demonic the entity is, the more is its aggression to abuse man.

So, when the Aghori Sadhu is sitting on top of a corpse and hacking a man, he is in fact butchering God’s creation and showing his feelings, it’s the entities living inside the Aghori Sadhu expressing its desires and what it feels. So, he has sex with the body, then sits on it, and hacks it apart. The so called pranic energy Sadhguru is talking about, is the ex-human Jinn i.e. lower astral entity. The Aghori Sadhu and all the elite holy men know where it resides within the body, so he hacks the location, and then eats the flesh and consumes the microscopic lower astral entity, the entity will be in his body now, it will worship the senior evil entities inside the Aghori Sadu, Its harvesting time, and the reaper has collected. Higher demonic entities make other lower astral entities worship them.

This entity is all about worshipping, these lower entities worship the evolved entities without choice, they surround the evolved entity or entities and worship, this is how this entity operates.

This entity is the reason man is the way he is, this is why man can be such a Polytheist worshipper of anything. I know the world of holy men are going to be turning upside down, and their followers i.e. Sadhguru has a billion followers, I don’t care, it’s the truth and someone has to say it for what it really is. I study this entity and its characteristics via Light Orbs through exorcism, I know this entity. The holy men are lost in the worship of lower astral entities which are the enemy to the light.

My information is not based via my own upbringing or culture, I am viewing this entity through a neutral point of view. The word Jinn will bring minimum information through a google search. I hold unknown information on this entity, and I have presented this microscopic entity on video and demonstrated its capture. It hasn’t been announced as yet, but it will, and when it does, its GAME OVER FOR THE OCCULT UNDERWORLD. The holy men have deceived and conned the entire world with their treachery.

The elite Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are into the occult underworld, just like the holy men, they are responsible for my enlightenment on this subject.

They have sent this entity to me for 10 years, and I have learnt the science of this entity from what they send.

If any of India’s holy men feel like being upset at me, take a look at the picture below, this is the reason I understand what I do, this Darul Uloom Deoband scholar is what led me this route. You could say he’s my teacher in a way, that didn’t mean to teach me. He’s the reason the holy days are not going to be too nice. Here I present my unofficial teacher.

People use this entity based on their religious beliefs and their upbringing. India’s holy men worship them thoroughly, but the Darul Uloom Deoband elite scholar doesn’t worship them like the holy man, they use them for their political agenda. This entity works for blood sacrifice and ritual, and the Darul Uloom Deoband High Ranking scholar pay as they wish. This entity wants to be distributed, so the scholars distribute them.

This can also be seen as a form of worship by the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars i.e. providing such requests for the entities as they wish, but the Darul Uloom Deoband scholar wouldn’t call them God’s and kneel to them. Allocating this entity into man results in autoimmune disorders, and is an abomination. There’s only one word for this, and that is evil.

This entity abuses man according to your belief system and what it knows it can get away with. Example, say a holy man’s belief in reincarnation i.e. this entity will use your own belief system to manipulate you. It would say, you was so and so person before, you didn’t complete your goal in a previous life. Now, this information in the first place is being relayed by satanic forces. Only Satanic forces will relay any such information, Light Orbs and Angelic forces do not do this, or provide such information.

Sadhguru himself openly talks about his reincarnation, how he didn’t complete his previous life, he sat as a Yogi and died as such, he has come back to fulfil what he failed before etc

This entity manipulates according to your own belief system, it will manipulate the holy man due their belief. It can use any angle it thinks might work, it works off your own desires and imagination.

It is capable of saying to a believing listener, you were this person before in your last life, and to complete your task in this life now, and to complete the goal, you need to do this, you have failed on two previous reincarnations.

You will be famous etc but you have to marry this person to complete the task, at such and such date we need to disconnect her, so she can be returned to earth to complete her own task in another body i.e. reincarnated.

This is evil entity’s playing God, taking life and tearing man apart. This entity enjoys this manipulation, because it is the enemy of God and the enemy of man.

This entity is trying to make human sacrifice a global accepted enlightened goal via the delusion of Mahasamadhi, and the holy men are promoting it.

The holy man is a threat to mankind, follow the heights of advanced Yoga and it will lead to those who specialise in it i.e. the holy man. The Aghori Sadhu also performs advanced Yoga as a way of life and eats dead bodies, and makes love to the deceased, what more can I say.

With holy men, it’s all about silence, don’t ask no questions, a true master never gives an answer. This is what the devil wants from man, ignorance, keep your mouth closed. The holy man moto, the true enlightened person seeks silence and emptiness, it’s all a con and people need to wake up, before man loses rational thinking. There’s a war with the dark side and the holy men are its agent.

Sadhguru has erected a statue, which is good looking, but it’s the story behind the statue that interests me.

In Sadhguru’s own words, a little over a 15,000 years ago, a Yogi appeared in India, nobody knew where he came from, so people gathered. They waited, they thought he was going to perform some miracle, he did nothing, he simply sat unmoving and only 7 people hung on i.e. joined him and sat with him. These 7 people recognized, that this is a fantastic miracle, because only someone who has transcended the physical nature can simply sit.

Then they begged him, you seem to be knowing or experiencing something that we cannot imagine, please teach us.

Then he gave them some few preparatory methods and said, you prepare yourself, let me see. They went on preparing themselves. Months went into years, years went into decades, 84-years passed.

One day he just looked, these 7 people had become shining receptacles. Humanity was reminded, the simple laws of nature, are not permanent restrictions, if you’re willing to strive you can go beyond that.

And he not only gave his idea, he gave methods on how to get there. Because nobody knew his name, he never introduced himself, they called him Adiyogi, Adiyogi means the first Yogi. END OF SADHGURU’S STATEMENT.

This story aids in subduing people subconsciously, it paralyses the human mind, and portrays that silence and not asking questions is better to reach enlightenment. The master, the wise knows best, the greatest Yogi to ever live never gave the answers, he didn’t even say what his name was in 84-years of joint meditation, so who are you to question. Further aiding the holy men with their agenda with occult and such practises as Mahasamadhi.

Sadhguru has got a network of holy men behind the scenes guiding him, that work with lower astral entities, that want to see man on his knees worshiping them. The same holy men behind the scenes that prescribed the ritual offering of Mahasamadhi.

A question from a reporter to a world-renowned Guru named Osho, how can intelligence continue to flourish, and yet within you is the ultimate in silence, and the ultimate in intelligence.

Guru Osho reply, it is true in the beginning, doubt helps your intelligence, sharpens it, questioning makes you aware of many possibilities, of which you may not have been aware before. But this is only the beginning of the journey.

At the end, when all your questions have disappeared, and the real master never gives you the answer. Let me repeat it, the real master never gives you the answer, so you cannot doubt it.

He brings you to a point where all your questions disappear. His answers are murderous, killing your questions, destroying them mercilessly, to bring you to a point where there is no question in your consciousness. And the master does not give you any answer that you can doubt.

This non-questioning consciousness is the answer. And it is your experience, and you cannot doubt it, it is there. And from this point, silence and intelligence are just two aspects of the same thing. From this point, not knowing, innocence and knowing are two aspects of the same thing.

This is the mysterious world which is available to you, if you can pass the jungle of questions and doubts and reach into the clear, where there are no questions and doubts, and no answers either. Just you are in utter silence, with immense clarity, with tremendous sharpness. END OF OSHO’S REPLY.

This is what I’m talking about with the holy men, silence and not asking questions is ignorant, and this is the holy man’s weapon to subdue the searching soul, this is the way the holy men have managed to get as far as they have. It’s all about paralysing the mind not to want to think.

You make someone silent and submissive, then you get your mass orgies and this toxic behaviour. This is what breeds such titles like Mahasamadhi, and makes such practices become something for the searching soul i.e. as Sadhguru says, Mahasamadhi is the highest goal of the spiritual seeker, the departure of the soul by choice i.e. death of the human body. This is murder by evil spirits, this is how devilry grows and expands. This is what the holy men need, submission and willingness to comply, and Sadhguru’s Adiyogi statue serves as a potent delivery of such submission.

This is all political, and rise of the Empire of Darkness. This is not Light, I am being guiding by Light Orbs, which are Angelic forces, and I’m saying this for what it truly is.

All this jugglery of words and eloquent delivery of speeches, this is pioneered by the dark side.

Again, those who question my authority to display such information, can any of your holy men do what I have displayed on my qualification video.

When a known person who is into the occult opens a foundation or centre for such works i.e. so called healing and higher developments, there is a list of reasons he has opened the centre.

Sadhguru has a franchise of Science Institutes, called Isha Institutes of Inner Sciences.

First, if you’re a holy man into the occult, it’s always to allocate on each person lower astral entities, this is what this entity wants. All these holy men recycle the ex-human lower astral entity as a way of life. So, he’s giving homage to unseen lower forces and they are happy, he is giving unseen forces a body to live in, he is giving them life.

Second comes more money and wealth, third is practicing methods with this entity to subdue man, and learn better methods to knock man’s lights out, test ways to make man vulnerable and how to take the human mind rapidly. It is known Sadhguru is practicing Mahasamadhi with clients, this is the death of man via dabbling with this entity, to put the human body into a comma state. And these people are promoting this as the ability to leave earth with enlightenment. This is an abomination that the holy men have embedded into the common folk. This is evil spirits playing God, taking precious life that the creator has made. This entity is the enemy to anything that is good, and the holy men are its slave. This entity is the enemy of man.

You cannot tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, when I have displayed qualification in this subject to prove my eligibility to say what I have said. None of your holy men can show anything as such. I am trying to help the searching soul, by warning them, to get away from the holy men, don’t seek them.

I don’t know why people can’t be content and simple, and find happiness within. People need to stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

The person who performs this and enhances his Godman presence, is not a Godman, this is abuse and entertainment for lower astral entities. The one performing this activity shows divinity and his presence has power. The holy man has fooled the world and is leading the new age seeker falsely.

Let me get back to the leaving the body consciously, so, first is a typical agreement between the holy man and lower astral entities. What took place is murder, the same way a holy man would perform death magic on someone i.e. direct this entity in mass in the heart or head, this is basically the same. It is the holy man being the victim and allowing the entities he works with to stop his heart or brain via occupation in such locations, in a systemic way, and the holy man allowing uninterrupted access for the entities to continue to fulfil the job. This entity when trained in such behaviour can stop a heart by mass occupation i.e. a mass heart attack (heart stopped)

There are holy men being conned by lower astral entities into believing this is real, and losing their life due to a mass heart attack, or brain and heart at the same time. Then there are those who know exactly what is happening, and they are promoting it to aid and satisfy the entities wishes. The one who claims he is training students to reach such heights, but stopping before it has actually happened i.e. sudden death, is most definitely guilty and an accomplish in training the lower astral entities to cause mans demise.

I believe up to now, Mahasamadhi is the result of a mass heart attack or brain seizure, due to deliberate occupation of evolved entities for such a result, it’s a polished hidden way of human sacrifice to evil spirits. I believe holy men are practising how to pull the actual soul, the life out, we are an Orb energy inside a body, I believe they are training evolved evil entities to disconnect the life source by force.

Please look at the images below, those are highly evolved Lower Astral Entities, something like this are thousands of years old, I mean thousands ending with an S. An entity that is microscopic in the first place, in our human lifetime would still remain as such.

Entities of this size in most cases cannot go microscopic, they can de size to a cm or so, and increase to any size between its full length down to a cm.

So, the holy man goes out like a Godman, the lower astral entities in their underworld grand scheme of things, have made death by consent viral amongst the holy men. It’s a deception to make the process look divine i.e. become fashionable. This is evil spirits spinning a route to take human life, this entity is like that, and the holy men work with them.

So the rumours are entwined in the holy life path, and it’s been made to appear like a Grand way to go, so in the past entities had to trick and fool the holy man by telling him false things, now it’s become viral, they really don’t need to use such tricks, you have this generation of enlightened souls dreaming of leaving life early.

This is all the devil’s deception, man is such a fool, to follow a holy man you are a fool. So, the rumour was spread, that you have to be a really good meditator and be advanced to reach such heights as to leave your body like this i.e. death at choice, and it’s been glorified. The holy men have made it seem it’s like the lottery, this is murder. Look at my qualification video and say I don’t what I’m talking about, I am saying this act is murder by deceit. This is human sacrifice, the dream the lower astral entities have been scheming on, has become a wish list for the enlightened soul. Those who are promoting this have sold their souls to the devil, and those that are falling for this have been deceived.

When you have entities that are practicing to take the human life like this, in a silent way, they become advanced in the procedure with practice, with less after effects i.e. usually with death attacks with occult you may make it to the hospital and be alive for a while. Now you have entities training in this work, do you know how dangerous this is, what kind of abomination the holy men are creating.

When people do this, and pretend its holy, sometimes if things go wrong a person can still be alive but brain dead, or blood flowing out of their nose, or be in a cabbage state, but not fully dead.

If you read my documents, especially the document titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed you will understand, that an elite holy man can make a person feel and say any sentence and mean it i.e. follow it up. Holy men can use these entities to impose a desire to a person. Example a person could be made to feel that they want this desire i.e. I want to depart this way, then such evil entities get what they want. India and these holy men are creating these types of spirits.

When entities learn such tactics and how to work together to take human life, they spread it and teach it to the other lower astral entities. This is what the holy men are creating and Sadhguru is trying to pioneer it. This is his own words, that he trains people in this i.e. Mahasamadhi.

I have explained before that this entity can be chanted to make someone say any sentence, and live by what they say, a person can be made to feel any desire as such. Read my documents on my website to understand what this entity can do.

When such entities are trained in this way, they can impose these desires forcefully on other people themselves, without the holy man realising, hence getting their own malicious ways. This entity operates like this, it waits for the opportunity to cause man harm i.e. tearing people apart.

Usually holy men and Sorcerers instruct these entities to impose such desires, and words by chanting entities to deliver such sentences. These entities when accustomed, they can do this themselves i.e. impose such mind control by their own accord.

I believe Sadhguru’s original Master attached such death reapers to Sadhguru, and these entities are responsible for his own wife demanding, I want to depart earth and go now. Every Guru and Master, before his time is up, his own entities will choose to be attached to someone, and Sadhguru was a rich picking for them to expand their corruption.

It’s well documented and known, Sadhguru used to visit a lonely isolated holy man, and the holy man after numerous visits requested to Sadhguru, that he wants to leave earth by Mahasamadhi.

Sadhguru said, he helped him to depart earth and die. There are many videos online showing such interviews by Indian media. This is not rocket science to understand from my spiritual understanding and my experience. Sadhguru has the death reaper entities attached to himself, from the respected Masters he cherishes. The Master may have filled him up with a fairy tale story saying, you have been given the power of life and death i.e. holy spirits that can help people depart earth and start another life in a new body. Whatever he has been filled up with is deception and lies, he has been fooled by devils, I know this entity and how it operates.

Sadhguru is known as someone who searched for mountain and cave Yogis, that’s what this holy road is about, the rise of this false entity that wants to abuse man.

I have seen Sadhguru in a possessed trance state on stage, this is the entities inside him, this entity rises to rhythm.

Sadhguru Possessed In Trance on Stage | Mahasamadhi Shredded CHECK DESCRIPTION

India’s holy men are creating entities that are death reapers.

The last famous case of such death by consent was Sadhguru’s wife, she departed in this way Mahasamadhi, and his wife was not a meditator as such i.e. like the holy men. Sadhguru said, oh she was determined you see, I couldn’t stop her.

One thing I know very clearly is this entity, and how it is, Sadhguru has got an empire and is practising Mahasamadhi with his clients without the death ending i.e. stopping before it takes place, he said they judder he has to stop them from leaving the body from completing the death i.e. departure.

This is the training of lower astral entities with human consent, without the human client understanding what is really taking place, what kind of Frankenstein activity is going on in India.

In death magic the victim usually struggles, lives on a bit, if a holy man over fills a heart, it’s a heart failure. Today entities are being trained to take life silently.

In these cases, I believe, the holy men are using highly evolved lower astral entities as the images displayed. Those are able to enter and exit the body at ease.

My own father passed away abroad a long time ago, and it was presented as a delightful passing, they said he had a good look on his face, a peaceful departure.

My father was murdered by the same method whilst he slept when he went back home abroad. How do I know, my step brother has plagued my surrounding family with occult ever since he was a teenager, he used to travel all around India and look for the most deadliest holy men. He was addicted to looking for holy men, everyone knew what he likes doing, it wasn’t a secret.

My father passed away, they said he passed away in sleep and he was at peace, he had a good look on his face they said. My father went abroad to discuss about sharing land, his own son murdered him.

He must have found a contact that claimed he can make a smooth and fast, on the spot death i.e. my understanding is a mass heart attack, instant death.

Obviously my step brother doesn’t understand the science of this entity as I do, the holy man will never say the truth, especially when the customer is saying, I want my father to die silently without pain. The holy man would say to my step brother, it will be smooth a 2 second departure i.e. done. My stupid step brother wouldn’t understand, he is giving our own father a mass heart attack.

My older brother in the UK was interested in the land, he sent my father over, I used to beg my brother in UK leave the land, it’s not worth it, these lot are black magic addicts, leave it and move on. This was a long time ago, but how do I know this now, my step brother has passed away and he had cancer.

My step brother passed his occult contacts to my step sisters and the rest in the family. Recently my own step family sent me entities for a death attack, these entities are someone’s death trained, fantasy Mahasamadhi trained entities, this was to complete the job and go back.

The entities were held, and I discovered and learnt on exorcism, they had killed my own father before. This is nothing new for my step family, they have tried to kill me, my wife and sister many times, it’s nothing new. People become addicted to doing black magic.

My step family are all on immune suppressants with heads like medicine balls, play with these entities you also get loaded yourself. I am protected as shown on my qualification video, hence the understanding of the science of this entity. I always thought my father passed away naturally, this is the occult underworld, where son kills father to keep land. Nothing surprises me with the occult underworld, once you have Darul Uloom Deoband’s occult underworld chasing you for a decade, everything else is a cake walk.

One of the most famous holy men was Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda declared Mahasamadhi, and then stated the moment and died as stated in front of a mass audience, instant death.

Sadhguru uses Yogananda as a reference i.e. holy men have always done this.

The video below, look at the time 3:14, the doctor declared it was a heart attack. This also highlights what I am stating. If a spirit i.e. soul is leaving the body, it doesn’t have a heart attack, when a person passes away naturally, they don’t have a heart attack. But with Mahasamadhi by Yogananda, the doctor declared it was a heart attack.

It is all to do with this entity I am exposing, occupation by this entity in mass will compromise the organ, and if highly evolved entities are used who are trained to target the heart, such entities could induce an immediate heart attack.

The Death of Paramahansa Yogananda

Now what is Sadhguru making out there, this Guru is all over the West, he’s in the UN directing them, everybody is lapping up all his strategies.

I found this link below stating, Did Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Kill His Wife?

She was cremated immediately and Jaggi Vasudev didn’t wait for his father in law to reach there in spite of the requests. The request made by Viji’s own father to wait was ignored. Why?

His father in law made a police complaint later that he was suspicious about Viji’s death and that Viji might have been murdered.

Did something go wrong, meaning it wasn’t a smooth ending i.e. a cabbage state, hence the urgency for the immediate cremation?

(Very important point: In our country, nobody cremates someone who attains Mahasamadhi. It is a custom to bury people who attained Mahasamadhi) Text taken from the topic URL below.

Did Sadhguru make a deal before fame i.e. a willing consent ?

The topic below is very interesting, it is a good read.

Mahasamadhi so called divine death, is with the use of lower astral entities, the same entity’s the holy man use. The entity’s aim is to occupy the brain and heart or such a place as to restrict and stop the heart or brain. This can result in a bad ending i.e. still juddering, shaking or still life intact but in a bad state, that would explain the immediate cremation and the refusal to wait for his wife’s father.

So, it appears to me, the holy men are aiming and trying to perfect the art of human death via satanic spirits, because that is what they really are. The holy men work with satanic entities and this is the truth, if a psychopath or Narcissist can act charming like a saint, why can’t holy men that work with Satanic spirits.

My problem is this entity, because my life has been plagued by this entity, so if you’re a big boy showing world changes and your involved in this sinister occult, you need to be found out.

When Indian people and people around the holy scene ready this, try not to be upset with me, I am trying to help. I can’t hold such knowledge back, and sit and watch whilst the holy men con the world.

Now that I have explained on the subject of the unseen and this entity, and I have provided links to further inform the reader. Provided proof of eligibility to say what I have said. Now let me explain what con Mahasamadhi is.

It is human sacrifice to evil spirits by deception, it’s promoted as paradise i.e. such an exit, it’s just presented in a lovely package, to lure you in by saying oh, you have to be really, really very good to do this. Little bit of teasing in there, reverse psychology.

Sadhguru is promoting this as, What is Mahasamadhi, Is the highest goal of the spiritual seeker even a possibility for you ?

One thing I know very well is this subject, of lower astral entities.

The devils dream is to be able to pull the soul i.e. the light of man out, the devil wants to mock God’s creation, so this training to sit and allow this practice, and promote it as training to reach into a blissful state of Mahasamadhi without completing it i.e. dying.

These holy men are training the army of Satan, such entities with this level of training can reach to a point of taking life at will.

In the future as this form of death Mahasamadhi, as its blossoming, I’m sure Sadhguru would be in the position to say, we have developed a new version of departure in our Isha Institute of inner-Sciences, there is no experience needed in this one. No meditation needed, we cater for the ill and sick now. This new form I have created, it is named after me, Sadjaggi.

This Mahasamadhi is like something out of the 2005 movie, called The Island. Where they are waiting for their turn to get their freedom, but really, they are getting their organs taken out and their body disposed.

The Island • My Name Is Lincoln • Steve Jablonsky soundtrack.

Mahāsamādhi (the great and final samādhi) is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one’s body. A realized yogi (male) or yogini (female) who has attained the state of nirvikalpa samādhi, will, at an appropriate time, consciously exit from their body. This is known as mahāsamādhi. This is not the same as the physical death that occurs for an unenlightened person.

This is false information groomed into the holy circuit with a pretty package, its death by evil spirits. It is physical death.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s wife died. The reason for her death has been explained as Mahasamadhi by Sadhguru.

I study this entity in exorcism work, Light Orbs force them to talk, so I hear what I need to understand.

I have dealt with entities on exorcism that were residing in a toilet, when questioned, these entities came from another country, they were offered the choice of abode, they selected that they want to live in the toilet room.

This entity is into scent and aroma, this entity likes urine and faeces. I have exorcised senior evil entities, who chose such locations to reside in, they need the holy man to provide the transportation.

Any wonder why the Aghori Sadu holy men, drink and eat their own faeces and urine, they eat animal faeces from the floor. Any wonder why the holy men and Rishis from the past have prescribed drinking cow urine, and eating cow dung as healing therapy? This is all the works of the holy men, that worked with the same entity that I am exposing.

This entity’s job is to make an abomination out of God’s creation.

Kind Regards S Uddin – document created 29th May 2020

With my qualification video presented on Exorcism & Jinn, and my explanation of the entity in the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed. I have the right to explain the depths of this subject i.e. the subject relating to the unseen and the Jinn.

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