Mufti Taqi Usmani, Mufti Siraj Saleh, Blood, Urine, Cannibalism and National Security – 03/08/2022

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Keep scrolling for concrete evidence RE: writing Surah Fatiha With Your Urine and Blood on Your Forehead – by Mufti Taqi Usmani.

1st Mufti Taqi Usmani, It is Permissible To Write Surah Fatiha With Your Urine and Blood on Your Forehead (PROOF, CONCRETE EVIDENCE, KEEP SCROLLING)

2nd The Darul Uloom Deoband (Deobandi) scholars in England, and their connection to the (Deobandi) Taliban in Afghanistan, and the possibility of a future threat in England and the West.

3rd The Darul Uloom Deoband scholar’s affiliation with the occult and devilry, and their open support for Sorcerers – Scroll and view my website to understand more.

Darul Uloom Deoband’s Occult Underworld Exposed.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is my interest i.e. the horror that he subjugated me and my family to. A new reader will see the name Mufti Siraj Saleh frequently in my writings, as you read and scroll you will understand why.

This document, to a new reader, the reader will see the word Deobandi, and the name Darul Uloom Deoband being mentioned. I want everybody to know what the Darul Uloom scholars i.e. mainstream Islam, what the High-Ranking scholars of this movement are engaged in, and what they are protecting, hence my information is entwined with the scholars of Darul Uloom. To understand this, please check through my website front-page menu, and read my complaints to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba Bradford England.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is responsible for me displaying and highlighting Mufti Taqi Usmani. I believe Mufti Taqi Usmani is a decent person, and I personally think he is a good man. I write and explain such text without choice, because Mufti Siraj Saleh forces me down this road.

(Mufti Taqi Usmani writes in one of his books, it is permissible to write a verse in blood across your forehead, then further states, writing it with urine is also acceptable, but not recommended, then talks about eating the deceased i.e. corpses and cannibalism is permissible if the circumstances are met)

Please keep reading, and allow me to enter this gradually with explanation, and my reasons for highlighting this.

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed & The Big Bang 2021, The Deception of The Deobandi Underworld Shredded.

Do not even attempt on reading this, without understanding my circumstances relating to the unseen.

Mufti Siraj Saleh

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Just a reminder of the Satanic taweez i.e. talismans supplied by Mufti Siraj Saleh to me, before I start writing.

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(I have written my documents, so it is readable by the public and the Darul Uloom scholars)

I have pleaded with the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars to restrain their Sorcerers, but they don’t, instead the Darul Uloom scholars support the abuser.

This is Mufti Taqi Usmani in his visit with the Ministers of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

Shaykhul Islam Mufti Taqi Usmani with the Ministers of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan

For the reader, and the introduction of who Mufti Taqi Usmani is.

His Eminence Justice Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani Leading scholar for the Deobandis and in Islamic finance

Justice Sheikh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani is a leading scholar of Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic finance. He is considered to be the intellectual head of the Deobandi School of Islamic learning, as well as an authority outside of the Deobandi School. He served as Judge of the Shari’at Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan from 1982 to May 2002.

Deobandi De facto Leader: Usmani is very important as a figurehead in the Deobandi movement – one of the most successful of the Islamic revivalist initiatives of the past century. His views and fatwas are taken as the final word by Deobandi scholars globally including those at the Deoband seminary in India. Usmani was born in Deoband, India, the son of Mufti Muhammad Shafi (the former Grand Mufti of Pakistan) who founded the Darul ‘Uloom, Karachi, a leading centre of Islamic education in Pakistan. He has authority to teach hadith from Sheikh al-Hadith Mawlana Zakariya Khandelawi amongst others, and he traversed the spiritual path of Tasawwuf under the guidance of Sheikh Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi, a student of the great revivalist scholar of India, Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi. His students in the thousands are spread across the globe as leaders and Imams, especially in the Indian subcontinent, central Asia and many Western countries. Deobandis consider themselves orthodox Hanafi Sunnis rooted in a foundation of sufi teaching, but allowing for a broad spectrum of interpretation which accommodates politically passive members to the Taliban.

Leading Islamic Finance Scholar: Usmani’s other influence comes from his position as a global authority on Islamic finance. He has served on the boards, and as chairman, of over a dozen Islamic banks and financial institutions, and currently leads the International Sharia Council for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) in Bahrain. He is also a permanent member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, one of the highest legal bodies in the Muslim world.

He has translated the Qur’an both into English and Urdu. He is the author of a six-volume Arabic Hadith commentary on Sahih Muslim. He is the Chief Editor of both the Urdu and English monthly magazine Albalagh, and regularly contributes articles to leading Pakistani newspapers on a range of issues. His legal edicts (fatwas), written over the period of 45 years, are published in 4 large volumes. He has authored more than 143 books in Arabic, English, and Urdu.

New Works: He is directly supervising The Hadith Encyclopaedia, a masterful, pioneering compilation which will provide a universal number to each Hadith in a manner that will make referencing any Hadith as easy as it is to refer to a verse of the Qur’an. The Encyclopaedia will be over 300 volumes. A second major work recently published is entitled The Jurisprudence (Fiqh) of Trade. The book concludes with a proposed Code of Islamic Law of Sale of Goods and Transfer of Property, which serves as a powerful call to action for regulators and standard setting organisations alike.

Assassination Attempt: On 22 March 2019 as Mufti Taqi was on his way to deliver a Friday sermon, gunmen riding three motorbikes opened fire on his and an accompanying car. The Mufti, his wife and two grandchildren (a girl aged seven and boy aged five), miraculously survived the shower of bullets untouched, but two people lost their lives and a further two were severely injured. The Prime Minister of Pakistan condemned the attack as did scholars and politicians across the board. As of yet, no one has claimed responsibility for carrying out the attack. He was once again a target for assassination in July 2021.

What I’m writing now, I had no interest or desire for. I keep telling you Deobandi scholars to back your Sorcerers off. You have to look at my position, and what choice have you left me.

Your Sorcerer scholars are sending me this entity 24 hours a day, what do you expect from me, for me to crumble, there is no chance of that whatsoever, it’s impossible.

The one who is on the defence and fighting with inner will, cannot be expected to stop or quit. This inner urge of humans to carry on, is a basic first right.

The Darul Uloom Deoband Sorcerer scholars are taking the living piss, as we say in the UK, and have violated my life and family with the occult.

If any of the Darul Uloom Deoband Sorcerer scholars could do any life threatening attacks with the occult, I would put my hands up and salute you, but you can’t do anything but irritate me, so why send me this entity. Sending me this entity has led me to write this document, so why send in the first place.

This document refers to an entity that I am exposing, and also talks about the occult and the unseen. A new reader may get puzzled with the word entity, and me accusing the Darul Uloom scholars of engagement in the occult.

To understand regarding the entity that I talk about, please refer to the document below titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

In my writings, a new reader may get puzzled in my talks regarding the occult, and Exorcism and the Unseen. Please refer to my Qualification video in this subject Exorcism & Jinn, titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband.


After my explanation of Mufti Taqi Usmani, I will display all the necessary URL’s to understand my situation with the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars, and also provide the necessary URL’s to understand this subject.

(Following my explanation of Mufti Taqi Usmani, and my writing on the Darul Uloom scholars, the image of the white lion and the flag of England, saying Shaytaan is Weak, below that is what follows)

(My qualification video in this subject i.e. a direct YouTube upload, a disclaimer. My complaints to JKN Institute regarding the horror concerning Mufti Siraj Saleh. Also, a Deobandi Mosque in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh confirmed in video and in writing, that we are Darul Uloom Deoband from India, and sometimes we have to summon Satan for help, and make him work. These are not my words, they are the words of a Deobandi Mosque representative)

Mufti Taqi Usmani ending up on my website in this way, is because of Mufti Siraj Saleh, and only because of him.

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Mufti Siraj Saleh Mufti Taqi Usmani Angels Wings.jpg

Mr Angels spread their wings, or as he likes to pronounce it, Angels spread their vings.

I have told you scholars time and time again, back your Sorcerers off. I have said time and time again Shaytaan is Weak & The Devils of Deoband are Weak. If you can’t take me out with the occult i.e. this entity (Shaitan Jinn), then don’t waste my time sending me this entity.

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Mufti Siraj Saleh Mufti Taqi Usmani.jpg

In this document I am going to show some text from Mufti Taqi Usmani’s writings.

I recognise Mufti Taqi Usmani as what he is, he is one of the Grand Champions on the Islamic scene, he’s like King Kong in Islam, he’s all over the West, and he’s in England. Mainstream Islam in England views Mufti Taqi Usmani as one of the supreme leaders, the Boss of all Bosses.

Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad is heavily engaged with the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars in England. Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad will turn into a kindagarten kid with a lolly pop in mouth for Mufti Taqi Usmani, and everyone knows it.

If any Dawah scene members are becoming upset, please don’t, and don’t listen to these old timers. Their inability and failure to stop the Darul Uloom Deoband Sorcerer scholars has led to this, so don’t even bother listening to them.

When I’m talking about old timers, I am not talking specifically about Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad, I am talking in general.

Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad loves and adores the Darul Uloom scholars, and all of the Darul Uloom scholars love and adore Mufti Siraj Saleh, and they believe the Holy Prophet (SAW) liaises with Mufti Siraj Saleh i.e. gives him revelations.

Mufti Taqi Usmani loves and respects Mufti Siraj Saleh, it’s the chain of commands, it works like that. Under the school of thought Darul Uloom Deoband, you have to respect and love Mufti Siraj Saleh.

Our elders are lost in guidance and counsel stemming from Shaitan Jinn i.e. this evil force that I talk about, that’s why the Darul Uloom scholars continue to support Mufti Siraj Saleh.

Do you Dawah scene members realise that these old timers support Sorcerers, that’s why Mufti Siraj Saleh has got the green light to do what he does.

F:\Mufti 2022\maxresdefault.jpg

These old timers have no life experience, they are lost in the occult, hence why they ignored my complaints and plea for them to back their Sorcerers down.

If you understand the ignorance, and the lack of morals from the JKN Institute staff and Mufti Saiful Islam, and his support for Mufti Siraj Saleh, then you can understand the mindset of the other scholars who move in-line with the Darul Uloom scholar’s. The Darul Uloom scholars are too corrupt, and they have been getting away with it for too long. See, when you’re in the position and steering a mass movement i.e. Institutes after Institutes, Academy’s upon Academy’s with no obstacles or challenge, one’s confidence may reach to delusional heights, hence allowing such a menace like Mufti Siraj Saleh to operate in England with his Satanic talismans openly, and abuse people with no care.

These monsters are made and nurtured by the Deobandi scholars, and the learned of Darul Uloom Deoband.

I repeat, I have no bad feelings or any hate for Mufti Taqi Usmani, I have no hate for no one. I do not dislike Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad or Mufti Taqi Usmani.

Mufti Siraj Saleh forces me to explain the things I do, and he leaves me no choice. Whatever is going on in Mainstream Islam, it’s the Deobandis i.e. Darul Uloom scholars who really coordinate everything.

I personally have no hate or animosity for anyone. I have interests in the entity that I am exposing, and I have interests in Mufti Siraj Saleh and this Satanic underworld.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom scholars use of this entity is too wicked to go on unknown.

These sentences are for the scholars who follow counsel stemming from devils, do you understand, can you understand, do you have the brains to understand, that all of this is because of Mufti Siraj Saleh. Do you have the intelligence to understand that it’s him who’s activated my entire website, and do you understand he is the entry into the beast, and the trigger for an Avalanche that changes everything.

The problem is you scholars keep following a menace. What Mufti Siraj is viewing i.e. the future, the viewing is part of the Sorcerer scholar’s penalty, and is tailored for him and the downfall of Satan’s Underworld.

I have been warning you scholars to back off, on each of my complaints to JKN Institute from 2018, I have pleaded with you i.e. saying, I do not want to go deeper than what I have.

Looking into the future is a trap for the looker, but you scholars are too stupid to understand that. You scholars are lost in dreams and visions of the unseen.

You scholars can’t stop your excitement when the Sorcerer scholar tells you things in advance, hence your support for him strengthens. The viewing and the knowledge of the unseen is his penalty, the best design and puzzle has been created and orchestrated by the Light Force for him. (Why do you think he can’t do anything to me with the occult, but waste my time)

To help you understand and think, please use your brains, if Mufti Siraj Saleh would have walked away when he met me, then you wouldn’t need to worry about the underworld prophecies, and nothing would have manifested. Looking into the future is full of pitfalls and obstacles (the viewer and the listeners become addicted), and it always leads into a trap, and you know you are in a trap right now, because when this entity becomes announced, it’s Game Over.

Display all the Haq persona you want, demonstrate your Taqwa for the public, and cover the place with smoke screens and mirage, it’s not going to work. The Darul Uloom scholars are clear cut engaged in devilry and the occult at the highest level, and my story proves it.

I’m interested in the entity that I am exposing and the occult underworld. I was never interested in the Deobandis, I didn’t even know what a Deobandi was, but you stupid scholars just don’t understand. To say it straight, I couldn’t give a flying monkeys about the Deobandis, its Mufti Siraj that brought me into Deobandism and nurtured me down this route.

You scholars cannot do any life threatening attacks at all, I’m protected for that, and you know that already.

Sending me this entity for petty moves 24 hours a day is irritating me.

My videos prove I am protected by the Light Force. I am being steered, and at the same time I have the Deobandis sending me all hell, whilst you have been marked by the Light Force and I’m the reaper. Even though I don’t want to be the reaper, but the reaper I am.

I hope the Deobandi scholars don’t see me as bad, I’m not a bad person at all. Life and the unseen Light Force have connected me with Mufti Siraj Saleh, because you have been marked, you have been marked by the Light Force, because you are too damn wicked and evil.


Right, when I’m highlighting Mufti Taqi Usmani’s writings, it does not mean that I dislike him, or that I have hate for him. I have no negative feelings for Mufti Taqi Usmani. Mufti Siraj Saleh forces me down this road, and he leaves me no choice.

The text highlighted is not to mock or degrade Mufti Taqi Usmani, even though it is his writings.

I highlight the text below to show that the movement Darul Uloom Deoband and the cult is littered with perversion and acts of abomination, where the followers defend such texts. The scholars of this movement are lost in madness.

Religion doesn’t always make people good, its people that make Religion look good.

Information obtained from the YouTube Channel below. The video title and the source is, Taqi Usmani The Deobandi Promotes Sihr | Deobandis Refuted

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Images Ready\Taqi the TEXT MAIN.jpg

Source: Fiqhi Maqalat Vol 4 Pg 146, (Old Edition) Keep scrolling for concrete evidence.

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Mufti Taqi Usmani Surah Fatiha NOT SHARP.jpg

The text says it’s permissible to write a verse in blood across your forehead, then further states, writing it with urine is also acceptable, but not recommended, then talks about eating the deceased i.e. corpses and cannibalism is permissible if the circumstances are met.

This is the actual text below translated from Mufti Taqi Usmani’s writings.

If a person’s nose starts to bleed, and with this blood he writes Surah Fatiha on his forehead, with the intention of cure then this is permissible. And if he writes with urine, and he knows that in it is the cure then there is nothing wrong with it but this is not something recommended. The reason for this is that for the attainment of cure, the insult becomes nullified. Everyone knows that (in time of need) the thirsty man can drink alcohol and the hungry man can eat corpses. (Written by Mufti Taqi Usmani)

Yes I know Mufti Taqi Usmani’s student, Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari has written and explained that the urine part in Mufti Taqi Usmani’s writings was taken from such and such person i.e. it’s not Mufti Taqi Usmani’s own recommended method.

The writing of the verse in blood and the cannibalism part is bad enough as it is, and defending the urine part makes no difference.

Whatever method it is, and whomever originally wrote the urine part that Mufti Taqi Usmani has put inside his own book, whichever way you look at it, it’s still disturbing.

The above text regarding blood and urine has been edited on the new prints, and the online pdfs i.e. removed, but the screen shot displayed is from the original works.

Someone connected to Deobandism tried to defend and suggest to me, it’s spliced and edited i.e. fake, and tried to suggest, shall he bring me the true print to prove it’s false. The Deobandi learned are reverse psychology liars, and even though they know it’s real, they will try and smoke screen the place up.

I explained to the person, the Deobandi learned and the scholars do have secondary fake social media accounts, and they do use them to act like morons i.e. altered Ego’s. I explained if it were fake, the Deobandis would be in the comment section of the YouTube video, and they would raise all hell, and say, see the others outside of our sect are liars, see how they lie about us. They would use the opportunity to look good. I explained that the Deobandi scholars are strategic and political.

Source: Fiqhi Maqalat Vol 4 Pg 146, (Old Edition)

The video below was added on the 11th August 2022 – This is Concrete Evidence.

Mufti Taqi Usmani || It is Allowed To Write Surah Fatiha With Your Urine and Blood on Your Forehead.


A family member tried suggesting to me via text, do you know that we are all Deobandi (someone obviously fed him some crap) i.e. all of our own people are Deobandi etc. The truth is, my own cultural people don’t know what they are, meaning, the word Deobandi.

Example, my older brother has been going to most of the Mosques in East London since he was young, he didn’t even know what a Deobandi was i.e. I myself taught him the word Deobandi in late 2018.

Only now he has realised, that all of the Mosques he has been attending are run by the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars i.e. Deobandi, and all of these scholars will salute Mufti Siraj Saleh regardless of my story. In Deobandism Mufti Siraj Saleh is their Grand Champion i.e. the special one, and the occult is normal to the Darul Uloom learned.

What I’m saying is, the normal person i.e. the general public doesn’t know what a Deobandi is.

My understanding is, a student being educated by the Darul Uloom scholars, or someone going through the Darul Uloom schooling system, if they continue in further education in the scholarly ways i.e. higher education with the Deobandi scholars, then they would become a Deobandi, because to stay in that line of education you have to accept the works of the founders i.e. the forefathers of Darul Uloom Deoband which is littered with perversion and acts of abomination.

A Deobandi is not the normal person i.e. the layperson, a Deobandi is someone who is learned and knowledgeable in Islam, and along with the classical traditional Islamic texts, he also follows a library worth of books that has nothing to do with traditional Islam. A Deobandi follows the founders i.e. forefathers of the movement Darul Uloom Deoband, and their perverted texts and stories.

The Deobandi perverted texts and stories, nurtures people like Mufti Siraj Saleh and makes them what they are.

So, anyone who is a scholar and learned within the Darul Uloom movement, would have to accept all the perverted texts of the forefathers of the movement. You cannot be in that high end scholarly environment unless you accept all and everything that the forefathers of the movement have presented, and if you reject the works of the forefathers and find them to be perverted, then you are not a Deobandi.

A Deobandi in his private world amongst the learned has to, and does accept the occult. This is part of the hidden ways of the Darul Uloom scholars. The elders and founders of the movement were engaged in the occult.

My story with Mufti Siraj Saleh proves this i.e. all of the Darul Uloom scholars globally accepts Mufti Siraj Saleh’s occult activities. If you doubt what I’m saying, then confront any scholar from this school of thought Darul Uloom Deoband, and present Mufti Siraj Saleh’s name, they cannot reject him, and there you have it. I have been locked in with the Champion of Darul Uloom Deoband, and this shows the true colours of the movement and how dangerous and perverted it really is.

The Darul Uloom learned and the scholars, follow counsel and guidance from devils. The likes of Mufti Siraj Saleh provide the scholars with the fix they need i.e. unseen communication from the dark side, and this force condemns me. All of the Darul Uloom scholars are in union on their man hunt concerning me, and my writings explain what the elite of this movement are really protecting. (Bottom line is, they are protecting Satan and his seed i.e. the entity that I am exposing)

Image above, left Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, middle Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera. Right, Mufti Saiful Islam.

I am telling you the entity on my website will be announced and my information runs with it. It’s the Light Force sealing things up, to make the appropriate outcome.

This is not just an entity, this entity’s exposure triggers all things false and Holy Moly to self-destruct.

I have pleading with the Darul Uloom scholars, don’t let me go deeper, because I can go deeper and deeper into this.

You need to stop your Sorcerer scholars now. I am watching Deobandi Molvis popping on social media and making the News these days, but I also know that they are hard-core supporters of Mufti Siraj Saleh, and indulge in day to day chit chat on Mufti Siraj Saleh’s activities. I do not want to go in that direction, and I don’t want to mention their names at all. I don’t dislike any of them, I have no hate within me for no one, it’s you dumb scholars that are forcing me down these routes.

You stupid scholars have to understand what makes me write about the Deobandis. I am also aware that the Deobandis have setup a mole in the heart of mainstream Islam in England within the main Dawah scene, and the mole is pretending he’s not Deobandi. I don’t want to mention any name, because I’m not interested at all. You Deobandis need to restrain Mufti Siraj Saleh to stop me from going any deeper.

With anything to do with the Darul Uloom scholars i.e. Deobandis, it’s always double and triple layered smoke screens, you won’t be able to see through it.

I watched online a Deobandi, who’s pretending he’s not Deobandi, go in on a world famous scholar i.e. rebuttal and correction. A negative situation arouse for the global scholar, so the Deobandis used the opportunity for their benefit i.e. the Deobandi scholars and the learned are politically minded and strategic in their movements.

The rebuttal and the correction looked genuine, however it was staged, the going in i.e. the pretend discipline in this particular case was just to make the global speaker look like he’s not involved with the Deobandis in England, or engaged in the UK dramas on the Islamic scene, but the global speaker is Deobandi, and he is engaged behind the scenes. (When I’m explaining this, I don’t have any hate for the mole or the global speaker at all, its Mufti Siraj Saleh forcing me to explain)

If the Darul Uloom scholars can take me out with this entity, be my guest, you are welcome, but you can’t, and it’s impossible to take me out with this entity no matter how evolved the entity is, so why keep sending me petty moves to irritate me, which prompts me to write. This is why I say you scholars are so thick, and living on a fantasy.

I don’t care how elite and trained in the occult the Darul Uoom scholars are, and I don’t care how many Sorcerers you have. I’m here, and you can’t do nothing to me with this entity.

I don’t make the burning device to take this entity out anymore, I can’t be bothered, the Light Force takes care of everything themselves. I have rolled so much that I lost my skin on my fingers i.e. I lost my finger print from my fingers, I’m done with rolling tubes. I would be happy to never see a bottle of mustard oil again. (For a new reader, please keep reading and scrolling to understand about a device that terminates the entity that I talk about i.e. Jinn, Shaitan Jinn, Evil Spirits)

You thick scholars have to figure it out and understand, if you can’t do anything life threatening with the occult, and you are aware of petty moves that affect me, you have to think why the petty moves make it through. I am being used by the Light Force to bring your Satanic Underworld to the surface.

The Deobandis know from their underworld prophecies, that I am the discoverer of the entity that they are protecting, and they know when it gets announced they might as well just lay on their backs with their eyes closed.

If you scholars don’t restrain Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom Deoband Sorcerers, you will force me to explain the threat that the Darul Uloom scholars pose to the security of England.

If you force me, I can show the angles of how the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars pose a high security threat to England in the future. I can show the angles and lead it straight into Afghanistan, you need to back off.

Actually, because you are irritating me, and you are affecting my quality of living lol, I’m going to continue a little.

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\mod.jpg

National Security, and should the security of England be concerned about the Deobandis i.e. the Darul Uloom scholars, yes they should.

My story proves how deceptive and crooked the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars really are. My story proves how these scholars are able to act and lie with a straight face i.e. masters of reverse psychology and deception.

Does the West, and should England have concerns, should England have concerns of a possible threat, is there any threat or possibility of a threat connected to the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars in England, and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Mufti Siraj Saleh forces me down this road, and forces me to explain.

Is there a threat, of course there is a threat.

All forms of the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars, and any person who came through this schooling system, or any connection to this movement Darul Uloom Deoband fully supports the Taliban, (They view the Taliban as role models, and look up to them) they are both the same i.e. Deobandi. (They do not openly say this in the West, but it’s understood and known within the Darul Uloom scholars and their affiliates)

Every Western Muslim knows that the Darul Uloom scholars and their affiliates, especially in the West support the Taliban to the fullest, but they don’t let the non-Muslims know, and this is the truth.

My people are looking for home in their hearts, thinking, could Afghanistan and the Taliban be the motherland, for God’s sake man, wake the hell up. You are already home and safe, and everything is dandy. No one in England is commuting and moving around living in fear.

You cannot support a regime or its leaders when they control their own people with tyranny and fear. You cannot support leaders who subjugate their own people with fear, and deprive them of basic needs. If women can’t protest for their basic human rights and what they want, you can’t support those leaders, and you have to condemn them.

Western Darul Uloom affiliated scholars and the learned support the Taliban, I’m sorry I don’t, and you cannot support something that deprives its people of basic human rights, and the basic right of living. Whist the Taliban leaders look fat and plumpy, and their children are in private schooling overseas, and their own people are selling their organs, and selling their children off just to eat. (Have you any idea what kind of sex trafficking rings these children will end up in, or what Paedophiles hands they will be in)

A Deobandi may say, what tyranny, and try some reverse psychology. Just look at that lady social workers face in the video below, she’s in fear of her life, and she’s scared to say the wrong thing.

13:00 timestamp – the elderly Women Mahbouba Seraj, i.e. Women’s Rights Activist whom is running a safe house for abused women in Afghanistan, was saying regarding being interviewed to the reporter, as far as pictures are concerned, we don’t want faces to be shown, and not too much information please, too much information will destroy us, you’re going to not only kill me, but kill 29 women and children, I want you to know that.

Now, imagine what she believes, and what she understands. She is hinting, if she says the wrong thing, the Taliban are capable of coming in and killing everybody including the children, now digest and comprehend that.

You look at the lady’s face when she’s saying it, she is dead serious. This is the Activists first interview since the Taliban takeover.

Life in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

Mufti Siraj is irritating me by sending me this entity 24 hours a day, and he has forced me down this road. Do I really want to explain such information concerning the Taliban, not really, but what has Mufti Siraj left me.

If you observe at the present time, you can see clearly who is Pro-Taliban in England. It may look nice and cute, but you have to look at the bigger picture.

My story proves how deceptive the Darul Uloom scholars are. My story proves the stealth mind games and how these scholars are able to stay below the radar, and how they act deaf dumb and blind.

Muslims aren’t going to like me explaining this, the thought would be, why are you grassing tips of our movement. I am interested in the security of England because this is my country, and I have to be concerned. If a country turns a blind eye to security, these lot will take you straight back to the 1970’s Planet of The Apes movie scene, and hell no I don’t want to go there, and I don’t want to ride donkeys either.

If they had the opportunity, they would strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Whilst the Deobandi Clergy men and their affiliates, put on the pretend Western persona and act like Western Priests, and say, bless you, bless you, and Praise the Lord.

The Darul Uloom scholars are that sly and stealth, if there were to be a future threat or invasion by an outside force on UK soil, these scholars will aid and abet the threat, but the West wouldn’t realise it until it’s too late, and they wouldn’t have a clue about the enemies within.

Look at what the Darul Uloom scholars have done in my life, they have been striking terror into my life for over a decade with the occult, and even though I have explained my encounter with Mufti Siraj Saleh, they all pretend they’re deaf dumb and blind and support the abuser.

Look at Imam Qasim Ahmad, and how he supports Mufti Siraj Saleh regardless of what I have explained. Below you can see Imam Qasim Ahmad with full support and access from the Ministers of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. Yes I know it’s on the grounds of charity, and it may seem like a low blow on my behalf, but you have to read what I’ve explained to Imam Qasim Ahmad about Mufti Siraj Saleh. You also have to understand the terror that the Darul Uloom scholars have been doing, and are doing in my life with the occult, which has forced me to explain what I have.

Charity provides access to everything and melts all borders, and ethnic charity is not always clear cut, it’s indulged in gangster business. You may say, how would you know so much about the activities of charities, let’s just say, I have old friends who have left the crooked life, and moved into charity because it’s more lucrative.

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Qasim xxx.jpg

You can read my complaints to Imam Qasim Ahmad via the URL below.



I’m sorry to say this, the Darul Uloom scholars are vicious and heartless inside, and wish I never met with a Darul Uloom scholar. I have never come across such deception in my life.

These scholars are not just simply praying and minding their own business. The quite behaviour and the act of equality, is because the position forces them to take that route because they are powerless. If in position these scholars and the rest associated with them, bow and assist and give way to the Warlords with open arms. (Example, oh God are you coming, are we going to take the world back from the unbelievers, you thick peanut headed fruit cakes)

Forgive my language please, I’m getting tired of this fruit cake Sorcerer and his mob.

If there were to be an attack on Western soil via such an outside force, this movement would assist the outside threat, whilst they pretend to be allies with the West i.e. they would double triple play you, and you wouldn’t have a clue about it.

The patterns and explanation of my story demonstrates this behaviour.

My people, most are on government benefits due to health complications i.e. unfit to work.

The entity that I am exposing is responsible for most, if not all of that. My people are riddled with autoimmune disorder, due to the presence of the entity that I’m exposing. Most people’s houses there is someone with a blue badge, disability car, free maintenance, free road tax, everything is exempt including council tax, some getting their mortgage paid to. Free everything, free healthcare, and they’re still dreaming about riding donkeys. I would love a blue badge myself you feel me.

Flying drone taxi’s are getting ready all around the world, and these lot are dreaming of riding donkeys wearing frocks, and carrying rocket launchers on their backs. I just imagined the Deobandis wearing the whirling dervish frocks, you know the spinning guys. My sense of humour just got the better of me, and I’m in stitches right now, please ignore the above text about the frock.

Anyway back the Darul Uloom scholars.

These scholars are media trained, they know how to play the camera and what to say. They are politically minded and strategic, and they know how to play the Western media. Their presentation skills and acting innocent is mastered to perfection.

Now, if you look at any of the Taliban’s interviews, and how they are trained to perfection for the camera. Any questions asked by the media, they say, really, first I heard about it, no its false news. They deny everything with a straight face and act deaf dumb and blind. Now, who has been teaching them such fine camera skills and behaviour i.e. how to play the global media.

My story proves that the Darul Uloom scholars are liars and actors, now if you can understand that, then understand, if the Taliban show any form of normality, or freedom for women, they are just acting, because they want the funds released, then they will take it straight to the 1970’s Planet of the Apes movie scene.

The Darul Uloom scholars from the West will teach them how to act i.e. show some equality, show swimming, boat paddling, how about a little sports, the unbelievers like that.

The real truth is, the Darul Uloom scholars in England and any affiliate with the Darul Uloom scholars, will interlude and help such an outside force with any future plans of an invasion.

The truth is, every graduate that continues with the Darul Uloom scholars has been infected i.e. the mind, and wants to see the end of the West, but Western freedom and equality, blinds the powers that be to the threat at hand.

In my writings I explain about an entity from the dark side, a negative entity that has been placed within every human being from birth by Angelic Forces, it’s part of this earths journey. This is the entity that makes such people the way they are. This entity becomes moulded in the direction you take it, and where you take it, it grows in that.

I advise a new reader to read the document below, to help you understand about the Lower Astral Entity within man i.e. the negative entity that I talk about. It will help a person on their spiritual journey.

Spirit Awareness, You Are a Spirit Accompanied by Spirits.

If you was born into a Religion to accept the image below as a God, then you would love that to.

Goddess Kali

F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Kali_by_Raja_Ravi_Varma.jpg
F:\Mufti Taqi Usmani\Ghani XXX.jpg

This is my thoughts, the War in Afghanistan and the takeover by the Taliban.

Yes it looked like a genuine war, and it looks like the West and President Ashraf Ghani was out powered and out manoeuvred.

Now, this is what the West will never understand, how my people act and play. My belief is, President Ashraf Ghani sold himself out long before, he would have been working for the Taliban, and using his position to rinse the West i.e. money, security, military equipment, military training. It was an act to rinse the West and get armed up on the Wests expense, whilst all along he had sold himself out a long time ago.

President Ghani and his appeal to share leadership i.e. the negotiations, and his exit and appeal to return was a drama show and smoke screens for the public. News media reporting, i.e. the Taliban have surrounded Kabul and they are waiting to enter, it was just a drama show staged with no obstacles. It was President Ashraf Ghani, he was involved in the takeover all along i.e. he sold himself out.

Yes people got killed from President Ghani’s armed forces, he had to make it look real, and send some to their death. Yes, the Taliban were going through towns in lightning speeds, looks majestic right, there were no obstacles but minor retaliation, and they had the green light from President Ghani.

At some point in the past the Taliban got to him, and proposed a life threatening offer that he couldn’t refuse, but money and bounty will be there.

I know people view President Ghani as a hero, I’ve read the YouTube comments i.e. he saved Kabul by leaving, he saved much bloodshed, look how considerate he was, he thought about the people, what a hero. It’s all a lie, he sold Afghanistan out.

President Ashraf Ghani was more equipped with arms, and military might than most countries in the world. He had a CIA specially trained army force, and a well-equipped army, and was more aerial battle ready than most countries in the world, yet they never did anything, it’s like he never had an army or any weapons.

Yeh really, Taliban fighters who specialise in burying landmines, and hide in the mountains taking over a country i.e. just drove through and took it, I don’t think so, it was just a pure setup.

Some of President Ashraf Ghani’s military equipment is disclosed in the video below.

The Western Superpowers were looking in and scratching their heads, puzzled and thinking, why aren’t they fighting, why aren’t they using what we gave them, we invested trillions on securing the country i.e. on military equipment for them and training, we paid their wages and military, and maintained their air force, why aren’t they using it. The West were sold out by President Ashraf Ghani a long time ago.

The Western forces need to think, where are the CIA trained army who surrendered to the Taliban. I believe they have been allocated all over the West. Now, are they Taliban sleeper cells, how far did the Taliban think, or did the Taliban wash their hands with them i.e. part of President Ghani’s undercover pre-planned cooperation deal.

What I’m saying is, the West will never understand how sly the Deobandi is. My story highlights this slyness, and how they act and lie with a straight face. You cannot believe what a Deobandi, or what a Darul Uloom scholar displays, or trust the face he is showing, because he’s always up to something else.

The few sentences above, it’s not simple to say without appearing offensive, and I don’t mean to be offensive. What I’m trying to say is, the ethnic political mind, especially when Religion plays a part in the thinking i.e. in what comes first, morality, right and wrong, or God, can be a dangerous mind. My story concerning the Darul Uloom scholars demonstrates this corruption clearly i.e. in what the Darul Uloom scholars are doing, in supporting Mufti Siraj Saleh, they believe that they are doing it for God.

In their mind, you can do evil, you can use demonic forces, you can kill and murder, only if you are doing it for God. This particular subject concerning the human mind and God, I can go in-depth in, but I choose not to. I am interested in spirit, and this entity, and the exposure of Satan’s Underworld.

I wrote this a few days ago, and I found this yesterday on YouTube. The Taliban are showing one face, when really they are up to other things.

No More Al-Qaeda’s Ayman al-Zawahiri killed in US drone strike

One could say, but President Ghani had such and such meetings prior, or was in the conference with the West numerous times, trying to negotiate, so you are wrong. You do know people can setup pretend negotiations and deals, whilst they really have other plans, and the white man participating amongst the deal overseeing the negotiations wouldn’t have a clue what is really taking place. My people double and triple play, and nothing is face value.

Please read my writings on Mufti Siraj Saleh, and what he did to me and my family whilst in his care, then you can understand the mind of the Deobandi. My story and what I experienced with a Darul Uloom scholar, shows how corrupt the pious can be. Someone acting noble and pious, it doesn’t mean that the person is good.


At this point if a reader is becoming emotional, regarding me highlighting the Darul Uloom scholars. Please view the URL below to understand how wicked the Darul Uloom scholar really is. It is my story and I’ve got the right to explain it exactly how it happened, and if a Muslim reader doesn’t like it, that suggests you are part of the problem.

My story relating to Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom scholars, you should not read it with bias personal emotions towards Deobandism, you should read and evaluate it for what I’ve explained and what I experienced.

You cannot deny that Mufti Siraj Saleh is being protected by all of the Darul Uloom scholars, including leading head figures of the Darul Uloom movement. Let me clearly say this, the global Deobandi community i.e. the global Darul Uloom scholars support Mufti Siraj Saleh, even with my horror story presented. (What does that say about these scholars)

So, if any reader connected to Mufti Saiful Islam and JKN Institute, or any reader connected to the Darul Uloom Deoband movement is sentimental, please back off, my story is a nightmare and I have right of way.

How wicked are the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars internally i.e. spiritually, You Decide – 21/06/2022.

F:\Mufti 2022 LEMON\Lemon RED\lemon normal 1 test XXX THIS ONE corrected 2 PROPERLY.jpg

The story that follows concerning the lemon, demonstrates how wicked the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars really are.

Before anyone becomes upset, saying, how can you say that the Deobandi scholars are wicked. You have to read my complaints to JKN Institute to understand why I say what I do. You also have to understand that the Darul Uloom scholars are protecting the abuser, then you have to think, why are they protecting the abuser.

My writings explain why they are protecting the abuser, and what they are protecting, and this protection demonstrates itself as wicked i.e. Evil & Morally Wrong.

The story that follows concerning the lemon, demonstrates how wicked the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars really are.

Read this to understand what deception Mufti Siraj Saleh was doing with me and my family, concerning making the Lemon Red.

If the Deobandis have a problem, go and fix your protected Sorcerers.


When I talk about the Darul Uloom scholars, I am not talking about the normal followers i.e. regular people. I am talking about their learned i.e. the scholars and those educated by the Darul Uloom system who continue their development in Deobandism i.e. further education with the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars.

Yes I know, and my understanding proves, that these scholars are liars and actors, and they are capable of saying, it’s not further education in Deobandism, its further education in Islam. Call it whatever you want, sugar coat all you like, my story proves what I’m talking about.

The Deobandis are into the occult, yes, they may demonstrate pious behaviour and the persona, but under all this is the occult.

Here there’s a sample, growing hatred and ill will.

The greatest forefather of the Deobandi legacy Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

On the screen shot below from the book A’male Qurani Remedies from the Quran, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi is teaching and demonstrating how to cause separation via graveyard occult procedures, which is clear black magic, Sihr i.e. writing the person’s name, and burying an object between two graves to cause separation between two people.

Someone learned who understands Urdu language could show that the Deobandi books are littered with occult, perversion, and child abuse related texts.


Now the Deobandis, as I said, lie and wiggle around everything. I have heard a Deobandi scholar say, but Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi said, do not do it for an unreasonable cause, otherwise you will be a sinner, and the Deobandis use this sentence as a lame cop out. Some Deobandis say, he’s not saying do it, he’s just showing it, stop the mental gymnastics please.

There is no reasonable cause to justify the thought of separating two people via the occult i.e. summoning evil spirits. If the Darul Uloom scholars and the learned can justify in their minds the legitimacy to use the occult, then they are twisted people who shouldn’t be in religion.

See what people fail to understand is, a cult can justify anything evil as something that is good and can be done i.e. legitimise it, and make it wholesome. If you go against their way, or conflict with them, or their literature, then you fall into the reasonable cause to be a recipient to their evil ways.

I have seen Deobandis online wiggle around this and say, prove its black magic i.e. prove it’s the occult, the Deobandis are experts in mind games and lying. Any religious person, from any religion in the world would call that occult, an English Christian would call the above forbidden, and class it as the occult, and an abomination. The text is written and spelt in English i.e. translated, you cannot wiggle around such text, but the Deobandis do. The Deobandi learned are experts in jugglery of words and fooling people.

The image below is in Urdu language, it’s the same information as above in Urdu, front page cover, and an image of the page itself, page 21.

Below someone from the UK explains about the above description.

Ashraf Ali Thanwi Teaches Magic || Deoband Exposed || Abu Ibraheem Husnayn

Right, the scholar below is a controversial figure, and people are going to be jumping up and down like wild, i.e. why are you using him, why him.

Well, he’s one of the only people with the guts to drop information like this, then take the backlash that follows it. He was a former Darul Uloom student that went awol LoL, well, he went on his own path, he knows where the perverted Deobandi texts are, so please put your feelings aside.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is irritating me with the occult, he just won’t stop, so he leaves me no choice.

I need information, and Mufti Abu Layth is the only person who has ever highlighted Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s penis enlargement recipe, amongst other Deobandi texts, the Deobandis share this perversion between themselves, and keep it a secret from the common man.

Below Mufti Abu Layth explains exactly how Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi teaches the Deobandis how to increase their penis size. He explains how to go to the graveyard and obtain the ingredients, then rub ants on your genitals to increase penis girth and size. The video below explains the procedure.

Mufti Abu Layth – Darul Uloom Deobands Greatest Forefathers Recipe for PENIS ENLARGEMENT. From the book Bahishti Zewar by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

Below is the book cover, and the translation explaining the penis enlargement recipe.

F:\Mufti Siraj Saleh WHO IS THIS GOD BRAIN TEASER\Enlarge Penis Book Cover.jpeg
F:\Mufti Siraj Saleh WHO IS THIS GOD BRAIN TEASER\Penis Enlargement.jpeg

The text below is taken from Mufti Abu Layth’s tweet.

From the book, Bahishti Zewar – Heavenly Ornaments.

This book (normalising Child Rape) is in countless UK Muslim homes & in several Deobandi madrasa in the UK as Islam 101 for young girls.

The social services need to investigate this stuff. Folks, protect your daughters from this filth.

This is the problem folks!! Blind followers justifying & advocating for the wide distribution of this book ‘Beheshti Zewar’ in the UK which is aimed at little girls to learn Islam and normalizes Child Rape under the banner of “free speech” ffss OMG!!!

The video below explains the above in detail.

Moulana Ashraf Thanwi (deobandi senior scholar) justifying child rape | Mufti Abu Layth

(This is not my style, but Mufti Siraj Saleh sending me this entity 24/7 can be irritating, so, I leave you with a page number, and text highlighting, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s uncle saying, that he wants his penis pulled and his anus fingered at the same time)

This is from the Deobandi books, and it’s legitimate i.e. bonafide text, no Deobandi can deny any information displayed.

Shaytaan is weak

(I am exposing the occult underworld and educating on the subject at the same time)

Satanic talismans / taweez supplied by Darul Uloom Deoband theologian.

This document no doubt will receive complaints, due to being controversial concerning Islamic religious theologians, who represent the school of thought Darul Uloom Deoband. This is a mass movement that dominates Islam worldwide.

If any official persons are reading this document due to such complaints. Please understand, I have numerous complaints with this organisation that they won’t respond to, concerning an horrific experience I have had with my family regarding a High-Ranking Islamic scholar, named Mufti Siraj Saleh. The Mufti in question stems from the very top of this organisation, they view him as the Messiah and follow his prophecies, and he is protected by all of the followers of the movement.

I am Muslim myself, so this is not religious hate.

The followers of this movement are into the occult and the unseen i.e. spirits and occult activities, this activity is a threat to the civilised world. I am highly experienced and qualified on the subject of the unseen i.e. spirits.

I am exposing hidden Satanic practices within this movement, which are true. I am a victim of their hidden occult ways. Please ignore any complaints, the complaints are aimed at hiding the secret occult ways of this movement.

I am talking about a subject that is known by ethnic people, but not fully understood, a subject that is unknown and disregarded by the white man.

Any complaints please ignore them, it’s Islamic religious scholars i.e. Darul Uloom Deoband scholars that are covering their tracks.

Please allow me to express such information, this needs to be aired to shed some light on this hidden occult underworld. This is a monster of a cult, the West has no idea what is growing within it, you have to let me shed some light on this. This organisation runs and controls Western Islam with media perfection, charity, and playing the piety role. This movement has ulterior motives than what they display to the public. The West is in danger, and you have no idea what these scholars are really upon.

(I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on what these scholars are really upon. The video will be displayed further down in this document)

To get an insight into what type of occult the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are engaged in, please view the URL below. Satanic talismans Supplied to me personally by a Darul Uloom Deoband scholar, named Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

F:\News TWEET\NEW TWEET 10\Mufti Siraj Saleh Satanic taweez BLUE URL.jpg

To understand why I accepted such products and my story, you have to read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises to understand.

My website front page menu provides all the information needed.

F:\News TWEET\NEW TWEET 10\2 Mufti Siraj Saleh supplied talismans.jpg

(Mufti Siraj Saleh cannot deny that he supplied those talismans to me)


Mufti Siraj Saleh is not just a simple Imam, he is the heir i.e. successor, Khalifah to the Vice President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind Mufti Abdul Razzak Khan, whom is also affiliated to Tajul Masajid Bhopal the biggest Masjid in Asia, and founder of Madrassah Jamia Islamia Arabia Bhopal India.

Mufti Siraj Saleh’s brother Shaikh Hanif Luharvi is the President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind Gujarat. Also, a member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, member of Shura Darul Uloom Deoband.

These two brothers are the top end of this Jamiat Ulema movement, and this Satanism stems from the very top of the Jamiat Ulema i.e. Darul Uloom Deoband.

To understand what took place between Mufti Siraj Saleh and myself, you have to read my complaints to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba Bradford, England.

My April 2018 complaint explains details of the abuse Mufti Siraj Saleh subjugated me and my family to.

My April 2018 complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

My January 2019 complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

My January 2020 complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

My February 2020 Final complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

In the April 2018 complaint to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, the reader will be aware that the subject is relating to the occult and the unseen. A Western English person may disregard the occult, as a force that doesn’t exist, this doubt and none belief in this area, could be the civilised worlds downfall in the future (if this entity is not understood)

This force is real, and you need to become aware of it.

People should know and understand that the Deobandis systemically lie and act together, it’s a global unanimous way of living. It’s hard to digest that a movement can act and lie like this, but this is what the Deobandis do.

Normally the conspiracy of a cult movement and its ways, stay concealed to a town, or Island, or a state if that’s where the cult resides. In this case it’s a global mass movement of occult, and scholars i.e. followers who are willing to lie, it’s the spirit of the movement, its evil.

It’s simple as understanding, how Mufti Saiful Islam lies and acts with a straight face to protect Mufti Siraj Saleh, if you can digest this type of lying and acting ability, then you can understand how a movement can unanimously be deceitful and act together.

Mufti Saiful Islam from JKN Institute, his lying activity can be understood by reading the complaint below.

Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute 19th September 2020 Complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh.

Some may say, why am I repeatedly mentioning Mufti Saiful Islam. I have pleaded with Mufti Saiful Islam since April 2018, he has shown me no empathy or concern, and has disregarded my circumstances via demonstrating his loyalty for Mufti Siraj Saleh.

(The text below is taken from the URL above)

You have uploaded a video on the 13th September 2020 on your YouTube channel titled, Sisters Bukhari Graduation 2020 LIVE, allowing Mufti Siraj Saleh to make one of his Narcissist performances i.e. showmanship, acting.

Following Mufti Siraj Saleh’s performance, you praised him i.e. honouring him as though he is an outstanding figure.

I know I said on my February 2020 complaint, this is my final attempt to reach out to you. You praising Mufti Siraj Saleh after what I have explained is what made me contact you now. Following the praising, you spent the rest of the video lecturing, not to backbite or talk bad about others i.e. stating, if you backbite the other person takes your good deeds away. You stated, people call you saying, have you heard this or that about your employee or staff, and you demonstrated your response i.e. you saying, did you hear it directly yourself ? then put the phone down brother.

Then saying, even if something is true, it’s not good to talk about it, i.e. stating it’s backbiting, saying it’s slandering and that’s even worse than backbiting, saying, you don’t talk bad about a believer. You were saying to the audience, to accuse someone you must have concrete evidence.

You are such a deceptive person Mufti Saiful, to play such treacherous mind games to protect Mufti Siraj Saleh. You know very well I have provided concrete evidence, you scholars are liars to do what you are, to disregard my story and protect Mufti Siraj.

I never wanted to talk like this to you, but you are making it obvious and known via demonstrating your loyalty for Mufti Siraj Saleh, and showing no concern regarding what I have explained. You are deliberately directing people’s thoughts to ignore such complaints, and poisoning their minds with guilt, regarding talking about such things.

You have descended onto the public arena to such an extent, as to make it impossible for someone to make an impartial decision i.e. you are literally poisoning the surrounding people regarding what Mufti Siraj Saleh has done.

It’s people like you that take the world backwards, and allow such evil to blossom. To correct something unjust, involves airing it and talking about it, change only happens when wrong things are exposed to criticism for it to be condemned. Hiding such wrongs do not make the world a better place, hiding it, is what makes it remain active and alive. Any wonder why ethnic countries are backwards.

(The text from the above URL ENDS HERE)

This demonstration of loyalty by Mufti Saiful Islam clearly proves he is engaged and with i.e. supporting Mufti Siraj Saleh.

No Darul Uloom scholar can say they don’t know about my circumstances related to the Deobandi occult underworld, because I have provided clear cut information regarding Mufti Siraj Saleh via emails and two websites, and notified Mufti Saiful Islam.

I have given Mufti Saiful Islam the clear door out of this, and provided the option to exit this with dignity, but his loyalty to the occult underworld blinds him. Please read my complaints to Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba via the front-page menu of my website, it’s clear to see I have pleaded with him to do something about Mufti Siraj Saleh.

This entity when it gets announced, these scholars that are associated with Darul Uloom Deoband i.e. Deobandi, will act and lie systemically. I’m sorry to say this, these scholars are liars, they hide hidden occult ways that are a threat to the civilised world.

The Deobandis function by the instructions of the unseen, I promise you this, anything important concerning the Deobandi Ulama has to be run past those who work with the unseen, this is how it works.

Satanic talismans i.e. taweez, and the Darul Uloom scholars use of such products.

Regarding Satanic talismans i.e. taweez, and the Darul Uloom scholars use of such products, meaning, summoning unseen forces via burying talismans in clay pots in the ground i.e. soil, and floating pots in the rivers and sea with Satanic names endorsed on the talismans.

If these scholars are asked regarding this, as I said, the scholars from this school of thought lie, they will lie with a straight face and say, yes, we write Quranic scriptures only, that’s all. These scholars lie systemically as a movement to protect their cult.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is the heart and soul of Darul Uloom Deoband, hence being protected by all of the Darul Uloom scholars. This occult activity of Mufti Siraj Saleh is the reason the scholars view him as divine and prophetic. What Mufti Siraj Saleh is doing, is just advancing in what the founders of Darul Uloom Deoband were engaged in i.e. the occult.

Snowdon Street Mosque in Batley West Yorkshire England, whom had received mail from me i.e. pamphlets concerning Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The Mosque made a rebuttal video in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh. The person making the video is Akooji Badat, he run for Batley council and is entwined in community related works.

Below Akooji Badat confirms via writing that they have to summon Satan sometimes for help and make him work.

Occult and the summoning of satanic forces is part of the Deobandi movement i.e. what the scholars are engaged in, hence the reason they protect and hold Mufti Siraj Saleh so high.

People have to understand, evil does not see itself as evil, it presents itself as good.

Mainstream Islam is Darul Uloom Deoband Islam.

You have to remember Mufti Saiful Islam from JKN Institute is connected to the network of UK Islamic scholars, and if the other Islamic theologians were pressuring him, or were against Mufti Siraj, then Mufti Siraj Saleh wouldn’t be in a position, to making such dramatic performances.

The reality of it is, the scholars in England, mainstream Islam i.e. Western Islam supports Mufti Siraj Saleh.

Ethnic people have imported this occult way of life from their mother countries, and they use it for their selfish ends. The elite i.e. the Darul Uloom scholars use this entity for their political agenda, the aim is to conquer.

In this horror concerning this scholar, unknown to me at the time. My situation was being observed by Higher Angelic forces, hence my ability in this subject and the information I have presented on this entity.

Let me remind the reader before I continue, it takes the unseen to expose the unseen, otherwise how else would such information come forth.

The science and functionality of this entity, is known and shared amongst the elite privileged scholars who represent Darul Uloom Deoband.

The normal scholars of Darul Uloom Deoband use talismans blindly without understanding the science behind it i.e. burying talismans in pots in the ground and graveyards, floating pots with talismans inside in the rivers and sea etc. This is something which is part of the hidden custom and ways of these scholars.

This occult is not just isolated to particular scholars, it’s embedded into the Darul Uloom scholars as a way of life. Please check the video below to understand.

Below is a rebuttal video made by Snowdon Street Mosque in Batley, West Yorkshire England, in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh. The speaker represents Batley Mosque, he has made a defence video regarding Darul Uloom Deobands school of thought in defence of Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The speaker run for Batley council. I have used their rebuttal video in my own video to highlight this.

Akooji Badat from Snowdon Street Mosque made a rebuttal video defending Mufti Siraj Saleh, stating we are Hanafi Deobandi school of thought, and we are the followers of Darul Uloom Deoband in India. He stated he has talked to several Mufti Shabs i.e. Islamic religious scholars, and they are all in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh, stating, all of our Molvis i.e. High-Ranking religious scholars, they all did and do talismans, naming the forefathers of the movement, stating, they all did the same. Stating its normal practice for the followers of Darul Uloom Deoband to bury pots in graveyards with talismans inside them, to summon unseen forces.

He said, sometimes we have to summon Satan for help, comparing it to football teams, stating, if you want to fight lessor evil spirits, you have to summon a higher-grade team i.e. Iblis, Lucifer types of Satan’s to do the dirty work.

These are not my words, they are the words of a Darul Uloom Deobandi Mosque, stating, our school of thought is different, and respect each other’s school of thought brothers, then suggesting I apologise to Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The video displayed on the front-page of my website demonstrates such claims, the video is below stating, WE HAVE TO SOMETIMES SUMMON SATAN FOR HELP.

UK Darul Uloom Deoband Masjid confirms, we have to sometimes summon Satan for HELP.

For those who may say, what qualifies me to explain on the subject of the unseen i.e. spirits, Jinn’s, and the unknown.

I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on what these scholars are really upon.

The video is titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

Towards the end of this document, I will display short split sections of Jinn Exorcism videos, which clearly proves and demonstrates I am qualified to expose the occult underworld. Also, I will provide a separate video i.e. after Exorcism Reaction video | I Saw the Light.

The exorcism video above, and some others towards the end of this document, were replaced on the 20th March 2023, for mobile friendly exorcism videos, with less face blur.

Below is the reason why Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars Hunt Me, they are protecting this entity.

The entity that I am exposing here, is responsible and behind all occult. I explain and demonstrate this entity in the URL below. (I advise reading the text on the URL)

Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed Unknown Etiology Explained.

To see this entity trapped and terminated via a simple device, please watch the video below. I show how to captivate this entity via a simple device. Before attempting to use this device, follow the URL in the description of the video, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)

Follow the URL above, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

The video below I advise watching i.e. more footage of captivation of this entity.

The Secret The Elite Holy Men & The Darul Uloom Deoband Scholars are Protecting.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

Cancer Metastasizing in REAL TIME on camera, Unseen Healing & Deception Exposed.

Cancer, autoimmune disorder, it’s all the same thing in different stages, find out what this entity really is.

Yes, I know the medical system says, it’s an immune system malfunction i.e. the cells aren’t working correctly. This is totally wrong, it’s not a malfunction, it’s an invasion by a microscopic entity, which you can read about on the URL below.

I show a device on how to capture this entity.

One would say, well, if you can show it like this and capture it, then why can’t they see it under the microscope.

The animation of immune cells drawn by the medical system, one would think, well they must be able to see the entire cell structure clearly and the nucleus. The images drawn by the experts are an imagined structure, the reason I say this, is because what I am showing is inside the immune cells in the nucleus and the medical system cannot see it clearly. There are entities i.e. microscopic entities that push the limits of modern day ocular microscopy, hence going so long undetected.

This entity is intelligent, and when observed and viewed under the microscope, it would go idle and remain still i.e. dormant, because it knows it’s being observed. This entity is intelligent and would attach itself to the cell structure and remain idle, and fool the observer into believing it’s part of the cell. You may say, how can an entity be so intelligent, I would say, are you kidding me, do you really think it’s only man out there with intelligence.

To understand the science and functionality behind this entity, please read the document titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed. (To Understand The Science of Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity Functionality Read This Document)

The document below delves deeper into the occult underworld, it’s a follow up to the Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed document.

The Big Bang (2021) The Deception of The Deobandi Occult Underworld Shredded.

The Deobandi Perfected Methods of Chanting Jinn’s for Mind Control.

(To understand the depth of mind control concerning this entity, and what the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars can do via using the occult, please read the document below)

The document below Mufti Siraj Saleh targeted an ex-customer of his that I also know. He abused this lady and tormented her, and made her believe it was me that was causing her harm via the use of occult. He does these types of attacks to cause chaos. The URL below demonstrates a clear-cut scenario, of mind control via the use of this entity.

The Unknown Anonymous Victim of Mufti Siraj Saleh Disclosed (UNDERSTAND WHAT A SORCERER CAN DO)

(Those who have doubts concerning this entity that I am exposing i.e. the existence and its use, please check the URL below. This demonstrates clear sale and advertisement of such entities)

Holy Rings, and So-Called Spiritual Blessed Jinn Rings, Djinn Rings Exposed.

To understand why Mufti Siraj Saleh sends his patients to English graveyards only, please read the document below.

Why Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars, tell their patients to go to English Graveyards only.

What can the Darul Uloom scholars really do with the Jinn, unveiling the Darul Uloom scholar in-depth 19/02/2022

F:\Mufti 2022\Blue Bell Lion 4 longer withBird sharper.jpg

What’s prompting me to write at this moment, and urging me to explain, is because of what Mufti Siraj Saleh decided to do in December 2021.

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed & The Big Bang 2021, The Deception of The Deobandi Underworld Shredded.

Do not read this document, without understanding my circumstances relating to the unseen.

Any reader out there with doubts on the unseen and this entity, listen, if I don’t explain this subject, and specify how these scholars operate, no one would understand this entity, and what the elite within religion i.e. those who work with the occult i.e. talismans, those whom are known to work with the unseen really get up to.

Who is this God that Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Elite Sorcerer scholars are protecting 19/05/2022.

Something that I’ve always known, but I never said it before.

Apart from the elite Darul Uloom scholars protecting the entity that I am exposing, and protecting the science behind this entity and its functionality within the human body.

The truth is, Mufti Siraj Saleh has told, and is telling the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars that he is protecting God with these entities. The scholars know what I’m talking about. Mufti Siraj Saleh and the elite Sorcerers within Darul Uloom Deoband have circulated to the learned, that I am the enemy of God. I would like the Darul Uloom scholars to question yourself if you have intelligence. Who is this God that Mufti Siraj Saleh and the elite Sorcerer scholars are protecting.

I am exposing the root seed of man’s demise, I am exposing an entity that needs to be exposed. I am helping in the safety and progress of man by exposing this entity, so, which God is Mufti Siraj Saleh protecting. Who is this God that fights through the Sorcerers to protect autoimmune disorder and cancer. You scholars don’t know what God is, you think God needs the help of devils. I’ve been trying to tell you, that the Angelic Force clash with evil spirits i.e. lower astral entities, they terminate them when needed. What do you thick skulled scholars not understand.

(These words are for the scholars who protect Mufti Siraj Saleh) If you’re using devils to protect God, as you believe, then who is this God that requires shaitan and the devils for protection.

F:\Mufti 4th Septemember 2022\bluebell-pigeion-1024x576.jpg

For the reader to understand concerning the occult underworld i.e. India and the holy men, please read the documents below. Watch the videos and follow the URL’s which provide the information concerning the videos.

Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception Exposed | Paramahansa Yogananda | The Doctor Said He Had a Heart Attack.

Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception.


Baba Ji Bhoot & The Holy Men its GAME OVER

(Those who have doubts in the unseen, by this I mean, the dark side i.e. the opposite side to the Light Force. Please watch the videos below, this shows the use of evil spirits and demonstrates the occult. You cannot be a sceptic and deny the unseen after watching those videos)

South African Pastor Puts Evil Spirits & Sheep Spirits in The Worshippers & Says COME MY SHEEP COME, MY SHEEP ARE COMING.

Healers & Spiritualists Being Conned by Evil Spirits i.e. Lower Astral Entities – Global Unseen Pandemic

(Check my website to understand more about the unseen world. This activity is going on all around the world, its evil spirits manipulating man, and using man to spread. This is not healing, these people are being conned and abused)

Muslims Possessed | Semi Possessed | Lost in Dhikr & Trance – The Global Pandemic with EVIL SPIRITS.

This is people going into spirit possession and semi possession via chant and rhythm i.e. rising Jinn’s, evil spirits up. There is more to what meets the eye going on here. In these cases, the upper end Islamic theologian has put evil spirits inside his followers, and he himself has the leading evil entities with him.

Spirit Possession, Jinn, Shaitan, Dhikr, Lost in Trance, Welcome to The World of The Unseen.

The video above, the holy man spiritualists has put demonic entities inside the participants prior, and he is triggering them to take total control of the mind, and making a mockery out of man. Ethnic countries enlightenment is full of demonic entertainment.

Being Deceived by EVIL SPIRITS & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Below, a Shaykh from the USA is talking about his personal experience concerning the occult, and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars.

Black Magic & The Deobandi Movement

F:\Saudi Arabia Royals\PIGEON SIGN XXX ONLY.jpg

Spirit Awareness, You Are a Spirit Accompanied by Spirits.

Brief intro into our birth Lower Astral Entity.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth i.e. a Lower Astral Entity, it grows with us, it’s part of God’s plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. This lower astral entity is appointed to us whilst we were in the womb by Angelic forces. All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego, which is the birth lower astral entity.

We are a Light Force, we also have a negative entity i.e. spirit inside us, and we ourselves as a spirit are inside our body, we are a Light Force ourselves. We are blinded from any knowledge of where we came from or who we really are.

The negative feelings we have, and the lack i.e. the empty spot stems from our birth Lower Astral Entity. The deceitful and bitter feelings within us, and the aggressive side of us stems from our birth Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity. This particular entity has a major influence over us, it is there to keep us ignorant and blind, that is its job, because this is its innate character. The purpose is to keep us blind and never understand. It has been put inside us by higher Angelic forces as part of this earths journey, its purpose is to confuse and mislead us. This confusion is part of the soul’s journey. Being aware of spirit i.e. that we are a Light Force accompanied by many Angelic forces can enable a person to see through the confusion.

(We are all the same, born in different parts of the world into different religions and cultures)

We also have an Angelic force with us i.e. inside and out, and we have a negative entity from the dark side inside us.

The Angelic force is shy and reserved in the background, whilst this entity i.e. the Ego is present and makes itself be known at all times. That’s just the way it is, I would prefer if the Angelic force within us, was more forward and present, so we don’t have to struggle so much concerning this negative entity.

Text from the above URL ENDS HERE

The gallery below is taken from the URL above. I hope the images and information provided broadens ones understanding on the unseen mysteries.

The Angelic Force that is with every man & women.

The document below will provide a good source of learning, and should help one become more conscious, I advise the reader to check the URL below.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Pagan Gods and the Gods of Polytheism, who are these Gods. Look past the idols and beyond, what is really there. Let me take the veil of this and let you see.

This document delves into the dark side of man, and his worship of evil spirits.

The gallery below is taken from the URL above. I hope the images and information provided broadens ones understanding on the unseen mysteries.

Evolved Lower Astral Entities i.e. Evil spirits.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

If you understand this entity, you will understand the past and the history of man.

Below I have displayed short split sections of Jinn Exorcism videos, this is to prove and demonstrate I am qualified to expose the occult underworld.

Exorcism of a Bulls Spirit || Angel Orbs In Flight || Light Orbs in Slow Motion (HD Re-Upload)

Exorcism of Pig Spirits By Light Orbs || Angel Orbs || Trance Medium || Spirit Possession || Exorcist

Exorcism By Light Orbs, Orbs Terminating Demons.

Exorcism by Light Orbs | Termination of Lower Astral Entities | Jinn

I SAW THE LIGHT – Angel Orbs after Possession Exorcism REACTION VIDEO – (HD Re-Upload)

The above video is an after-Exorcism Reaction Video, I saw the Light.

Kind Regards S Uddin Document Created 3rd August 2022

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