My advice to those who believe they are suffering from black magic, occult, and abuse from the unseen i.e. Jinn, Shaytaan, Lower Astral Entities.

The first natural urge for a sufferer is to reach out to those who work in this field. The natural feel that seems logical is to go to those who work with Jinn’s i.e. those who we clearly know work with talismans i.e. taweez.

Let me say it straight, we in our heart know the Sorcerer, Jadu Ghar, occultist, Baba, Peer, Holy Man, call them what you will. We know they work with these entities, so we believe they will be kind and good enough to remove them. Now this is the mistake we are all making, I made this mistake, so does everyone else.

We think, I’m sure the Jadu Ghar will take them away, I will pay his money i.e. fees, he will help me. Once we pay, we become stuck for many reasons, one we think, I have just spent this money let me keep going. First your mind will keep you trapped and going, because the investment you have made.

In most cases the Jinn’s on the victim will draw and pull you that direction, to those people.

Even if the person says he doesn’t charge i.e. if he is an Islamic community figure. The community figure is showing this image, I don’t charge, it’s to make it look good to the community. But the community figure knows, desperate patients offer and beg, I will pay you please, please help.

I know how victims of occult beg the Sorcerer, I know patients of people who works in this field i.e. I know this Muftis own customers, they phone and beg him, please, please. Desperate victims offer, please I will pay you. I myself thought if I give money in large amounts with kindness, he will be good to me. Big mistake, you could give the world to a Sorcerer and they will still ruin your life. The entities they work with are corrupt so they have to be the same.

I have been in these queues, I have been to these places, I have known and do know patients of these Sorcerers. I know patients of Mufti Siraj Saleh, I used to see them beg him. In those cases, he says to victims, to do this and to bring relief, I have to get someone else to do heavy Kufri magic i.e. black magic to reverse what’s happened, this way he has already put in the mind that he has to pay someone else. The one who claims they don’t charge, they have other methods to silently syphon your money. Patients borrow and loan money that they don’t have for the Sorcerer.

Once you have read a few of my documents and watched a few videos you will understand that I know this subject in depth. In this subject when I talk about occultists i.e. Sorcerers, Jadu Ghars, I am talking about ethnic occultists. English i.e. white occultists do not understand this subject, so keep in mind I’m talking about the ethnic occultist.

The Sorcerer will not cure you or help you ever, the one that shows you they are helping, it is just to con and trick you. The case of a Sorcerer possessing you and making you cough up a Jinn, it’s just for him to gain respect to fool those who know him i.e. grandioso, power, the illusion of a gifted healer.

Understand this and believe me, Jinn’s dream of and want to possess man, they love to subdue man. It’s a treat for them to take the human mind, to look through the eyes in possession. Some Sorcerers like Mufti possess people as routine, this in itself is a treat for Jinn’s, this is what Jinn’s want to do. It satisfies this entity to take the human mind. So when Sorcerers are doing this work, just understand it’s all for the entertainment and satisfaction of the evil entities. All Sorcerers have days set for allowing themselves to be taken by their main Jinn’s i.e. they sit and allow the entity’s to look through their eyes in turn, they even perform in acts of sexual relations whilst possessed. This is a treat for the entities, in some countries, I don’t want to mention names, countries that are known for spirit trance and dance, what do you think this is, this is the evil entities getting their way with man i.e. subduing man, humiliating man. Without mentioning names, there is a religion that call these evil entities Little Angels, they say man has a big Angel that departs on human death and goes away, and the little Angel remains on earth i.e. they say if you don’t satisfy them, they bring havoc on earth, so they treat them with possessions and folly. It’s all evil entities subduing man, the whole lot of it.

I can keep typing non-stop about this subject, I better stay brief and short. It is hard to keep it short when there is so much to explain. To make it make sense, I have to explain a little.

Those elite Sorcerers or witches call them what you will, they deliberately lure common folk in by deception and making it sound safe. i.e. suggesting you have been chosen, that seems to be a common one, the spirits have chosen you it’s an honour.

All ethnic elite occultists know exactly what these entities are, and it’s their job to lure everyone in. Elite Holy men, they all know what this evil entity is and how it operates, they give themselves to that side.

There is no such thing as a good Sorcerer, or a person good that distributes and works with talismans i.e. taweez. The people who understand the science of this entity and how it really is, to continue working knowing what you know, you are one evil soul.

Bottom line, how can you work with the enemy of man, how can you work with something that wants to destroy earth and man. How can you work with something that wants to subdue man, how can you. How can you work with an entity that has the whole world on its knees, Sorcerers need to fix their moral compass.

I couldn’t hurt someone and sleep at night, my conscious would do me over. My safety of decency is my inner moral compass, how can a Sorcerer be what he is, I just can’t wrap it round my head.

The ethnic Sorcerer and all elite Sorcerers are agents for this force, their only aim is to seek grandioso and provide freedom and passage for Jinn’s amongst man, their office and quarters are a dating service for Jinn’s. The Sorcerer is a distributer for this entity, he’s job is to put these entities inside your body, that’s what the entities want.

These entities only work for rewards as such, they work for blood sacrifice and for the Sorcerer to enhance them via animal sacrificial rituals. The entity has the animal’s spirit attached to it, further enhancing its ability. The Jinn’s are useless without the Sorcerer, they don’t have freedom and passage without a Sorcerer. Can you imagine how many entities one single Sorcerer releases in his lifetime.

This entity, the normal type is microscopic in the first place, those evolved and the demonic type that are not microscopic can in most cases turn microscopic. After you have watched a few videos you will understand, so I will explain this in a brief way.

Anything a Sorcerer gives you to drink, eat and consume, he has laced thousands of these microscopic entities to the product, Jinn’s want direct access to us, they want to live inside us. Yes, I know it sounds bizarre, we are what walks the earth, we are what God put a soul in, this thing wants to live inside us and subdue us.

If a patient has discomfort within due to this microscopic entity, the Sorcerer will make you consume higher evolved entities that require worshipping by the normal entities. The Sorcerer will put sleeping Queen leader type entities and encourage them to go into hibernation states. These entities go to sleep for years, it’s a hive system. The Sorcerer fills you up with nest leaders that encourage and force the others to go into dormant sleep states.

This entity does this anyway, but the Sorcerer calculates it i.e. induces it, you may feel better thinking, I don’t feel so bad now, what will happen to you after is way worse. The hive system, entities reproduce within our own immune cells. All this benign so called non-cancerous masses of cells. The medical system believes, it’s idle, nothing is moving, it’s inactive i.e. not cancerous.

It’s all to do with this entity, its inside the immune cells in a hive, asleep, because it’s more microscopic than what they are used to seeing, it just looks like immune cell malfunction i.e. the clustering together to form a mass. It’s not a malfunction, it’s an invasion, and the cells are taken as hosts. I’m going on a bit, I can’t help it, this topic irritates me, Sorcerers irritate me.

All elite occultists, elite Sorcerer Holy men, will lead you falsely and will fill you with this entity, they have to do it, the entity’s demand it, this is just custom for them, the way you have to eat food to survive, they have to release and give freedom to this entity.

Any place that claims, oh my father was gifted etc etc, oh they chose my son, these people always have a fairy tale story to tell, the spirits come here with white horses. All you have to do for healing and relief is to come and sit here daily with the others, bring flowers if you wish. If you hear any of this RUN, RUN FAST.

If the person says just write your names and put them on paper, leave it in the corner, so holy spirits will come, RUN, RUN FAST.

Any person who asks for mother name and d.o.b, RUN, RUN FAST.

Any person who checks via your name, any person who distributes talismans i.e. taweez, RUN, RUN FAST. Do not ever get your name checked, EVER.

Any of the above, I promise you they are working with the same entity that wants to subdue man, the same entity that has the world on its knees, the same entity that gives man cancer and autoimmune disorder.

It’s an evil entity, it’s from the seed of Iblis, Lucifer, Satan, call it what you will. Those who don’t believe in an evil dark force i.e. this entity, you are totally wrong. If man does not become aware of the affect and presence of this entity and what it really is. There will come a time when everyone is born with autoimmune disorder and cancer, and everyone’s life will be short due to ill health. If there is a problem, you have to understand what you are dealing with.

This entity wants to see man in pain, consumed with hate, at war and suffering.

I know this entity’s function, Mufti Siraj Saleh and the connected Deobandi Islamic Scholars have taught me everything I need to know about this entity’s functionality. Meaning, him and his scholars send this entity in mass 24/7, 7 days a week, to stop me exposing anything about this underworld.

Yes, I’m going to say it clear, out of the whole world of Sorcerers I am being hunted by the Darul Uloom Deoband Sorcerers, the true secret keepers. Why on earth would you want to fight so hard for the dark side, why would you want to keep what’s killing man a secret. I just can’t comprehend how someone can hold such a secret.

What I’m saying is, do not go to any of these people, I have been to all these places and uncovered and learned what is really going on. There is some weird stuff out there, holy worship shrine type places with fabric material on the ceilings, Islamic people sitting there for relief of spiritual problems. It’s a trap, the people work with evil entities.

When a man works with these entities, you can be assured the whole family, wife and children are also all involved. I have seen this, the whole family is in it, they can’t be separate from it, and it’s a way of life.

I have been to a place in the early times of being with Mufti, an Islamic holy place, it’s a Baba Peer type place, fabric i.e. material hanging on the ceiling, patients just sit there daily. I asked how do you take Jinn’s away, I ask some questions believe me. The holy man said, holy spirits they come on horses, I am gifted. The mosque man who sent me there said, this person has been gifted he is blessed, he has spirits that come on horses.

So, the holy man said, you just have to come and sit in here as much as you can. I said, how long do I have to come, he said always, it’s like a membership into the oblivion. Other patients are sitting on the floor praying, rocking around, weird places. A patient said to me, I have been coming here with my wife, we are feeling better a little. I said, how long have you been coming here, this conversation was in front of everyone including the Peer guy, open talk, he said, I have been coming here daily for 5 years, I live down the road. I said, how many Jinn’s did you have on you, he said, he has been told 5 Jinn’s, there’s maybe one left, I thought what the hell is this.

All this is before I became aware of this subject. So, I said 5 years, for 5 Jinn’s, I looked at the holy man and said, boss, I’m talking about, what would you do with thousands of Jinn’s. The holy man said, hold this string in your hand, I was sitting on the floor, he told me to hold the string from one hand to the other and repeat some sentences, unknown words to me. He was saying, keep saying the sentence, I stopped, I said what are you trying to do, he said, trying to possess you keep doing it, I said no, he said, the Jinn’s are stopping you.

I said, what is the purpose to possess me, it’s to talk to a single Jinn right, he said yes, I said, what is talking to one Jinn going to bring, what if there are a lot of Jinn’s, talking to one Jinn, possessing someone does not make any sense.

My wife was with me, I stood up to leave, my wife asked, can you help in any way, he said, write your names on paper leave it in the corner, she said, what happens after, he said the holy spirits come.

As we were leaving his whole family was on the staircase, females, everyone, they all work with Jinn’s, the entities are talking gibberish to them I guess. It was like Amityville house of horror.

All these people are just setting up the victim, they are doomed and bound so they have to comply, they accept their lives and do as the entities require.

Touch a paper and write your details, they will use your data to send you Jinn’s, the paper you touched, they will use the DNA touch from the paper. The ethnic occultist can send this entity i.e. transport it to the attached persons DNA on a one way trip. That’s what the entity’s want, they want to be sent to people.

I have been down this road, I have experienced this route in detail. I have been to a place, any question you want to ask the Sorcerer, the secretary says, write it on paper and the Sorcerer reads the paper, another trick to get your DNA on paper. Each culture of people has learnt and developed methods to trick you i.e. to get this entity inside you and to get you to consume something as healing.

All these places the assistant, secretary i.e. helpers, are always involved in the deception.

Do not ever take anything from a Sorcerer to consume. The Mufti used to set me up all the time. He’s full of tricks and mind games, he would say, I have got 2 pan leaf’s, one for your wife and one for you, this will help. He has laced the hell out of the leaf with selected entities to consume.

The things this Mufti made me do, when I was in his office, on one occasion when he was trying to possess me, he had premade talisman bundles on his shelf, as he picked the talisman up I could see dry mud on the talisman, I thought what the hell, I didn’t want to offend him and say, hey what’s the mud. The mud means he has been to the graveyard and filled the bundle of talismans up with sinister entities i.e. meaning he has been sitting in the graveyard conjuring sinister entities.

Just remember everything a Sorcerer does is a setup to get this entity inside you. The crazy part about these people, their followers don’t call them Sorcerers, they see them as special people i.e. saviour, prophetic.

Even though I am using the word Sorcerer, that is what they really are. These people are not called Sorcerers to the masses and their followers, they are called special people i.e. holy people, and they’re viewed as gifted.

Those who are misguided by talismans i.e. taweez, let me say it simple, those who distribute talismans i.e. taweez are SORCERERS I.E. BLACK MAGICIANS. If it was good, I would tell you myself.

An ethnic person who works in this field and distributes taweez, its simple, he is an evil human being, that’s the identity hallmark right there, if they supply talismans i.e. taweez, they are working with Satanic entities.

The elite occultists are knowingly working with what causes man cancer, and the novice occultist is trading in cancer unknowingly. All talismans, I mean all, there is no ifs or buts about it, they all release and provide transport for Satanic entities, all these so-called earth spirits, land, river, sea, are Lower Astral Entities i.e. Satanic spirits. Anything that responds to taweez i.e. talismans is Satanic, remember that. I am saying the truth, please do not search for holy men and occult, you yourself will be filled with this microscopic entity, that whole system is a mouse trap.

If you look for the occultist, you are in fact looking for cancer and autoimmune disorder for yourself and your family, I promise. The Sorcerer is an agent to distribute the seed of Lucifer, why ruin your own life and have autoimmune disorders, tumours, cancer, and live with inflammation. I am telling you clearly, I know this subject, and I know what the Sorcerers role is.

How Sorcerers benefit when you go to them.

The Sorcerer is open for many reasons, let me expose the reasons.

First is, his role is to distribute this entity and provide homes to them, this all Sorcerers have to do. It’s a form of honouring and give homage on his own record to Lucifer. Make no mistake, there is higher authority and legions of evil entities. The Sorcerers record is known, his data is with his own Jinn, we all have an entity with us that belongs and comes from that side. Thus, will vouch how sincere Mufti Siraj Saleh has been to the devils and their cause. You cannot use these entities without paying homage, it’s not so clear cut, dance with the devil and you have to pay.

All ethnic occultists, Indian holy men, all Haitian Voodoo Priests and Priestess know that man has a Lower Astral Entity inside them. The whole world of ethnic occultists knows this. What puzzles me is, why is it that the white man does not know anything about this or believe this.

No one ever talks clearly on this subject, ever, an ethnic occultist is not allowed to talk clearly about this entity or expose anything about it. The Haitian Voodoo people do speak between the lines, but the civilised world i.e. the West has totally failed to understand this. The Haitian Voodoo people say, man has a little Angel i.e. glorifying it, because this entity demands glorification, saying, it remains on earth and if we don’t entertain it, they bring havoc on earth, hence the rituals and folly attached to this entity.

What I’m saying is, every ethnic occultist knows about this entity and they honour it as a way of life i.e. it stems from ancestral hereditary teachings, so, why doesn’t the civilised world know about this.

Every person has attached to them one Lower Astral entity from that side, you have to become aware of this entity and know it is evil and responds to occult, and its allegiance is to the dark side without choice. Whilst in our body as a single entity we are in control, once detached in death i.e. separated, its loyalty and nature i.e. innate function is to the dark side.

How on earth have Western English spiritualists mistaken this entity as the actual soul of man that remains on earth, and mediums are lost in this i.e. being fooled. All Western hereditary trained witches know about this Lower Astral Entity attached to man, they are bound to secrecy, hence cannot expose what this entity actually is, but they do not understand the Science of how this entity operates i.e. Autoimmune disorder etc. All this hereditary secret keeping by the elite occultists who are bound under oaths with the unseen world, is really irritating me.

This is really simple for me to explain, please read the document attached to the front-page menu of this website titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed. I have explained this entity in a simple to understand way.

It is normal for humans to have this entity inside us, as a single entity, and everything is fine, this entity is the Ego inside us. As a single entity we are in charge and in control, and life is fine. But you have to understand the elite ethnic occultists role and what is actually going on.

There is a world of different races of Lower Astral Entities here on earth, the ethnic occultist is releasing them and filling man with this entity as a request from that side, this is what the evil entities want and the occultists provide this passage, hence the reason autoimmune disorder is a global epidemic today.

The Sorcerer, occultist, holy man has to exposed for what they’re really doing, and all this occult, so called mystical field has to be avoided and condemned for what it really is. Its that simple for me to say, occult is the spread of autoimmune disorder and mental unbalance.

Today, every searching soul is drawn to the unseen i.e. the belief in spiritualists, thinking those who work with the unseen have the answers, they have no answers at all, they’re just full of riddles and delay and loop holes.

New age spiritualists and enlightenment, it just pulls you to the holy man which leads to talismans and giving homage to Lower Astral Entities.

I can’t say this enough, find the balance within yourself, but at all costs avoid the holy man route and the mystical search i.e. those who work with the occult.

Do not look towards the occult, for Western i.e. English folk, do not even play with tarot cards, that is the start which leads to this unseen world of being abused by Lower Astral Entities, this all leads to anxiety and inflammation. This entity’s presence leads to anxiety, panic and unbalance.

So, whoever goes to the Sorcerer, he will fill you up with this entity as standard, provide passage to you for whatever request the Jinn’s want, if they chose to molester you. He may have Jinn’s that have paid their role to him with work, they may request, master, attach me to that girl as a going away present. The Sorcerers office, is for proposal i.e. base for the Jinn’s, and he is a releasing agent, that’s his sole purpose. Along with that comes wealth, power, the Sorcerers grandiose, feelings of being invincible.

The corruption of Sorcerers, this is standard practice I promise you. All Sorcerers do Black Magic to their customers. All Sorcerers practice spells on their customers, they practice separation magic and experiment with their own customers, they themselves will cause chaos in your home. All Sorcerers fill their patients with these microscopic entities, that’s just the way it is. It’s something they have to do, to honour and give homage to that side. All Sorcerers have to give regular animal sacrifices to the Jinn’s they work with, the Jinn’s work for sacrifices. I’m not talking about Western English occultists, they may talk with lower astral entities, but they don’t know, or understand about the elite blood works of these entities. They do not understand the science of occult, like an ethnic occultist.

All Sorcerers experiment with occult on their own customers, without their knowledge.

All sorcerers have to infest man with this microscopic entity, it’s a way to honour Lucifer. Yes, there is a higher evil force at work and all Sorcerers have to comply, otherwise their Jinn’s will turn against them. This evil entity’s aim is to destroy man from the inside out, our bodies are a breeding grounds for them, they breed within our own immune cells. Those who doubt the existence of this evil force, you are totally wrong. I know this field, look at my exorcism videos and tell me spirits do not exist.

All these elite holy men that’s what they do, It’s all a con. Anyone who works with taweez i.e. talismans is an agent for Lucifer, spreading the seed of Lucifer and infesting man, Jinn’s are the enemy of man. Remember anything a holy man gives you, if its water in a bottle pretending it’s blessed, its loaded with this entity organism, if its oil in a bottle, its loaded with this entity, anything to consume, it’s loaded with this same microscopic entity. I don’t know how these people have managed to get away with this, and keep this a secret since the beginning of man, it’s unbelievable how every single occultist Sorcerer, that’s ever lived on earth, has managed to keep this all a secret and died with this knowledge i.e. kept it within his own bloodline.

These people do not heal anyone, they cannot heal, if they take a Jinn off you, it’s only because he sensed it’s an interesting entity, remember these Jinn’s, Sorcerers make them a certain way, by sacrificial additions and whatever concoction the Sorcerer got up to, they can alter the effects of a Jinn by adding entities to it, or if it’s been marinated in certain ways, that make its abusive feel enhanced. If the Sorcerer found it interesting, he has only removed it to put it on someone else he dislikes, or a job he has on mind. Also, for that removal, he will fill you up with basic non-data Jinn’s and give you autoimmune disorder leading to cancer. That’s how that system operates. They cannot remove an entity by force, only with an agreed deal, a mutually agreed deal.

You are better off suffering with Black Magic than going to these people, it’s a never-ending cycle that will destroy you and your family.

The best method for terminating Jinn’s, is the pistol roll I show in my video titled, How to kill Jinn, terminate Jinn, Shaytaan, Lower Astral Entities.

This is the best man-made device to terminate Jinn’s in the world. I’m serious, it works best on wild raw sinister evil entities outside the body. I don’t want to boast, but I have conquered legions of entities with that pistol roll. The video is also attached below, for victims keep doing the roll, the more the better.

It is rare to see RED colour on a roll for the public, such depth of colour indicates sinister evil entities i.e. demonic. This is Deobandi sent lethal entities, the Deobandi Jadu Ghar does not play around. Usually any sound of cracking or popping is a clear indication of Jinn activity within the pistol. No noise from the device means its cool, any noise of popping or cracking, keep doing the roll until there’s no sound, recheck now and then. This is a weapon of mass destruction, simple science no hocus pocus.

(Tesco brand) large cotton wool balls used to make the roll, the large cotton balls open up to a good length.

How to Kill Jinn | Terminate Jinn Terminate Shaytaan Ghosts

Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

The video below shows good footage of this entity captured via this device, also the video shows how to captivate this entity, you may find this video of interest.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

Kind Regards S Uddin