Below is the text from the video above, Sarcoidosis | The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed | Unknown Etiology Explained.

I advise watching the video to see the live footage and the explanation.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

If you are in the medical field and Sarcoidosis, Autoimmune disorder or Cancer is something that is baffling you, then watch this video.

Unknown Etiology Exposed.

Sarcoidosis, autoimmune disorder, cancer and why Mufti Siraj Saleh & The Jamiat Ulema Hunt me. If you are in the medical profession please pay attention and watch this, stay focused.

On the actual video footage, the device to capture this entity is shown at this point i.e. the stages of the device in action.

I am going to expose an entity organism that adores fire, this entity becomes hypnotised by the flame.

I call these pistols i.e. weapon of mass destruction. It’s not a joke, please keep watching.

Pre-made pistols

Candle flame temperature is recorded at 1000 Celsius, 1830 Fahrenheit. This entity organism is mesmerised by the flame, which leads to it being hypnotised. You may be thinking how do I know such details, watch and you will find out.

The entity organism enters within the flame and drifts i.e. sinks into the tube. The pistol is made with plain paper wrapped with cotton wool and coated with mustard oil. The mustard oil is also an attraction for the entity, it also serves as an inflammable agent for the purpose of the flame.

When this airborne entity enters within the tube, it is now subject to physical law and bound i.e. trapped. Once this entity has absorbed fluids i.e. density, physical matter, it can no longer take flight and go airborne.

As the video goes along, I will explain.

This organism is microscopic and is able to travel within the cotton fibres. This pistol will take approximately 20 minutes to burn down. I am going to fast forward this, keep a close eye on the last inch, the RED coloured area that appears and increases in size.

Thousands of these entities have travelled through the fibres. This entity organism is colonial and naturally clusters into a group. The coloured area is the place of cluster and the final point of exhaustion, which results in the entities being terminated.

What organisms can go through temperatures exceeding 1000 Celsius and travel coated in fluid. The sound of popping and cracking are the entities within the cotton fibres being terminated.

I will show other short fast-forwarded clips before I explain, different textures i.e. depth of colour show different evolution of the entities in question. When it turns RED, if the section is cut off and the fibres observed under microscopy, the entities are very much alive.

This entity organism cannot leave the cotton wool coated in oil, this entity is not subject to high temperature. It is being blown up due to absorbing oil and being within the burning fluid. It is being blown up due to absorbing inflammable fluid and being within the burning oil.


Watching this video on a large screen, rather than a mobile phone is better for visibility.

Pay close attention to the RED area that is popping and cracking. The RED area is loaded with organisms. This footage is taken in a fire place and at night, I turn the lights off to make the flame be a focal point and attraction for this entity, hence the poor lighting. This works fine in day light, the darkness makes the flame highly visual, hence choosing such times.

Depth and redness of colour varies, I will show still images showing clear RED colour in this video.


You’re wondering what an earth is that, I know.

This is what the world of autoimmune research is looking for, bold claim I know. Please keep watching.

The entity organisms within the fibres stretches the limits of modern-day ocular microscopy, viewing this through a microscope eyepiece is useless. More footage of burning will be shown at the end of this video. Now I will show the entity organism activity within the cotton fibres. Remember this organism came through a flame exceeding 1000 Celsius and made its way to the end of the roll i.e. pistol drenched in oil.

At this point I am showing footage of this entity under the microscope.

Viewed with a Leitz Orthoplan phase contrast, C – Mount focus adapter via camera on screen. 100x oil objective, wet mount, concave slide and high magnification. With high magnification, as in this case resolution and quality is lost, but organism activity and movement can be seen. Keep watching, remember this entity came through temperature exceeding 1000 Celsius. No known organism can tolerate that temperature.

This organism naturally clusters together, this is a microscopic oil drop within the cotton fibres, the entity organisms cluster within the droplets. What is this entity, I will explain gradually as the video goes along.

Right now, I have Islamic Deobandi Religious scholars pursuing me not to disclose what this is. You will understand why I understand what I do as the video progresses. This entity is the sole causative agent responsible for Sarcoidosis. Yes, bold claim I know. This entity is responsible for the non-caseating granuloma diagnosed as Sarcoidosis.

Any person in the medical field right now would stop watching after that statement, please don’t stay focused and watch. The thought that would arise is, if you can see this so could the medical field. Experts are looking at autoimmune disorders globally. The reason I can see activity of this entity is, I have nothing blocking my view, no bodily tissue, no blood cells for it to blend in within.

More exploded view of an oil droplet within the cotton fibres. This may not look appealing to the average eye i.e. this organism activity. Keep in mind 1000 Celsius. When taking samples for microscopy I use sterile equipment and sterile gloves.

This is cotton fibre, a single strand, this is from the burning roll. Entity organism activity can be seen. Viewing this stretches the limit of current day ocular microscopes. I stated this is responsible for the non-caseating granuloma in Sarcoidosis. It is not the only thing this entity is responsible for in the human body. All autoimmune disorders that fall under unknown etiology, this entity is responsible for.

This entity has stages of activity within the human body. This is not a bacteria, pathogen or virus, this will not grow on a culture plate. The only way to observe this, is to captivate it raw as I have done and isolate it. In the human body this entity is baffling the medical authorities by its ability to go undetected.

So where is this found in the human body, please keep watching and I will explain step by step so it makes sense. Information like this does not digest well with human understanding at this moment. The little pin dot looking movements of organisms under microscopy, this is what’s going undetected in the human body.

Now I am going to show the non-caseating granuloma found in Sarcoidosis. I am also going to show blood under microscopy.

Here I show images of Sarcoidosis under the microscope i.e. the non-caseating granuloma.

The images that follow, the round looking formation is the immune systems way of responding i.e. cells making a barrier walling off something, an invader. Nothing is found as an infection or bacteria within the granuloma, no necrosis is found to indicate and justify this behaviour. So, it is classed as an immune system malfunction i.e. incorrect signals, false alarm, body’s defence system failure.

Non-Caseating granuloma found in Sarcoidosis. Researchers believe an abnormal immune response. The body’s defence system mistakenly walls off and attacks its own. This walling off i.e. is a war position the immune cells take when responding to a foreign invader on the attempt to terminate it. Under microscopy no invader is seen.

This response i.e. the battle formation by the immune system leads to chronic inflammation. This is a multisystemic condition.

These images are Lab quality and as good as it gets concerning current day imagery. These images are immune cells i.e. blood cells, macrophages.

That’s a very good image showing X2 asteroid bodies inside a non-caseating granuloma. What I am saying is current day microscopy is not as great as people think it to be.

Next, I’m showing modern day blood viewing, this is good as it gets. Next, Lab footage of viewing blood cells, footage maybe large and some at high magnification.

What I am saying is, this entity organism pushes the limits of current ocular microscopy, hence going so long undetected. Having this entity organism raw and being able to mark it i.e. highlight it with a stain response, then finding it within the body seems a good start.

Professor Wells is definitely onto something.


I am going to show exactly how to captivate i.e. trap this entity organism, please keep watching. I will show how to make this pistol device after a brief explanation of this journey.

Now, you might say why don’t you pass this to a research centre or someone in the medical field. Not so simple I’m afraid, me and my wife have tried for a long time. First you have to get past the research centres admin. You have to explain yourself i.e. where did you get this from and how.

Once you mention fire i.e. flame, that’s it they will think your bonkers. Now obtain direct emails of professors in the field that are researching on this subject i.e. Autoimmune & Cancer. Once you mention fire, they will not respond to you at all. If something does not fit into normal understanding of logic and how science should work, it will be rejected. We have had a Professor say, it could be a virus, put it into a bag, pour bleach in the bag and dispose of it, but shake it first.

We have turned up to a Lab and demanded someone to look at this, we were told you will contaminate the Lab. It is all closed doors, we have left this with a Sarcoidosis specialist in London and called back a few days later, the receptionist said the container and sample are still in the same place where it was left when you dropped it off, left on the window sill in the office, it’s been mind blowing trying to get someone to look into this.

We have been told several times, we are not allowed to deal with the public at all sorry. We got hold of a professor in London, head of proteomics of a reputable place. I won’t mention names, this person was very curious, an online search showed he had made discoveries before and changed how particular protocols and tests work in the medical field. My wife handles the admin side and the phone calls etc, the professor requested we meet a colleague of his in a hospital car park and hand it them.

We weren’t willing to hand this over to unknown sources and back door routes, we refused and said we want to bring it in with the Labs knowledge. An online search showed his wife worked in that particular hospital.

So, we kept in touch for approximately 6 months, he was aware we couldn’t find anyone to pass this to. Then one day he said drop it off at the reception of his building.

He had the sample 4 days, in between those days he phoned and said he is curious about the device, and how did we capture this. We said, first confirm you have found something that is undiscovered i.e. a new organism, then we will say about the device. He said, we have found something but not sure what, I want to look at the device can you bring it to me, we said no, not until you confirm. Following day, he sent an email saying it was Staphylococcus and said further proved by a culture test.

Staphylococcus is found on most parts of the body, a swab from anywhere would show this bacterium. Really staphylococcus going through 1000 Celsius and traveling through cotton fibres and turning red at the cluster stopping point, cracking and popping on destruction.

No known organism to man could travel along that pistol roll within the cotton fibres with that heat chasing it along. Keep watching it gets even more interesting.

I didn’t want to hand this to a private microbiologist, I thought if anyone’s going to be deceptive, it will be the loner. Anyway, we found a University Professor in the North of England, he has a side microbiologist service as well. We dropped the samples X3 to the University as he requested on the day and time he said. Later he said he’s gone to China for a few days. I thought oh well, I said when you come back let us know and I will bring another X3 samples.

We did tell him what we believe it’s responsible for i.e. Sarcoidosis and where in the body I believe it is found. I explained it has to be high magnification and told him how to look at it, meaning within the cotton fibres and look within the clusters at the microscopic oil droplets. He sent me his findings, Lab images stating nothing can be found, he can’t see anything, just look at his images and the cotton fibre strands, and look at my cotton strand image.

It’s two different worlds we are looking at, then said he has done culture tests and said nothing at all, zero nothing there, not even Staphylococcus. I sent him some of my images of this organism and sent him lengthy footage of the organism.

Next, I am going to show the University microbiologists Lab images sent to me. I want to make it clear I am not trying to undermine someone in their own profession. But you have to understand, I made it clear regarding using high magnification and made it clear you have to look within the cotton fibre strands.

After receiving his images, I provided my own footage and images. He stated there is nothing more he can do and terminated further communication.

Here I am displaying the microbiologists supplied Lab images, also I have displayed my own images on the original video at this section.

Microbiologist view of cotton fibres and oil droplets, stating I cant see anything. This is brightfield X630.

I had to put this in, sense of humour. My first view of this many years ago, that’s me looking with a children’s £10 eBay microscope at the cotton fibres.

Microbiologist view of cotton fibres and oil droplets, stating I can’t see anything. Microbiologist used X630 magnification which is way too low.

Left hand side microbiologist view of cotton fibres and oil droplets, right hand side my view of a single cotton fibre.

Left hand side microbiologist view of cotton fibres and oil droplets, right hand side my view of a single oil droplet.

I have added a video I made at this point, which I uploaded to YouTube 2014. It’s in the actual video next, please watch and see how many places we have tried to hand this to.

Original video footage displayed in the section.

Now the part on how can I be so sure, what enables me to have knowledge of an organism that barely can be seen. How can I possibly know the functionality of this entity organism.

This information is not going to digest well with English people, an ethnic person might grasp this to an extent. Truth is the truth, how can we deal with something and be safe from it, if we don’t know what it really is. This is no clumsy organism that activates with man-made surroundings and culture plates. This is the Alpha Entity of destruction, the chameleon, the master of confusion. Now look at this exorcism clip, this is me performing an exorcism, the blue round sphere you see is a Light Orb.

In this section I show exorcism videos and proof of the unseen displayed here. Added to prove there is an unseen world of microscopic entities out there.

Now please watch the following short video. Don’t be alarmed, other videos can be seen on my YouTube channel. Dealing with these entities is normal to me.

I have a network of Deobandi Islamic Religious scholars globally pursuing me not to expose this. I am going to show how to make this roll, it’s just by using plain paper no hocus pocus. Fire hypnotises this entity and it drifts and sinks in, simple science, any oil will do, but this entity likes mustard oil, it can live in it. Once in, it cannot get out, it’s stuck and it’s all yours. If I could name this, I would name it after those who are dedicated to stopping me, I would name it Deoband.

Next, I show a tutorial on how to make this device to capture this entity organism, original video footage is displayed at this point.

For microscopy use I use sterile gloves, this is for demonstration purpose.

Now what is this entity organism, you are not going to like this, it’s not going to digest, but it’s the truth. Some call them Lower astral entities, some call them Jinn, different parts of the world they have different names, some call them little Angels, some call them spirit guides, the worship of these entities is entwined in some cultures, all of these so-called holy men, spiritualists, work with them and release them. Why do you think ethnic people are riddled with autoimmune disorders.

Before I explain any further, I advise watching the video below. A Western English person may doubt an unseen force such as this could exist. Most ethnic people believe in the unseen, it’s just no one has ever explained on this subject before. I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to explain on the unseen.

The video is titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

The real thing is, most people do not know the entities they are working with are the sole causative agent responsible for autoimmune disorders and cancer. The ones that know is elite ethnic occultists. This is difficult to digest but someone has to expose this. This little thing comes in different sizes, but the majority can turn microscopic. The blue Light Orb you saw in slow motion can also turn microscopic, spirits can do that.

What we are dealing with, you’re not going to like this, they are evil spirits. I really didn’t want to say to much, I just wanted to get this devil under the microscope discovered, there’s no point beating around the bush now. This chameleon entity can read thoughts, it knows what you’re up to, it’s not going to swim and expose itself readily. It can stay in a cluster totally idle without movement in large numbers. Get the raw entity then find a way to marker it, once it’s in the pistol roll it’s stuck for a while, it can get out, but it’s a complex procedure and process.

This entity goes into hibernation dormant sleep states, it’s happy that way, it feeds off us, its intention is to terrorise man, that’s just the way Jinn’s i.e. lower astral entities are. You have to believe me, I know what I’m talking about. There is an invisible nervous system within our body that connects from every fibre. This entity is able to be in any part of the body and under possession i.e. a controlled exorcism by Light Orbs, they can make individual entities talk through our minds thought process with our vocals, this little tiny microscopic entiy is not just a little organism, this thing has wicked abilities.

All occultists who claim they talk and liaise with spirits are dealing with this autoimmune disorder cancer causing entity. Most do not know what they are dealing with, and what it really is. These things can act, pretend, act sympathy, it’s all an act, they pose as Spirit Guides to those they encounter. They pose as Angels, Archangels in the west. All these exorcists are getting it wrong. When an exorcist possesses someone, the entities choose which entity should rise up to fool the listener. These things are enemies to anything that is good, they are the enemy of man.

When people go to look for spiritualists i.e. hypnosis or any trance possession work, altered egos pop up, same again these imposters pop up and pretend I am so and so, I look after you, I saved you, whatever you have in your mind this thing can read, it will choose from your own thoughts what to pose as to mislead you. Different parts of the world they pretend different things, that’s how intelligent this thing is. In the West they pose as guides. Occultists are releasing them around the world like wild fire.

I will tell you where is the best location to capture these entities, rural areas like mountain areas, a cave is a hot spot, river side and sea, derelict areas, woodlands, or try around Sarcoidosis, autoimmune patients. These things respond to black magic, they are sent by the use of talismans and occult rituals. These entities transport to places, now this is too much for the average mind, I’m in this field I deal with these things i.e. I terminate them, I know their functionality and how they respond.

Light Orbs are superior to these entities, it’s another wavelength altogether. These lower astral entities whether you believe it or not, can transport to someone via a picture or personal details, by the use of an occultist, without the occultist these things cannot go anywhere, except stay in the places they are bound to. If they are on a particular piece of land and you have livestock there, they will go inside livestock, hence animals, cattle, horses, get Sarcoidosis and other autoimmune disorders including tumours and cancer.

They want to subdue man as their first choice, that is just how this entity is, why do you think autoimmune disorder is like a global epidemic now. It’s ethnic occultists releasing them around the world. This entity is highly absorbent and responds to rhythm, chanting and recitation, a procedure could be chanted to this organism repeatedly by an occultist to do, and it will not stop. Example India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, people from these countries are aware i.e. don’t have tea in anyone’s house etc, they know from people and family, other envious people black magic you, hold on I will explain.

They know the word black magic, but they don’t know exactly what is going on, but something bad may occur, customers of these so-called holy men occultists, have sugar from ethnic occultist, holy men, the occultist says just put sugar in the tea and repeat and chant what you desire. The customer doesn’t know what is exactly going on nor does the victim, but the occultist does, he’s job is to keep releasing these entities, that’s what he is told by the entities to do, that is also what his teacher taught him. The same entities I am trying to expose in the pistol, is the same organism all occultists work with, i.e. that is responsible for autoimmune disorders.

The same entities are told to go into the sugar grains, the occultists will provide sugar with 100’s of thousands of these microscopic entities laced to it. Now do you understand, the same ethnic occultist provides so called blessed recited holy water, again 100’s of thousands of microscopic entities are in the water, this entity wants to live inside our body and wants direct entry. All these holy men are a con, they only serve one purpose is to release these evil entities.

Same again, occultists provide oil in bottles stating holy blessed oil, again the oil is loaded with this entity organism, oil is provided to rub on your body or head etc, what happens with oil or products you put on your skin, it absorbs into your skin’s pores, another method for entry. So-called Islamic scholars i.e. those who pass any products, I call them Sorcerers, as in those who pursue me, they give paper with Arabic writing on it, to put into a glass of water and drink, they will provide bundles of it, stating its Quranic writing i.e. holy words. I will tell you exactly what the provider is doing.

He is using a fountain pen, he has a jar i.e. vase with orange coloured reddish liquid in it, he shows he is writing verses from the Quran, this is deception to fool the patient, his jar is full of these microscopic entities, the liquid is a mixture of animals blood, he dips his fountain pen in and out, lacing the paper with this entity organism, he is deliberately feeding you these entities i.e. getting them inside your body, this will be the beginning of the patients inflammation and the start of autoimmune disorder.

It’s not easy getting diagnosed, people suffer for years and become drained and depleted to even get close to being diagnosed. All occultists are agents for releasing these entities. So-called spiritualists who give you a hand full of nuts or sweets as a greeting, or something to consume, or a gift of something to consume when entry or exiting their premises, it is laced with this same microscopic entity. The whole holy spiritual road is a con, you seek higher spiritual knowledge in search of life, it is all full of this.

Just keep away from any spiritualists, or any of these holy men, keep away from anyone who claims to work with the unseen. It is all the same family of entity organisms. I went to a religious holy place, an Islamic place in Huddersfield West Yorkshire England, I went there because my own sister was a patient of the holy man, I was just curious where she was going. The place had flowers displayed everywhere, perfumes, scents, anyone would immediately think this is the place to be, the holy man and his daughter looked at me and my wife, they do not know anything about me, I have never met them before.

The holy man called his daughter into another room, then the daughter came out to me and said, you are killing them you can’t do that, I said what, she said they have family’s to, you are killing them it’s wrong. I said what am I supposed to do I have to survive. Do you understand what I am saying now, any person who claims to work with spirits and have knowledge of the unseen, if they give any products or have a history of providing talismans. Any person who asks for date of births and mothers name, this is a clear indication they are working with the same entity responsible for giving man autoimmune disorder and cancer.

This all needs to be exposed for what it really is, you may think why would a human being knowingly do this, to cause someone such pain, the entities demand this and the occultists do it, simple as that. I’m not talking about English magic, Western occult is more wishing well guess magic, it’s ethnic occult, they have been mastering it in these rural countries from the get go, whilst the West has been civilised and progressing, these broke down countries have been playing in the dark and talking to spirits, what more can I say. Sorry to say this, I terminate these entities for sport now.

The whole world should make these rolls and crack down on these entities. There is way more information but I better stop and keep this basic. This information makes my organism capture look crackers. It’s the truth, I know this subject. An example, how do you think I capture so much, I used to do over 100 rolls a day for years non-stop. The Deobandi religious scholars won’t stop sending them, they can’t have me releasing this information. Last thing, an elite Sorcerer like those who pursue me can send these entities targeted to any organ or any body part, yes believe me, I promise you.

Inside the body, the fire roll is useless, that part is down to the Light Orbs to clear, burning rolls helps on the work load. You have to understand what we are up against and what they really are. They come in different sizes, some are big and cannot go microscopic, old evolved entities, the little ones are worse. These entities work like a hive or nest, they worship the superior entity or entities within the group without choice, it’s a ranking system and it’s all understood by the entities, by what evolution and type of entities in the body.

The higher evolved entity or entities would be in the center i.e. occupying cells in the center of a granuloma. It’s a worshipping formation like a hive, they surround the leader or leaders. This entity’s innate function is to worship.

In the non-caseating granuloma the more evolved entity or entities occupy the giant cell, asteroid body I believe are higher evolved entities, they are all evil nevertheless, higher meaning to the evil entities. Now, where to find these entities inside the human body. In Sarcoidosis the immune cells in the granuloma are invaded by this microscopic entity, the immune cells within the granuloma are taken as hosts. The healthy normal unaffected cells know this, hence the formation i.e. non-caseating granuloma.

This entity organism is inside our immune cells in large numbers, they go dormant and enter long sleep states whilst inside our immune cells. From there they can gather information from any part of the body, there is an invisible pathway system in the entire body, like a nervous system that this entity uses to gather information and communicate, you are thinking how can I know. In trance possession work I have done, this entity can be in any location of the body and still take custody and use the mind to talk.

Light Orbs as I said can make any of these entities force connect, Light Orbs are way superior, these entities are no match at all. Light Orbs deliberately force connect and wake up dormant higher evolved leading entities which were in deep sleep, and this is what I hear, why have you woken me up, do you understand. I have been learning this live in action directly step by step for years. Someone has to expose this and do something.

Sarcoidosis is just one stage, that is the first entry settling in stage, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and all the rest of the autoimmune disorders that fall under unknown etiology is this same entity organism. All autoimmune condition with immune cells attacking each other and attacking the tissue and no reason is found for the behaviour, I guarantee you this entity in numbers are within the immune cells, cancer, tumours, or anything benign this entity is inside the immune cells.

This entity has young and old, different evolution of the entities and stages, From the entry stage which is called Sarcoidosis the formation of our immune cells i.e. non-caseating granuloma, then to immune cells attacking cells is just a different stage, in the joints it’s called Rheumatoid Arthritis, and another place it’s called lupus, Lofgren syndrome, it’s all the same family of entities which you will find in the roll. Bell’s Palsy it’s the same entity but larger more evolved occupying a nerve in numbers or singly hence paralysis.

Some of these entities cannot go microscopic due to evolution and size, those are the ones more able to do paralysis. This entity is responsible for heart conditions, strokes and neurological problems, cancer the lot, I promise you, find it in the roll then you will find it in all the other locations. This entities aim is to destroy man from the inside out.

When you are burning i.e. making pistols try not to think what you are actually doing, these entities can read thoughts, in any case they just cannot resist, but before you light they can dash off for that moment, just do it and try not to think what exactly you are doing i.e. terminating vermin.

Avoid all spiritualists and so-called holy men, isolated people stating they are living the holy life. Any person who provides talismans, products for spiritual matters, chanting mumbo jumbo, keep clear you have been warned.

These people look harmless, just remember they are deliberately spreading autoimmune disorder knowingly. The presence of these entities can and will cause depression, anxiety, paranoia, panic. For any ethnic people watching this, who would have thought the mighty Jinn is a little microscopic rascal i.e. the devil under the microscope, and you can fry him in a piece of paper with oil.

For the Mufti fans who defend him, you may say oh but Mufti gives talismans to burn. The Mufti gives Satanic talismans, I’m talking about plain white paper, and for those who say the Mufti also kills jinn’s, whatever he interferes with for recognition and stardom, he has to replace 1000 fold, hence him lacing paper with red looking ink with his fountain pen, loaded with autoimmune causing entities. He has to repay back 1000 fold, that’s how that system works, there’s ranking with these organisms and he has to settle the balance, to the ones he works with by infesting man.

So please understand first before religious people defend him. It’s crystal-clear what side I’m on, I’m exposing this, I’m on the right side, and these Religious scholars are breaking their backs to keep this a secret.

Final word, you will find this entity organism as I have demonstrated, when you do, don’t ever seek an exorcist for any answers or spiritualists, they do not know anything.

Exorcism and the rise of an entity into the possessed state i.e. understanding what is really happening.

All the exorcists who recite and rise an entity up, are all just being fooled, I will explain, the person who recites, jinn’s lower astral entities respond to chant and rhythm, recitation, anything that is a rhythm repetitiveness, that’s how this entity is, it’s like how a snake responds to a snake charmer. So, an exorcist is performing an exorcism, a victim would have had to of been in an already depleted state to even seek an exorcist remember that. People put on their best face, but really are shattered and exhausted within.

So reciting repetition, and telling the patient ignore me and go into sleep i.e. trance an hypnotic state, the exorcist unknown to him, he is rising the entity like a snake to connect, something connects, the entities inside have decided which one to allow to connect, it’s just to fool the listener. Everything that gets spoken is a lie, the lot. Now the entity is connected you have an exorcist pinching the entity and he’s getting a reaction, he shouts in the ears, the exorcist is getting a reaction of pain and a response. He shouts, the entity screams or behaves in a certain way, that shows the exorcist he has some control.

Let me explain so the natural exorcist, who is genuinely trying to help might understand, when the jinn entity connects in possession, it’s not used to hearing direct from the ears or seeing direct through the eyes, it doesn’t know how it feels to be pinched or the feeling of human pain, everything now is alarming, inside the body it’s not connected in that way. Now the pinch actually hurts to the jinn, the sound in the ears are alarming, some will poke the possessed patient with a needle, the jinn that is connected will scream. The exorcist actually believes his words are working and he has power.

Once the entity is connected in this way, it cannot disconnect until it is calmed down gradually, so the exorcist keeps screaming away, the entity is getting more into a frenzy because it doesn’t know how to disconnect. It can’t disconnect when it’s locked in this way. This thing will say anything and agree, it’s a chameleon of lies. It’s been fooling man with its presence since man became aware of spirit, this thing is a born liar.

The exorcist thinks he is successful, he doesn’t know his patient after coming for a long time and getting possessed, the same patient is in the holy men houses now, and with these so-called spirit working people taking products i.e. this entity organism. The exorcist thinks he has a high success rate i.e. the customer hasn’t come back. All an exorcist can say in the end to a patient is, maybe your faith is weak, maybe you have done something wrong in the past, are you performing all your prayers.

None of this is working, it never did work, the whole lot of this spiritual service is a waste and unsuccessful, that’s why the holy men are full, with endless queues and victims. If regular exorcisms worked for victims, people would not be with the occultist. Those exorcists that get jinn’s familiar with rising up and taking possession, they begin to have relaxed conversations with the entities regularly i.e. the entity has become accustomed and used to the procedure. I promise you they are just being fooled by the entities.

One of the treats and delights for this entity, is to look through the human eyes in possession and sit and talk. Ethnic occultists all allow the entities they work with to do this, it’s a highly thought after treat, they have days set for letting these entities clown around. The ethnic occultist who works with spirits, what they do is fill you up with this entity organism, and make sure you are consuming higher ranked evolved entities, this encourages the other entities to go into deep sleep, hibernation states, this way you feel less tormented by the entities.

On black magic roles this entity torments victims. The ethnic spirit worker will do their evil role and fill you up and help make the entities go into this sleep state, this gives the victim temporary peace, in the long run autoimmune disorder leading to tumours and cancer. This entity worships higher ranked entities without choice and has to follow, it’s a sleeping hive system with the higher ranked entities in the center, they can go into sleep states for years. Spiritual understanding and what’s really going on, is a mess and warped.

This part that follows I really did not want to say right now, as I’m already on this subject, I might as well. Western spiritualists and those who believe they are talking to the deceased soul of man, i.e. the spirit. We all are longing for a connection as though we are missing something. Like the feeling of life is more than this, where are we from. Let me just get straight to it, we are spirits in a body living this life, the mind is the King and it controls ultimately what we decide and do.

I am not stating this based on religion or custom. My basis for this knowledge and the information I disclose i.e. this entity organism, is based from in-depth research and being strictly guided to experience this to understand this for what it really is. Whether you believe it or not, there is a higher force of good out there and we are all on a soul journey, a spirit an Orb inside a body.

This part you are not going to like, but it’s the truth, this negative entity organism, we all have one with us from birth as part of this earths journey. This entity is from that side, it’s neutral as an entity i.e. a new born when appointed to us from our birth, but evil and wicked as an energy, all negative feelings and bitter thoughts stems from our ego, which is this birth entity organism, some call them Jinn.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth, meaning this organism entity I am exposing. As a single entity organism, it grows with us, it’s part of Gods plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego which is the birth Jinn. In our body our mind has the ability to overpower it, and choose to be positive, as we all know the inner struggles we face with thoughts as we live our lives.

That is just the effects of one birth Jinn that grows with us. The human Jinn is the most basic type, the world and people now are being subject to the release of legions of different races of evil entities, due to the use of occult and people like Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib. The desire to seek these people and that this is wrong needs to be exposed. I had to explain that part to shed some light on this now, this is the entity that all spiritualists and mediums are liaising with, this thing will pose as the soul i.e. the actual person etc.

This is the same chameleon entity that exorcists are talking to, example an exorcist is talking to, let’s say Abdul, Abduls birth entity has first right as something which belongs and started in this body. Abduls entity rises up in an exorcism i.e. trance, naturally joining in with all the other entities that may be inside the body from occult sending. It is from the dark side remember that, Abduls entity will never say it’s Abdul whilst the physical Abdul is still alive. It will pose as a guide or pose as being with you, according to what you believe and what you think, it will fool you accordingly.

It just cannot help it, that’s the way this entity is. Only when a person is deceased this entity will claim the name of the deceased. This is what remains on earth, this lower astral entity, mediums are not talking to the soul, the real person, and the reason mediums mumble odd words and the entity repeats shallow sentences. This entities ability to communicate adequately only remains if they are connected to a human body i.e. mind. When left outside without living inside a body they lose earthly memory gradually, hence mediums mumbling odd words.

The ex-human entity is bound to places i.e. wherever the ashes of the dead go, if it’s the river or sea, so the entity will remain there. If someone kept the ashes of the deceased in a vase in the house i.e. the entity remains bound there amongst the family. This entity when free destroys everything in sight and causes havoc. Same again, if the deceased is buried in a graveyard this entity organism is naturally bound there, hence the graveyard, sea and rivers are a focal point for the use of talismans, do you understand.

What I am explaining are just the basics, every living thing has an entity, animals and insects even fish. Why do you think animals are used in black magic occult rituals, it’s for the use of the entity of the animal. Elite ethnic occultists have mastered this treachery like a plague. Because man is longing for something and this inner feeling most feel i.e. like I need answers. I had to say this to make it clear not to seek spiritualists and this occult route. Spiritual understanding and what’s really going on is a mess and warped.

For those who will do the pistol burning roll, ex-human jinn are not subject to the fire, if it’s been out in the wild and lost earthly memory then it will be subject to the flame, because they have lived a life in a human, they can avoid it. The roll works on wild sent entities, those that have not lived amongst man. Those that may think, I might try these occultists to get some work done, I promise you once you go, and your details are known and that connection is made, you will be loaded with this organism entity.

The occultists job is to attach these entities to people, these entities want to live a life, what they call life is not life to us, remember these entities feed from us and cause man autoimmune disorders and cancer. The ethnic occultist is an agent to distribute this entity, that is their role. There is no such thing as white magic, it’s the same evil entity organisms being sent. This entity gets sent in thousands never singly, as I have proven on the pistol roll. That Red area is a large area when you think about it in a microscopic way, such an area would hold 10’s of thousands of entities.

Occultists lie when they say, oh it’s just 1 or 2 entities. This whole industry of occult is a lie. An example, just so you can understand the characteristics of this entity. Say someone went to an occultist, job request, I want you to make this woman leave her husband and be with another man. Right, the entities if they succeed, they will ruin that relationship, then make the women fall in love with her worst nightmare, a type of person she would normally detest and be repulsed by.

When this new relationship happens, the jinn’s will make sure they tear that relationship apart after she gets pregnant and has ruined herself good and proper. The man in question would look handsome in the eyes of the women due to the entities influence. After, the entities take the mask off and let her see it, feel it and tear herself apart and ruin the second relationship. You would think why would entities do this, why. Why, because they are evil and they enjoy it and they can. This thing remember is a chameleon of lies and it has no empathy, it pretends empathy in trance by using the minds thoughts, that’s how treacherous it is.

Remember the job role was nothing to do with tearing the second relationship, this entity does this for pleasure, it gets satisfaction from it. Around the world people seek occultists for day to day matters now, exams, relationship counselling, meeting a spouse, job help, health problems, even for a stomach ache, the patients are just getting loaded with this same Autoimmune and cancer-causing entity organism.

The only good spirits are the Light Orbs, this is why I can expose this and provide this information.

In this section on the actual video, I show more images and footage of burning i.e. the device.

The images that follow are still images, to see live footage please watch the actual video titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

It does not need to be RED or a depth of colour to indicate this entities presence and activity within the roll. Any depth of colour i.e. RED or a DARK shade of colour indicates, senior high ranking demonic i.e. Satanic entities, those that are more evolved.

Normal low-ranking, average entities do not turn this shade of colour, any sound or noise of popping or cracking from the burning roll indicates a clear sign of this entity’s presence, even without any colour.

No entities at the time of burning, clearly shows NO SOUND WHATSOEVER FROM THE BURNING ROLL.

The Sarcoidosis Exposed video shows footage of red coloured area appearing on the burning device to capture this entity. This colour indicates evolved entities, this depth of colour showing such evolution of entities indicates demonic i.e. sinister entities. In my opinion such depth of colour stems from ethnic countries. Ethnic countries are a mess, the entities occupying those lands are also sinister as such, due to generation upon generation of mystics and holy men releasing and aiding the entities in their spread and evolution.

In civilised countries i.e. the West, outside lands wouldn’t produce such depths of colour so readily as what I have displayed on this video. In my opinion ethnic countries are abundant with evolved sinister entities.

However, Sorcerers in ethnic countries do readily transport i.e. forward sinister entities to their Western colleagues to abuse man in the West, so there is a constant flow entering the civilised world.

Ethnic countries produce the most vulgar types of entities due to their open access to summon and conjure at will. However, any sign of cracking or popping on a pistol roll indicates the presence of this entity within the roll.

The reason my rolls produce such depth of colour, is because the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are sending sinister entities in mass from India and Africa, and the data holding entities from the West. Data holding entities are ex-human Jinn’s, in most cases those are Juvenile in evolution compared to those that produce the red colour, hence such lower evolved entities would not produce a red colour, this would produce popping and cracking on termination without the dense colour.

The video below shows good footage of this entity captured via this device, also the video shows how to captivate this entity.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)

Kind Regards S Uddin – YouTube video & text created April 2019