South Africa’s Canned Hunting Farms (Breeding of Exotic Animals to Kill them for Sport) Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Panthers, Wolves, Cheetahs, Leopards, Lynxes etc

The thumbnail shows a lion, however, the video highlights other African exotic animal breeding.

If any person is wondering, where would someone obtain such exotic animals for occult sacrifices. Mufti Siraj Saleh is from South Africa, and Darul Uloom Deoband have base and headquarters there i.e. South Africa Council of Muslim Theologians.

Canned hunting is South Africa’s dirty little secret.

South Africa, every animal is available for killing and sport. They have breeding farms that raise exotic animals just to kill them. They have such exotic animal trading in Africa, which is totally legal in South Africa.

Canned lion hunting is illegal in South Africa, i.e. (WILD LIONS) but captive-bred lion hunting is allowed. Lions are bred in captivity and held in small enclosures until they are shot and killed.

Check the URL below to find out more.

The sentence illegal is just a jugglery of words, meaning, you can’t put wild lions in a caged environment to shoot and kill, but you can breed them on farms and kill them legally. Its political jugglery, and a dirty legal loop hole to kill exotic animals legally.

The Bone trade industry, killing captive-bred (farm bred) lions for their bones is legal in South Africa. There are over 300 legal licensed killing, hunting, bone trading farms in South Africa.

With so many lions in captivity, many breeders have resorted to simply killing them for the escalating lion bone trade. Euthanizing captive-bred lions for their bones is legal in South Africa with a permit, and the selling of lion bones to Asia for use in traditional medicine products has become an important and lucrative side business for South African lion farmers.

BORN TO BE KILLED. Lion breeding and hunting in South Africa. Check the URL below to find out more.

This exotic animal farming for hunting, or any human hunting for exotic animals is cruel and sickening.

This activity is the South African Governments fault. If you allow and permit people to do this, then wicked people will do it. It’s up to the Government to BAN IT, STOP IT.

A country is only as humane as its leaders, it boils down to what the Government allows to become the norm.

Search YouTube and google the title, (canned hunting farm) to find out more about this exotic animal killing trade.

Did you know? There are more than 300 farms in South Africa where lions are bred in cages for the hunting industry. This cruel and cynical activity is legal in South Africa, and it is called canned hunting. Hunting in a can. Instant. No chase, no escape, no mercy. Shot in a fenced camp.  Check the URL below to find out more.

South Africa’s Fallen Pride: How Law and Government Fail to Protect Lions.

Flawed laws, vested interests and problematic enforcement have allowed the captive-lion industry in South Africa to boom. Change, one expert writes, may need to come from outside.

Although the lion is highlighted in this document, this activity is going on in South Africa with all exotic animals. The lands are private, these facilities are catering for people’s fetishes of killing.

Who knows what else goes on in private concerning exotic animals, and people’s demands in such places. No cameras and filming allowed?

You allow cruelty and wicked ways to blossom, then wonder why people do evil things.

Kind Regards S Uddin – 28th November 2020