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What can the Darul Uloom scholars really do with the Jinn, unveiling the Darul Uloom scholar in-depth 19/02/202.

(I have written my documents, so it is readable by the public and the Darul Uloom scholars)

This here, I really didn’t want to write i.e. going into further detail at this moment. Precise fine detailing is better suited when this entity is announced, and this entity will be announced sooner or later.

I think to myself, should I specify at this moment in time how accurate the Darul Uloom scholar is with the occult.

What’s prompting me to write at this moment, and urging me to explain, is because of what Mufti Siraj Saleh decided to do in December 2021.

As I’ve explained before, those who work with this force i.e. Lower Astral Entities, Shaitan Jinn, Satanic spirits, have no limits. Those who operate with this frequency i.e. with this entity are heartless, and have no mercy for any living thing.

You have to remember this entity is heartless, meaning, it has no empathy, so the user will naturally become the same.

See, I have no problem with the Darul Uloom scholars sending me Jinn’s i.e. this entity, it’s not that, these scholars are targeting my surroundings to try and get to me.

Before I explain, those who doubt this force and the operation of this entity, please refer to my qualification video in this subject, to see why I am able to explain what I have.

To get an understanding on how information is retrieved from the unseen and exorcisms, please refer to the document titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed.

December 2021, Mufti Siraj Saleh was chanting Jinn’s and sending them to my sister in-law where I live, he was chanting the sentence, I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna to kill myself (for my sister in-law). This is a menacing chant, which could make someone take their own life. This chant is what produced this document right now.

The Darul Uloom scholar is a menace at heart, to the reader, do you really think Mufti Siraj Saleh could choose those words and decide to chant such sentences without the Darul Uloom scholars approval.

This scholar is backed and supported by all of the Darul Uloom scholars, as proven by my story.

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s works premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed & The Big Bang 2021, The Deception of The Deobandi Underworld Shredded.

Do not even attempt on reading this, without understanding my circumstances relating to the unseen.

Any reader out there with doubts on the unseen and this entity, listen, if I don’t explain this subject, and specify how these scholars operate, no one would understand this entity, and what the elite within religion i.e. those who work with the occult i.e. talismans, those whom are known to work with the unseen really get up to.

To me everything is going the way it’s supposed to, it may seem like a long time i.e. my journey, but when I look at the grand scheme of things, my time isn’t long at all, not for the outcome which I believe that will happen.

As I’ve explained before, this situation is being steered by the Light Force, i.e. timing, and how to persuade me to deliver. I am a type of person, if I saw the exit I would run for it, I have to have my back against the wall to do what I am.

I’ve always believed, and I strongly believe right now, Mufti Siraj Saleh can be halted with his own medicine (very easily), but if he’s halted, I won’t write or explain. Listen, I’m the good guy, my moto is peace, if I saw the opportunity for peace I may have exited. When I say halted, I mean Angelic forces can re-deliver back to sender, organ for organ, part for part.

To understand further into organ for organ and part for part, please refer to the document titled, The Current Status with Mufti Siraj Saleh & Darul Uloom Deoband’s Recycling of The Ex-Human Jinn, Is Just The Entry Level into This Underworld. In that document you will see Mufti Siraj Saleh looking pregnant, and you can understand what I mean.


Mufti Siraj Saleh has been allowed and made to feel invincible i.e. as though he has escaped anything further, which makes him feel untouchable, which makes him pursue me more, which creates more learning for me, and also provides time to urge and carry me forward. The Light Force work like that, as per individual character and personality.

I know the Deobandis read my content, I am telling you Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars are being used to show me all aspects of the occult underworld i.e. this entity’s operation.

Yes the Sorcerers trained Jinn’s have 3D observation, and you’re impressed by the information stemming from the unseen dark side, what do you think a Light Orbs observation is, and how they oversee and observe. If Mufti Siraj Saleh got a bad return of his own occult, he would run with his tail between his legs with the rest of the Sorcerer scholars. I have been made to observe close contact on what the world’s greatest Sorcerers can do, and I am armed with knowledge.

The only way to gather such information in detail, as the level I understand, is if everything is close, if I’m in the middle of it.

I have previously explained Lower Astral Entities cannot see a Light Orb i.e. Angelic Force, unless they decide to show themselves. I have explained Lower Astral Entities do not stop for anything unless they are terminated by the Light Force. I have explained that the Darul Uloom scholars have unlimited access to Jinn’s, and there is no shortage of this entity.

So, in this situation and the life concerning the unseen, you will usually find Light and Dark in the same place, it’s just the dark side cannot see the Light Force. In this situation Mufti Siraj Saleh has been made to feel invincible, this is to help me gather information. Yes Mufti Siraj Saleh does observe me and my surroundings which makes him feel invincible, which makes him send entities with confidence. So I get to see the patterns and habits of the Sorcerer, the repeat attempts on the same thing, and the behaviour of the elite Sorcerer.

When Lower Astral Entities i.e. Shatian Jinn are there observing and relaying information to the Sorcerer, where do you think the Angelic Force is. Everything is about learning in my journey. If the Darul Uloom scholars evaluated themselves, you should think, why can’t your greatest Sorcerers have any effect on my organs, my heart, and my head. The Light Force stop those attacks in seconds, and you scholars are dreaming and hoping, have we got him yet, you haven’t got nothing, and you will lose vigorously against me.

The Pimp Sorcerer i.e. your Champion, his path is to know everything, and how it will unfold, and to watch with his own eyes everything manifest, and to know that he brought the system down to its knees i.e. to be the monument for the avalanche is his penalty.

The Light works in mysteries ways.

Like I’ve previously explained, I need Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars, without him I can’t deliver. See, if I’ve written on it, then I’m forced to elaborate into it further at a later date.

Let me make this clear, an elite Sorcerer can take you out i.e. flatline a person quick, it’s very simple for them. If the heart and organs are targeted you’re finished.

I’m safe in those areas, and so is my family, those attacks do not work for Mufti Siraj Saleh or his Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholar colleagues i.e. death related, hence what he observes that is working he continues with that, and this is what the Lights Orbs want me to understand, which I do understand, but I don’t deliver it like I can.

You could say, well your April 2018 complaint to JKN Institute explains your son was practically crippled, so what kind of learning is that brother. Yes my son was practically crippled, he was in hospital, his arms and legs were going any direction, legs go any direction with no balance, the Light Orbs allowed that, a little over a week in hospital he was good as gold and back to normal. The Light Orbs allowed that to happen to stabilize my son’s position in the house, i.e. resulting in him receiving love from his mother which he didn’t before, due to what Mufti Siraj Saleh was doing, which now, has made him the man of the house, which is better in this situation. Traumatic situations can be used for a broader good by the unseen Light Force.

These scholars are evil, to be a part of this, and to support Mufti Siraj and this wickedness. What joins these scholars in unity, is the movement they follow, which joins them in spirit.

So far I’m touching on the subject, it may appear deep to the reader, but to me I’ve explained the basics, this area i.e. subject, it goes into detail and precision use regarding this entity for the elite Sorcerer.

So, the Light Force use the donkey to push me, to force me, which results in me explaining.

To understand something you have to be inside it, you have to be inside the drama i.e. as a victim, a survivor etc, to experience it for what it really is, and if the experience is explained publicly, others can understand and learn from it i.e. how to be safe, and to keep away from those who operate with the unseen.

It’s very simple, if the spiritualist is known to distribute talismans, and work one to one in communication with this entity, then he is, and he represents the dark side, and always will.

In life, situations that are bad, are usually circumstances that have a broader goodness, so those that are suffering, always keep that in mind.

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Before I explain any further, I understand my documents do get complaints, so, the text below is necessary, and is placed in most of my documents. Those who are familiar with the introduction text, please scroll down to the White Dove that says, Shaytaan is Weak.

(I am exposing the occult underworld and educating on the subject at the same time)

Satanic talismans / taweez supplied by Darul Uloom Deoband theologian.

To understand why I accepted such products and my story, you have to read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises to understand. My website https://www.sarcoidosisdeoband.com/ front page menu provides all the information needed.

To understand my website, please use the URL below.

How To Navigate Through This Website & Understand the Content.


(I have written my documents, so it is readable by the public and the Darul Uloom scholars)

Truth is an absolute defence to defamation, it is not slander if it’s demonstrably true. If what you say is true, it cannot be defamatory, no matter how unpleasant the statement or the results of its publication.

This document no doubt will receive complaints, due to being controversial concerning Islamic religious theologians, who represent the school of thought Darul Uloom Deoband. This is a mass movement that dominates Islam worldwide.

If any official persons are reading this document due to such complaints. Please understand, I have numerous complaints with this organisation that they won’t respond to, concerning an horrific experience I have had with my family regarding a High-Ranking Islamic scholar, named Mufti Siraj Saleh. The Mufti in question stems from the very top of this organisation, they view him as the Messiah and follow his prophecies, and he is protected by all of the followers of the movement.

I am Muslim myself, so this is not religious hate.

The followers of this movement are into the occult and the unseen i.e. spirits and occult activities, this activity is a threat to the civilised world. I am highly experienced and qualified on the subject of the unseen i.e. spirits.

I am exposing hidden Satanic practices within this movement, which are true. I am a victim of their hidden occult ways. Please ignore any complaints, the complaints are aimed at hiding the secret occult ways of this movement.

I am talking about a subject that is known by ethnic people, but not fully understood, a subject that is unknown and disregarded by the white man.

Any complaints please ignore them, it’s Islamic religious scholars i.e. Darul Uloom Deoband scholars that are covering their tracks.

Please allow me to express such information, this needs to be aired to shed some light on this hidden occult underworld. This is a monster of a cult, the West has no idea what is growing within it, you have to let me shed some light on this. This organisation runs and controls Western Islam with media perfection, charity, and playing the piety role. This movement has ulterior motives than what they display to the public. The West is in danger, and you have no idea what these scholars are really upon.

(I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on what these scholars are really upon. The video will be displayed further down in this document)

To get an insight into what type of occult the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are engaged in, please view the URL below. Satanic talismans Supplied to me personally by a Darul Uloom Deoband scholar, named Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


(Mufti Siraj Saleh cannot deny that he supplied those talismans to me)


Mufti Siraj Saleh is not just a simple Imam, he is the heir i.e. successor, Khalifah to the Vice President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind Mufti Abdul Razzak Khan, whom is also affiliated to Tajul Masajid Bhopal the biggest Masjid in Asia, and founder of Madrassah Jamia Islamia Arabia Bhopal India.

Mufti Siraj Saleh’s brother Shaikh Hanif Luharvi is the President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind Gujarat. Also, a member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, member of Shura Darul Uloom Deoband.

These two brothers are the top end of this Jamiat Ulema movement, and this Satanism stems from the very top of the Jamiat Ulema i.e. Darul Uloom Deoband.

F:\News TWEET\6TH EXTRA BITS TWEET\bluebell pigeion.jpg

To understand what took place between Mufti Siraj Saleh and myself, you have to read my complaints to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba Bradford, England.

My April 2018 complaint explains details of the abuse Mufti Siraj Saleh subjugated me and my family to.

My April 2018 complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


My January 2019 complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


My January 2020 complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


My February 2020 Final complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.


In the April 2018 complaint to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, the reader will be aware that the subject is relating to the occult and the unseen. A Western English person may disregard the occult, as a force that doesn’t exist, this doubt and none belief in this area, could be the civilised worlds downfall in the future (if this entity is not understood)

This force is real, and you need to become aware of it.

People should know and understand that the Deobandis systemically lie and act together, it’s a global unanimous way of living. It’s hard to digest that a movement can act and lie like this, but this is what the Deobandis do.

Normally the conspiracy of a cult movement and its ways, stay concealed to a town, or Island, or a state if that’s where the cult resides. In this case it’s a global mass movement of occult, and scholars i.e. followers who are willing to lie, it’s the spirit of the movement, its evil.

It’s simple as understanding, how Mufti Saiful Islam lies and acts with a straight face to protect Mufti Siraj Saleh, if you can digest this type of lying and acting ability, then you can understand how a movement can unanimously be deceitful and act together.

Mufti Saiful Islam from JKN Institute, his lying activity can be understood by reading the complaint below.

Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute 19th September 2020 Complaint RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh.


Some may say, why am I repeatedly mentioning Mufti Saiful Islam. I have pleaded with Mufti Saiful Islam since April 2018, he has shown me no empathy or concern, and has disregarded my circumstances via demonstrating his loyalty for Mufti Siraj Saleh.

(The text below is taken from the URL above)

You have uploaded a video on the 13th September 2020 on your YouTube channel titled, Sisters Bukhari Graduation 2020 LIVE, allowing Mufti Siraj Saleh to make one of his Narcissist performances i.e. showmanship, acting.

Following Mufti Siraj Saleh’s performance, you praised him i.e. honouring him as though he is an outstanding figure.

I know I said on my February 2020 complaint, this is my final attempt to reach out to you. You praising Mufti Siraj Saleh after what I have explained is what made me contact you now. Following the praising, you spent the rest of the video lecturing, not to backbite or talk bad about others i.e. stating, if you backbite the other person takes your good deeds away. You stated, people call you saying, have you heard this or that about your employee or staff, and you demonstrated your response i.e. you saying, did you hear it directly yourself ? then put the phone down brother.

Then saying, even if something is true, it’s not good to talk about it, i.e. stating it’s backbiting, saying it’s slandering and that’s even worse than backbiting, saying, you don’t talk bad about a believer. You were saying to the audience, to accuse someone you must have concrete evidence.

You are such a deceptive person Mufti Saiful, to play such treacherous mind games to protect Mufti Siraj Saleh. You know very well I have provided concrete evidence, you scholars are liars to do what you are, to disregard my story and protect Mufti Siraj.

I never wanted to talk like this to you, but you are making it obvious and known via demonstrating your loyalty for Mufti Siraj Saleh, and showing no concern regarding what I have explained. You are deliberately directing people’s thoughts to ignore such complaints, and poisoning their minds with guilt, regarding talking about such things.

You have descended onto the public arena to such an extent, as to make it impossible for someone to make an impartial decision i.e. you are literally poisoning the surrounding people regarding what Mufti Siraj Saleh has done.

It’s people like you that take the world backwards, and allow such evil to blossom. To correct something unjust, involves airing it and talking about it, change only happens when wrong things are exposed to criticism for it to be condemned. Hiding such wrongs do not make the world a better place, hiding it, is what makes it remain active and alive. Any wonder why ethnic countries are backwards.

(The text from the above URL ENDS HERE)

This demonstration of loyalty by Mufti Saiful Islam clearly proves he is engaged and with i.e. supporting Mufti Siraj Saleh.

No Darul Uloom scholar can say they don’t know about my circumstances related to the Deobandi occult underworld, because I have provided clear cut information regarding Mufti Siraj Saleh via emails and two websites, and notified Mufti Saiful Islam.

I have given Mufti Saiful Islam the clear door out of this, and provided the option to exit this with dignity, but his loyalty to the occult underworld blinds him. Please read my complaints to Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba via the front-page menu of my website, it’s clear to see I have pleaded with him to do something about Mufti Siraj Saleh.

This entity when it gets announced, these scholars that are associated with Darul Uloom Deoband i.e. Deobandi, will act and lie systemically. I’m sorry to say this, these scholars are liars, they hide hidden occult ways that are a threat to the civilised world.

The Deobandis function by the instructions of the unseen, I promise you this, anything important concerning the Deobandi Ulama has to be run past those who work with the unseen, this is how it works.

Satanic talismans i.e. taweez, and the Darul Uloom scholars use of such products.

Regarding Satanic talismans i.e. taweez, and the Darul Uloom scholars use of such products, meaning, summoning unseen forces via burying talismans in clay pots in the ground i.e. soil, and floating pots in the rivers and sea with Satanic names endorsed on the talismans.

If these scholars are asked regarding this, as I said, the scholars from this school of thought lie, they will lie with a straight face and say, yes, we write Quranic scriptures only, that’s all. These scholars lie systemically as a movement to protect their cult.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is the heart and soul of Darul Uloom Deoband, hence being protected by all of the Darul Uloom scholars. This occult activity of Mufti Siraj Saleh is the reason the scholars view him as divine and prophetic. What Mufti Siraj Saleh is doing, is just advancing in what the founders of Darul Uloom Deoband were engaged in i.e. the occult.

Snowdon Street Mosque in Batley West Yorkshire England, whom had received mail from me i.e. pamphlets concerning Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The Mosque made a rebuttal video in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh. The person making the video is Akooji Badat, he run for Batley council and is entwined in community related works.

Below Akooji Badat confirms via writing that they have to summon Satan sometimes for help and make him work.

Occult and the summoning of satanic forces is part of the Deobandi movement i.e. what the scholars are engaged in, hence the reason they protect and hold Mufti Siraj Saleh so high.

People have to understand, evil does not see itself as evil, it presents itself as good.

Mainstream Islam is Darul Uloom Deoband Islam.

You have to remember Mufti Saiful Islam from JKN Institute is connected to the network of UK Islamic scholars, and if the other Islamic theologians were pressuring him, or were against Mufti Siraj, then Mufti Siraj Saleh wouldn’t be in a position, to making such dramatic performances.

The reality of it is, the scholars in England, mainstream Islam i.e. Western Islam supports Mufti Siraj Saleh.

Ethnic people have imported this occult way of life from their mother countries, and they use it for their selfish ends. The elite i.e. the Darul Uloom scholars use this entity for their political agenda, the aim is to conquer.

In this horror concerning this scholar, unknown to me at the time. My situation was being observed by Higher Angelic forces, hence my ability in this subject and the information I have presented on this entity.

Let me remind the reader before I continue, it takes the unseen to expose the unseen, otherwise how else would such information come forth.

The science and functionality of this entity, is known and shared amongst the elite privileged scholars who represent Darul Uloom Deoband.

The normal scholars of Darul Uloom Deoband use talismans blindly without understanding the science behind it i.e. burying talismans in pots in the ground and graveyards, floating pots with talismans inside in the rivers and sea etc. This is something which is part of the hidden custom and ways of these scholars.

This occult is not just isolated to particular scholars, it’s embedded into the Darul Uloom scholars as a way of life. Please check the video below to understand.

Below is a rebuttal video made by Snowdon Street Mosque in Batley, West Yorkshire England, in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh. The speaker represents Batley Mosque, he has made a defence video regarding Darul Uloom Deobands school of thought in defence of Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The speaker run for Batley council. I have used their rebuttal video in my own video to highlight this.

Akooji Badat from Snowdon Street Mosque made a rebuttal video defending Mufti Siraj Saleh, stating we are Hanafi Deobandi school of thought, and we are the followers of Darul Uloom Deoband in India. He stated he has talked to several Mufti Shabs i.e. Islamic religious scholars, and they are all in support of Mufti Siraj Saleh, stating, all of our Molvis i.e. High-Ranking religious scholars, they all did and do talismans, naming the forefathers of the movement, stating, they all did the same. Stating its normal practice for the followers of Darul Uloom Deoband to bury pots in graveyards with talismans inside them, to summon unseen forces.

He said, sometimes we have to summon Satan for help, comparing it to football teams, stating, if you want to fight lessor evil spirits, you have to summon a higher-grade team i.e. Iblis, Lucifer types of Satan’s to do the dirty work.

These are not my words, they are the words of a Darul Uloom Deobandi Mosque, stating, our school of thought is different, and respect each other’s school of thought brothers, then suggesting I apologise to Mufti Siraj Saleh.

The video displayed on the front-page of my website demonstrates such claims, the video is below stating, WE HAVE TO SOMETIMES SUMMON SATAN FOR HELP.

UK Darul Uloom Deoband Masjid confirms, we have to sometimes summon Satan for HELP.

For those who may say, what qualifies me to explain on the subject of the unseen i.e. spirits, Jinn’s, and the unknown.

I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on what these scholars are really upon.

The video is titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

Towards the end of this document, I will display short split sections of Jinn Exorcism videos, which clearly proves and demonstrates I am qualified to expose the occult underworld. Also, I will provide a separate video i.e. after Exorcism Reaction video | I Saw the Light.

The exorcism video above, and some others towards the end of this document, were replaced on the 20th March 2023, for mobile friendly exorcism videos, with less face blur.

Below is the reason why Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars Hunt Me, they are protecting this entity.

The entity that I am exposing here, is responsible and behind all occult. I explain and demonstrate this entity in the URL below. (I advise reading the text on the URL)

Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed Unknown Etiology Explained.

To see this entity trapped and terminated via a simple device, please watch the video below. I show how to captivate this entity via a simple device. Before attempting to use this device, follow the URL in the description of the video, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)


Follow the URL above, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

The video below I advise watching i.e. more footage of captivation of this entity.

The Secret The Elite Holy Men & The Darul Uloom Deoband Scholars are Protecting.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

Cancer Metastasizing in REAL TIME on camera, Unseen Healing & Deception Exposed.

Cancer, autoimmune disorder, it’s all the same thing in different stages, find out what this entity really is.

Yes, I know the medical system says, it’s an immune system malfunction i.e. the cells aren’t working correctly. This is totally wrong, it’s not a malfunction, it’s an invasion by a microscopic entity, which you can read about on the URL below.


I show a device on how to capture this entity.

One would say, well, if you can show it like this and capture it, then why can’t they see it under the microscope.

The animation of immune cells drawn by the medical system, one would think, well they must be able to see the entire cell structure clearly and the nucleus. The images drawn by the experts are an imagined structure, the reason I say this, is because what I am showing is inside the immune cells in the nucleus and the medical system cannot see it clearly. There are entities i.e. microscopic entities that push the limits of modern day ocular microscopy, hence going so long undetected.

This entity is intelligent, and when observed and viewed under the microscope, it would go idle and remain still i.e. dormant, because it knows it’s being observed. This entity is intelligent and would attach itself to the cell structure and remain idle, and fool the observer into believing it’s part of the cell. You may say, how can an entity be so intelligent, I would say, are you kidding me, do you really think it’s only man out there with intelligence.

To understand the science and functionality behind this entity, please read the document titled, The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed. (To Understand The Science of Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity Functionality Read This Document)


The document below delves deeper into the occult underworld, it’s a follow up to the Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed document.

The Big Bang (2021) The Deception of The Deobandi Occult Underworld Shredded.

The Deobandi Perfected Methods of Chanting Jinn’s for Mind Control.


(To understand the depth of mind control concerning this entity, and what the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars can do via using the occult, please read the document below)

The document below Mufti Siraj Saleh targeted an ex-customer of his that I also know. He abused this lady and tormented her, and made her believe it was me that was causing her harm via the use of occult. He does these types of attacks to cause chaos. The URL below demonstrates a clear-cut scenario, of mind control via the use of this entity.

The Unknown Anonymous Victim of Mufti Siraj Saleh Disclosed (UNDERSTAND WHAT A SORCERER CAN DO)


(Those who have doubts concerning this entity that I am exposing i.e. the existence and its use, please check the URL below. This demonstrates clear sale and advertisement of such entities)

Holy Rings, and So-Called Spiritual Blessed Jinn Rings, Djinn Rings Exposed.


To understand why Mufti Siraj Saleh sends his patients to English graveyards only, please read the document below.

Why Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars, tell their patients to go to English Graveyards only.


For the reader to understand concerning the occult underworld i.e. India and the holy men, please read the documents below. Watch the videos and follow the URL’s which provide the information concerning the videos.

Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception Exposed | Paramahansa Yogananda | The Doctor Said He Had a Heart Attack.

Mahasamadhi, Sadhguru, Holy Men & The Devil’s Deception.



Baba Ji Bhoot & The Holy Men its GAME OVER


(Those who have doubts in the unseen, by this I mean, the dark side i.e. the opposite side to the Light Force. Please watch the videos below, this shows the use of evil spirits and demonstrates the occult. You cannot be a sceptic and deny the unseen after watching those videos)

South African Pastor Puts Evil Spirits & Sheep Spirits in The Worshippers & Says COME MY SHEEP COME, MY SHEEP ARE COMING.

Healers & Spiritualists Being Conned by Evil Spirits i.e. Lower Astral Entities – Global Unseen Pandemic

(Check my website to understand more about the unseen world. This activity is going on all around the world, its evil spirits manipulating man, and using man to spread. This is not healing, these people are being conned and abused)

Muslims Possessed | Semi Possessed | Lost in Dhikr & Trance – The Global Pandemic with EVIL SPIRITS.

This is people going into spirit possession and semi possession via chant and rhythm i.e. rising Jinn’s, evil spirits up. There is more to what meets the eye going on here. In these cases, the upper end Islamic theologian has put evil spirits inside his followers, and he himself has the leading evil entities with him.

Being Deceived by EVIL SPIRITS & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Below, a Shaykh from the USA is talking about his personal experience concerning the occult, and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars.

Black Magic & The Deobandi Movement

Shaytaan is Weak

Something I would like to highlight here, a customer of a Sorcerer i.e. those seeking help from torment relating to the unseen, and using talismans, i.e. seeking help for relief in their crisis, they are not the bad ones, and no one should hold them accountable for falling for this road i.e. looking to relieve their suffering.

Any person could get lost on this road, naturally it’s logical to think, that those who work with the unseen, they could help me i.e. this is their field of expertise. They cannot help you, they work with devils, and their purpose is to load you with this entity, and take the life out of you, whilst they act like they’re special.

Here I warn the reader whom is using talismans, or considering seeking those who distribute talismans, to stop right now, you will damage yourself further, and bring more suffering to yourself and those around you.

I was a naive person on this road, I accepted talismans and followed the spiritualist under the Islamic banner, believing I could get family help and Jinn’s removed, and look today, I am taking down this underworld, and the greatest Sorcerer in the world is my sweetheart.

Patients of those who work with the unseen i.e. occult, shouldn’t be looked at as the same category as the Sorcerer themselves. The Sorcerer i.e. supplier, those who operate with this force, they are the ones who chose to sell man out, they’re not looking for relief, they are looking to provide this entity a place of abode i.e. a body, and their purpose is to bring misery to man i.e. the breakdown of man.

This entity wants to live and reproduce inside man, it wants man to be its harvesting machine, and the Sorcerer and those who work with talismans aid this entity in its requirements. Do not ever think an elite ethnic Sorcerer doesn’t understand the science behind this entity i.e. (what this entity really is, and what it wants, and its purpose with man)

This entity is a natural invader, meaning a possessor, an occupier. If you can comprehend, that this entity can possess man, and it can use the human vocals whilst in this state, and use our knowledge and thoughts to communicate. Now, imagine what we are up against i.e. an entity that is microscopic in most cases, which can take control of the human brain from any part of the body.

Now, I want you to think what I am saying – my belief is, sorry I take that back, it’s not a belief, it’s a reality, and this is what’s taking place unknown to the medical system, that this entity can occupy any organism, inside or outside of the body.

This entity can ride along within a living organism, whilst the organism has its own life, and this entity can remain within it. (Also, this entity can take total control of an organism and drive it)

A human being could host countless of these entities, and still live without any knowledge that this entity is inside them. This entity can control man in any direction as explained in my documents.

The medical system would look at an organism, and study its behaviour externally i.e. movement when observed, but the occupier, the unknown true Alpha invader, i.e. this entity, which is within the occupied organism goes totally undetected, this is what’s taking place.

When viewed under the microscope i.e. when an organism cell structure is being observed, this entity knows what the viewer is doing, and what you are looking for. The observer i.e. the viewer is looking for movement i.e. swimming and movement within the observation, it’s not going to move, it knows you’re looking at it, so, it will cluster together and remain idle, it will occupy whatever that is within the cell structure that is being observed, and remain idle and still. I should have wrote this a long time ago. You have an entity that is cunning as a fox, and if you want to talk about enhanced thinking, its way ahead of the observer.

This entity needs agitating i.e. irritating under the microscope, to force it to show itself, to force it to move i.e. scarper, then you will see it.

Something else for thought, this entity can occupy most fluids and survive, it can happily live in mustard oil. The holy men load this entity into mustard oil, and other oils, and give it to their customers to rub on their body for therapeutic reasons.

Apart from this entity and what I claim i.e. that the majority are microscopic, and that they occupy our immune cells when in our body, and the larger i.e. more evolved entities occupy our nerves and organs, and would resemble fibrosis scarring under a CT scan, or markings that the medical system ignores and takes as errors with the scanner. Say example, the person observing the scan, say they saw a wiggly line in an organ, or some form of distorted line, it would be classed as an error in imaging and ignored, whilst it’s really a highly evolved entity living in an organ.

This entity is that obsessed with man and his internal body parts, a highly evolved entity would be pleased to wrap itself around someone’s heart, and live in that location, I have come across this in exorcism. I really don’t understand how the medical system is missing such long stranded entities, even when the entities de-size, they need to step their game up with these antique scanners, and these ocular microscope lenses.

This entity in my opinion is possibly responsible for 80% of human sickness. Apart from this entity being responsible for most autoimmune disorders and cancer. The other part is mind control, Sorcerers i.e. those who work with this entity can control people like a puppet with this entity, they can control a target like a rag doll (if they used entities with the correct data)

A word on possession, and this entity’s ability to possess man.

When I say, that this entity can possess man, and it can use the human vocals whilst in this state, and use our knowledge and thoughts to communicate. Some may be thinking, I don’t see people walking around possessed. It’s not like that, it’s not like the zombie image. This entity cannot just possess people like that.

If you went to a hypnotherapist who talks to altered Ego’s via their work, this is the entity that rises up and communicates (this entity is a liar, and you should not entertain it). It can only rise up and take this position i.e. trance state, if such circumstances are ripe an invitation as such i.e. someone has been made to enter this subtle state of trance.

This entity responds to rhythm, how a snake responds to a snake charmer. It can only rise up to this position, if it is entertained to get there (whether it be through hypnosis or rhythm i.e. chanting of words which led to the possessed state). Exorcism and repeat recitation i.e. a rhythm, enters such states into this subtle trance, which opens this doorway and makes this connection.

Then there are those who have entered this state that often, that they are able to enter it, and let this entity rise on demand i.e. mediums, or occult victims who have been through exorcisms a number of times.

I do not recommend people to enter this state, or look to enter this state of trance i.e. looking for such connections. This entity cannot possess a conscious normal person, unless the person has a history of being abused by spirit and they are unbalanced, and suffer via the use of occult.

In most exorcisms the possessor is talking to the birth lower astral entity i.e. the Jinn of the patient, and he is being fooled by the entity, This entity uses the known information in the head of the patient and misleads the listener, it pretends, acts and lies, it just cannot help it, that’s the way it is.

This is why I am totally against people seeking holy men and spiritual help via people who work in this field (i.e. the occult), all it does is open doorways that will cause you further harm.

My advice for those who believe they are suffering spiritual abuse is, find a way to cope with your difficulties, seek medical help if needed, but avoid holy men and those who are known to work with the occult.

I like to explain as I write, to provide education to the reader on this subject.

Below are talismans supplied to me personally by Mufti Siraj Saleh, I want the reader to keep those images in mind when reading content on my website, and evaluate yourself via my story what these scholars are protecting.

F:\News TWEET\NEW TWEET 10\Mufti Siraj Saleh Satanic taweez BLUE URL.jpg

The above are some of the satanic talismans supplied to me by Mufti Siraj Saleh.

Before I explain, I want the reader to think and judge for yourself. Is Mufti Siraj Saleh protected by all of the Darul Uloom scholars, is mainstream Islam protecting Mufti Siraj Saleh, does the heads of the Darul Uloom scholars in England support Mufti Siraj Saleh.

I added the image below in this document on the 1st March 2022. The reason I have added it here, is because, since this document upload on the 19th February 2022, Mufti Siraj Saleh has become more aggressive on his occult approach.

The scholar below, I actually like him, he has a good presentation about himself, and he comes across really nice. I have no bad feelings towards him whatsoever. He is a public figure in UK Islam.


The scholar above is Shaykh Suliman Gani, and regardless of what I have explained, he will 100% back and support Mufti Siraj Saleh.

I can’t say this clear enough, the Darul Uloom Deoband affiliated scholars follow counsel and guidance from unseen forces that condemns me.

A very simple way to test what I say. Simply point a camera at Shaykh Suliman Gani and ask his opinion on Mufti Siraj Saleh, it will immediately turn into a checkmate situation. No Darul Uloom Deoband affiliated scholar in the world, can or would go against the cult and its protocols, they just can’t do it.

I am that confident of my claim, I challenge any person on the Dawah scene, or any person involved in Western Islam to ask any Darul Uloom scholar, and find out for yourself.

A Darul Uloom affiliated scholar cannot condemn Mufti Siraj Saleh’s occult, they cannot deny his position and authority. The only option they have, is to protect Mufti Siraj Saleh, and attempt to condemn me, that’s the only option they’re faced with.

For the record, I can’t say this clear enough, the occult is normal to the Darul Uloom scholar.

There maybe readers upset and emotional regarding me highlighting Shaykh Suliman Gani. This is not about your personal emotions, this is about right and wrong, it’s about the truth.

1st March 2022 image and text ENDS HERE.

UK Islam, Western Islam, global Islam supports Mufti Siraj Saleh. Some may say, how can you say Islam supports him, well, who runs global Islam, Darul Uloom Deoband runs global Islam, you may think it’s the Saudis, but it’s not.

Let’s say England, all these Muslim councils scattered around the UK are run by the Darul Uloom scholars, and if Mufti Siraj Saleh’s name is mentioned, they will protect him and praise him. They cannot go against Mufti Siraj, his global ties are way too powerful. This is why the Light Force picked him, he’s the entry into the beast, and I’m the equalizer.

Don’t mind me, I have to step my foot on the gas a little, letting the Sorcerers know, I’m here with open arms, and Shaytaan is Weak.

I’ve been locked in with this scholar, because he exposes the occult underworld, and shows what Darul Uloom Deoband i.e. the movement is really about. This is one individual i.e. Mufti Siraj Saleh, that no Darul Uloom scholar globally can, or would go against. I’m in with the big dogs, and I would have it no other way.

To the reader, think and use rational thinking, use your judgement. You know these scholars are heavily involved in the occult i.e. the use of the entity that I am exposing. I have explained about Mufti Siraj Saleh, so with my explanation, the Darul Uloom scholars continue to support him, WHY, because they are guilty of Sorcery, occult, supporting the occult, aiding and abetting the devil, but these scholars don’t call it occult, and they definitely don’t call it Sorcery.

See, how can they call it Sorcery, how can they call occult as the occult, when the greatest forefather of the Darul Uloom Deoband legacy Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi wrote such texts like (Growing hatred and ill will), and demonstrating how to bury objects between two ancient graves to summon unseen forces. If you accept those lines i.e. such text, then the occult would be normal to you.


F:\Mufti Siraj Saleh PENIS GRAVEYARD MAY 2021\Tanvi BM.jpg

See what’s happened is, one of their own, a leading top end scholar who’s been groomed as King Kong within the Darul Uloom scholars has got out of his pram, as they may say in UK, and leaked their underworld, so, the scholars are protecting him to safeguard their secret devilish occult ways.

You scholars are hiding your cult ways behind children, behind charity, and the image of piety, you are liar’s to protect Mufti Siraj after what I have explained, and my horror story with him. I see you pretending it’s time for a revival, play all the reverse psychology you want, you’re finished.

My family is innocent, and you scholars decided to dismantle my family because the devil told you to, so, I will dismantle you with the truth, and demonstrate, never underestimate and devalue a single person, and don’t think you can cause harm to people, because you think you can get away with it.

To the reader, everyone has got the hidden equalizer in them, and if you find a just cause to apply the honest equalizer within, then find the cause and apply it. If every person applied themselves to something unjust and wrong that catches their attention, the world would be a lovely place, wouldn’t it.

Anything immoral and wrong in this era, needs to be confronted and challenged. These are the times, such things that are unjust and wrong, you should be able to say, this is wrong, and this is how I feel about it, and it needs to change.

Anything concerning these scholars results in lying and acting, like I’ve said before, these scholars are liars and my story proves it. To the reader, understand what I have explained about this scholar, observe the Darul Uloom scholars Satanic talismans, and observe how the Darul Uloom scholars honour and protect the supplier of such products i.e. Mufti Siraj Saleh, then you will understand how these scholars are liars and actors, my story demonstrates this clearly.

You twisted scholars your moral compass is warped, and you think by saying one God you can mask your occult devilry. You think praying and you’re allowed to summon and use such forces, you twisted scholars. I have told you scholars time and time again, back your Sorcerers off, no problem, Shaytaan is Weak & The Devils of Deoband are Weak.

You will never find a Sorcerer as stupid as Mufti Siraj, Sorcerers would run against the Light Force, the Deobandi scholars are prime devils raised on the occult, hence going for someone who they know is being protected, I’m telling you, you will lose vigorously chasing me.

A Darul Uloom student or someone educated by the Deobandi scholars may say. I have been taught Islamic studies by the Darul Uloom scholars, so, I vouch for them and that’s good enough for me. Whoever dares pull that card out, is covering the place with lies and smoke screens. I’m sorry that’s not good enough, the fact remains, that all of the Darul Uloom scholars support and back Mufti Siraj Saleh regardless of what I say. This proves, even though they may teach Islamic studies, they still support Sorcery and the occult, and they take and accept unseen counsel from Satanic forces which condemns me.

Some may say, this is discrimination, no its not, you look at those Satanic talismans and read my complaints, watch my qualification video in this subject, then you will understand, it’s not discrimination, it’s simply the truth.

If any Darul Uloom Deoband scholar, or any Darul Uloom representative when it’s all said and done, presents themselves on the media as innocent, you will immediately be seen as liars and actors, and no one will believe you, because the story has been set via my public explanation, and these scholars have shown their true face by openly supporting Mufti Siraj after my explanation.

Before I explain, I have to gradually get into what I want to say, so it’s understandable.

I have previously explained regarding Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom scholars occult concerning my brother’s wife where I live. The URL is below for those who are not familiar.

I explain in the URL how Mufti Siraj Saleh tormented and terrorised my sister in-law where I live throughout 2020. 2021 Mufti Siraj Saleh continued with the same.

The Abuse Mufti Siraj Saleh is Doing to My Own Brother and His Wife Where I Live. (Verified by My Brother)


The text below in bold is an extract from the URL above.

This document is concerning my sister in-law i.e. where I live. I live with my older brother. I was reluctant to provide this information, but due to the same circumstances being repeated, and me witnessing Mufti Siraj Saleh with his compulsive repetitive targeted attacks, it has surfaced to my attention in such a way, it is in my best interest to highlight the situation at hand.

The above text ENDS HERE

At the present time, I have moved out from my brother’s house in January 2022. Me and brother are fine, and I go to his house to eat, and my sister in-law still cooks for me, and I live around the corner.

To spare Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars working off my surroundings, I have moved premises. I am better off living alone, hence going in deeper into the Darul Uloom scholar’s secret occult way of life at this moment.

I understand everything the Darul Uloom scholar can do via the occult and the use of this entity. Such information needs to be spelt out and told, and if a reader can’t digest what I’m saying, if your mind finds ways to reject my explanation, I am telling you, you are wrong.

Those who have doubts on the unseen, and the existence of entities with intelligence, and what I claim. You need to get it out of your head, that it’s only man out there with intelligence. You need to get it into your own head that we are a spirit living in a body, and this journey is for the spirit, and we are accompanied by spirits on this journey.

You look at my qualification video in this subject, and really think, can I explain this, am I eligible to understand and know this subject.

These Sorcerers and this underworld cannot go on unknown, this wicked way of life has to be brought to the open, evicted, derailed, and condemned.

F:\Saudi Arabia Royals\PIGEON SIGN XXX ONLY.jpg

I want to explain the particular retrieval of information i.e. Mufti Siraj Saleh and the chanting of, I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna kill myself.

I need to be triggered and forced into action, and the Light Force knows me better than I know myself i.e. how to encourage me to write. I need Mufti Siraj to be persistent, which he is. That’s one thing the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars will never understand i.e. someone’s personality. If they had any sense, they would realise sending Jinn’s isn’t working, and it will never work.

I don’t have a destructive bone inside me, but the Sorcerer scholars pursual of me, will result in their own downfall, because the story is being set, and the announcement of this entity completes what I claim, which results in the Sorcerer scholars self-destruction, and a chain reaction that will be devastating.

I have previously said, I do not get possessed, and I do not go into trance, and nothing talks from within me.

I am positive, and nothing negative can get to me, I do not have self-harm thoughts, or any destructive thoughts running through my mind. I have too much riding on me, to even allow any negative feelings, or thoughts to get to me.

I have an agreement with my older brother where I live, he has my best interests at heart. I have told him previously, don’t tell me the verbal expressions that exit from your wife please. Mufti Siraj Saleh is chanting nonsense all day long, and I can’t constantly absorb this.

See, Mufti Siraj like the rest of the Sorcerers, they always target the women of the house to destroy the house, to get to the man, to break the house, the Sorcerer targets the women of the house i.e. one’s wife etc.

He targeted my brother’s wife, to get to my brother, hoping it would filter to me, on the attempt to get to my mind. The Sorcerer wants your mind, he relishes on the thought of breaking one’s mind.

The sentence, I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna kill myself, would not be a part of me, or my thoughts, nor would such words come to my mind. I am way too strong internally to harbour any such notions.

Mufti Siraj sent entities for the sentence, I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna kill myself.

The first entities he sent for those instructions, the Light Orbs put them in me while I was conscious, it’s not trance, it’s not possession, they simply put them in me.

Please keep reading to understand what unfolds. I’m sitting on my bed, feeling down, sitting and staring for a moment i.e. gazing, then I hear a whisper within, it’s like your inner voice, I hear the whisper, I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna kill myself. I heard that a number of times in a light whisper, then it stopped.

I thought nothing of it, I thought, what the hell is Mufti Siraj playing at now i.e. thinking, something must have slipped through me.

A couple of days later, my brother calls me saying, his wife’s saying she’s gonna kill herself. She told him this verbally and also his wife text him, saying in text, I’m gonna kill myself.

My brother forwarded me her text, my brother told me, she sits staring in the room, saying, she’s getting the thoughts and feelings to kill herself.

The Light Orbs allowed this to happen, immediately I thought, I have to get out of here to spare them what Mufti Siraj is doing, once his brain comes out with a sentence he doesn’t stop, he will do the same repeatedly, he finds it amusing, his character is compulsive and repetitive like a broken record, just like the character of a Jinn.

If he senses anything is getting to me, he will jump up and down like Yo Yo, repeatedly doing the same laughing and giggling. You have no idea how a Sorcerers mind works. A Sorcerer specialises in dismantling people, and for one not to be dismantled, the Sorcerer relishes on the challenge.

For the Darul Uloom readers, I promise, you have no chance against me with the occult. NONE.

Back to my brother.

I told my brother, you better help me find a place now, I need to go right now i.e. estate agents etc. I said, I’m not staying here, I have to go.

I moved out ASAP immediately, because such sentences, I found alarming and I didn’t take it lightly.

I knew it was Jinn’s and such chanting, by the sentences I heard within i.e. the whispers, I knew, I better get out of here.

The Light Orbs allowed that to happen so I go, in exorcism work, entities were raised chanting, I’m gonna kill myself, I’m gonna kill myself. Mufti Siraj had used ex-human entities of people with psychologic problems who suffered as such.

The entity holds the data of the human life lived, and will use it according to the instructions given for its release, it’s an evil entity i.e. a negative entity that is holding data from the body it lived in, and it will use the data as instructed.

Also this entity enjoys abusing man, so the job request is just a bonus.

I want to make it clear so it’s understood, Mufti Siraj rehearsed sitting down in a position and staring, and he himself did the whispering with the entities at hand, he embedded the whispering by repeatedly whispering the sentence, I’m gonna kill myself.

So in this instance, apart from witnessing it in exorcism, I personally heard the whispers myself, the whispering Mufti Siraj chanted to the entities. The connection was made via a controlled conscious connection by the Light Orbs.

Light Orbs can connect and disconnect any entity at the time they want, everything is controlled to precision. I would never understand such thoughts i.e. how an entity can whisper as though it’s your own inner voice and thoughts. It’s only because I have experienced it via a controlled conscious connection that I can understand it.

Such entities with this data and the inner whisper, if this remained inside someone, it wouldn’t be just a whisper, it would be accompanied by the urge and feelings to take one’s life. I can only imagine if such entities remained active inside a target what would happen.

This experience is what triggered this entire document. I was stagnant, and I wouldn’t write, the last written information on my website was in October 2021. The Light Orbs used Mufti Siraj Saleh’s chanting to push me in the right direction.

The Light Force allows certain situations to happen to steer a person, my sister in-law was fine as soon as I left their premises, which shows me, the Light Force were moving me to a safer and more appropriate place to continue.

I am in a new place, and Mufti Siraj cannot do anything to me at all, he cannot get to my surroundings, because no one is next to me for him to target, I’m not living under any person, I’m living alone.

Just to let the reader know, there has been no further thoughts stemming from my sister in-law, and she is fine, as I’ve said, the Light Force allowed that, and this is what produced this document right now, and I’m in a comfortable place.

Something else I would like to point out here, I experienced such whispers for 30 seconds maximum, and the sitting and staring a bit longer, now imagine someone having those inner thoughts constantly, and living with such thoughts on a day to day basis.

The entities expression becomes your own, and becomes you. See, because it was 30 seconds, I could identify, it wasn’t a part of me, it was an inner voice, that was clear in thought i.e. the inner whisper, but it wasn’t mine. Now imagine if I had to live with this, it would become my own, it would become a part of my identity, it would become me.

This entity, a person can rehearse anything, and the target would act it out, because it becomes a part of your identity.

Rehearsing & Chanting Jinn’s.

I have explained the effects of talismans chanted by a novice customer previously in my documents. In the case of the Sorcerer chanting and rehearsing Jinn’s. The Sorcerer already has the entities in his presence ready for such work. He can have a bundle of talisman and instruct the entities inside it, he can hold the talisman in his hands i.e. fist clenched and chant. The entities absorb the chant and the rehearsal as a command, it’s as simple as that, and then the Sorcerer transports the entities to the target when he’s ready.

What I’ve explained thus far in all of my documents, I am touching the tip of the iceberg concerning the use of this entity.


A reader would agree, if you have read the content on my website, and if you believe in the unseen, you already believe this entity can transport to places via image and personal details with the help of a Sorcerer.

If a person is ethnic, and has ties to ethnic countries i.e. family etc, if you’re from Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or any country of colour, you will know about this entity, you will believe in this subject, so, you would also believe this entity can transport to places via image and personal details.

If you have read through my website, you would understand my claim.

This entity is responsible for most human sickness i.e. autoimmune disorder, cancer etc. Apart from the bodily internal damage this entity causes, this entity can control people if the Sorcerer used entities with the correct data, and packaged them together for the desired goal i.e. the control that the Sorcerer wants.

This entity whether you believe it or not, it can (apparate) meaning To appear (magically); to teleport to or from a place, and can transport to any location of the body providing the Sorcerer assisted it.

This entity can be sent to your surroundings, then it can proceed to enter the target via the instructions of the Sorcerer or a customer i.e. if the instruction was to enter a particular part of the body, to a particular location of the body etc.

Now, if you can understand and comprehend, that this entity can transport to a location via a picture, (can you digest this, I think you can)

Those who believe in this unseen force, know the Sorcerer may use a picture to transport entities. Ethnic people truly believe the Sorcerer is able to transport entities via the use of a picture, this is known globally. The reader may not understand how, but it’s known globally i.e. the use of a picture in the occult.

Now, the above is a simple picture, doesn’t that explanation demonstrate this entity’s apparate abilities, meaning To appear (magically); to teleport to or from a place, I believe it does. That sentence any ethnic person whom originated from an ethnic country, or an ethnic person in the West whom has ties with an ethnic country could comprehend and would believe that, and a person that is Muslim would definitely believe that.

Now, when a customer of a Sorcerer chants a talisman and buries or throws it in the river or sea, this entity I talk about, can and would transport at the moment of dispatch of the talisman. Now one would think, well there’s no picture involved, so how did the entities end up transporting as you claim to the target victim, when there was no Sorcerer on the final procedure, or DNA that directs to the target.

We are a Light Force ourselves i.e. we are a spirit inside a body, you may not feel like it, but we all are. We as a Light Force are able to open these unseen frequencies and activate such passages, for these entities to transport.

I have witnessed and been on the receiving end of basic inexperienced customer talisman use, I have helped people who have also been targeted by customers using such products i.e. releasing this entity themselves. I have seen paralysis of body parts via customers chanting i.e. bend the finger, bend the finger, and such chanting like, bend the face, bend the face.

Now if you can digest the above as I’m explaining, so I can explain further into this subject. The above is simply a customer using talismans, but the customer knows how to chant i.e. has learnt via hand me down information provided by the Sorcerer, or known leaked information on the importance of chanting.

This entity is far more than an entity who wants to live inside our body and reproduce inside man. This entity wants man to honour and worship it, it wants to derail man, it’s just its nature, it can’t help it, it’s evil and heartless, and it was on earth before man. We are in its territory, we have been selected here as our soul journey, and these obstacles are known by the Light Force, hence this is God’s plan i.e. to be amongst all this confusion.

When I’m explaining, always remember those who work with this entity know all this, and they have sold themselves to that side, and they do hold knowledge, but they will always lead man falsely and mislead you, because they are slaves of the dark side.

Those who use this force, see normal people as, you are infants and we have knowledge i.e. we know better, because they are using a force that is real, whilst the common man is ignorant and oblivious to it. Do you understand what the heads i.e. brain of those who use this force feel like inside. They walk the earth with swollen heads, don’t worry I’m not like that, I’m totally the opposite, I want to help. I don’t suffer the swollen head syndrome.

You do understand, some people can be happy leading people falsely, and they do sleep well at night.

Right, so this entity being able to transport can be digested. When a customer transports via talismans, it’s a one way trip to the target, it will end up in the targets presence, then enter into the commanded location of the chant, and aim to pursue the job request, for its freedom it does the request.

Now, this one way transporting, it can’t go anywhere else i.e. free transport and travel, because it’s not equipped to self-transport, it cannot fly or transport wherever it chooses, so it remains with the target.

This entity’s ability of flight and self-transportation at will, is only possible if a Sorcerer has enhanced it via sacrificial rituals, and made it possible for the entity to have such abilities.

Sorcerers globally provide sacrifices for these entities, the word sacrifice is normal when associated with this entity.

This entity loves sacrifice of animals etc, its greatest honour is to receive human sacrifice.

In man’s past history, you will find, in times of drought and famine, in ethnic countries, they used mediums and those so called spirit communicators, and asked, ask the Gods what do they want. The medium goes into trance, and relays, the river or sea wants a virgin human sacrifice. The history of man is littered with such stories i.e. known, even today the river demands animal sacrifices and offerings in ethnic countries, its finding it hard to get modern man into human sacrifice, but the Holy Men are there, as this forces slave. The river is not your mother, it’s not your God, what’s in the river is what Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Holy Men are protecting, what’s in the river can be understood by reading the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed. The Holy Men call them God’s, they cry to them, and say my mother, whilst the Mufti Siraj Saleh calls them allies.

Now, the Sorcerer, here I’m talking about the elite Darul Uloom scholar i.e. Mufti Siraj Saleh. When I explain about the occult and Mufti Siraj Saleh, just understand, the Darul Uloom scholars are with him, and they share day day information on their man hunt concerning me, don’t think it’s just Mufti Siraj Saleh. I am telling you, even the young Deobandi Molvis share this information on a day to day basis.

You have to understand the occult is normal to the Darul Uloom scholar, they just come across like they’re gormless.

F:\Mufti 2022\Mufti Saiful Islam.jpg

You look at Mufti Saiful Islam, you really can’t get a more gormless presentation than him. You judge how deep is Mufti Saiful Islam involved with Mufti Siraj Saleh, then you can get an idea i.e. measuring stick on how indulged the Darul Uloom scholars are with the occult. You observe how the Godfather of UK Darul Uloom Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada stands by Mufti Siraj Saleh, now you can understand how deep this is.

When I say, Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada i.e. referring to him as being the Godfather and head of this movement in England. He is recognised within the Darul Uloom scholars in England, as the unofficial head i.e. looked upon like that i.e. ranked within the scholars as such.

The reason I explain myself is, the scholars associated with this movement are highly political, and have proven to be masters in reverse psychology and acting.

I just want to make it clear, I do not dislike or hate Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada, or any other scholar. I am telling you the truth, I can’t find hate inside myself, I have tried and looked inside, and I can’t find this feeling. I was beginning to think, is there something wrong with me, why can’t I hate Mufti Siraj. There is nothing wrong with me, if the Light connects, you cannot hate.

Even though I have no hate within, this entity and its activity and this underworld, I will take, that’s the righteous equalizer within.

F:\Mufti Siraj Saleh April 2020 FINAL SEAL\SCHOLARS USING FINISEHED\Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada.jpg

Now getting back to this entity. The occultist i.e. Sorcerer call them what you will. They have entities in their presence, top end Sorcerers as those I’m dealing with, have an unlimited supply of entities in-house. Those who operate politically in this field collect entities with data, and categorise them i.e. allocate them to resting places i.e. little pots etc, remember most of these entities are microscopic in the first place.

The elite Darul Uloom scholar collects entities, these scholars collect non data entities in mass and have them on standby, especially a job like mine, where they can’t afford to allow a minute breathing space, the aim is to over work i.e. choke my end out.

You should be able to digest, that a Sorcerer would have entities in his presence, ready for such work. Now, if you can understand that, then you would agree, to manage such entities and make sure everything is stable and in order, the Sorcerer would need High Ranking devils i.e. evolved entities whom the other entities would obey i.e. listen to. So, you would agree, to manage such a mass number of entities around the clock, the Sorcerer would also have a mass group of devils and demons working with him.

Now please understand, these entities only work for blood sacrifice and treats i.e. animal sacrifices to come at intervals agreed by the entities and the Sorcerer.

Ethic countries do have known secret setups i.e. people whom specialise in animal sacrifices for these entities, and it’s for the Sorcerer, and is known by the elite Sorcerers, this is common sense, please digest this, it’s a service for the Sorcerers.

Some Sorcerers do the sacrifices themselves, and some outsource the work. If you know ethnic people who work with the unseen and talismans, whom you know are definitely Sorcerers (Any ethnic person who works with talismans i.e. supply’s talismans, is a Sorcerer), when they disappear abroad yearly, don’t think it’s just a holiday, or for religious grounds, it’s a festival and a feeding frenzy for the entities they work with.

So, now I have brought you to the point of understanding, the Sorcerer has entities at hand ready for such work, and his colleagues collect entities, and they send them to one another. I can here you say, well, how are they going to send entities to one another.

This entity can transport, and if you pair an object i.e. example, half of an object, and if one end had one half, you can transport to the other half.

Let me explain an example, Mufti Siraj Saleh told me to get, example, 12 different flowers, take half the petals off each flower, and bury them in your garden, and take the other half to the sea, he said throw a coconut in the sea, and sprinkle tilak powder in the sea, you know the powder that the holy men put on their foreheads. He told me, it’s to get rid of Jinn’s, which he lied as usual. He has secretly made me make a pairing portal to send entities from the sea to my garden. At the same time, he told me to get many bottles of water from the sea, he said go at 4am whilst it’s dark.

He sent me to the sea numerous time.

Whatever Mufti Siraj instructed me to do, was to cause me harm, and to provide opportunity’s to put me in danger.

We were his patients, we were in his care and we trusted him because of his religious status.

I know it sounds ridiculous, I had never been to the sea before, and I didn’t understand the tide and what happens when you walk to the water in the dark. Each time I attempted to get bottles of water, I nearly died, the water i.e. the tide, waves come blasting in, and I was in the pitch black.

This little bugger was trying to kill me, he sent me regularly to the sea, I thought I’m mastering the art of filling bottles in the dark i.e. roll my trousers to my thighs and run to the edge of the sea, if I hear the sound of waves coming, I run backwards. He was getting me to collect sea water and sprinkle it in every room in our home, saying this is how you remove Jinn’s. He would phone me with his broken English accent, and say, you dangerous menn.

This little bugger, told me to go to the River Thames and throw a clay pot which had 21 talismans inside it, sealed water tight with a bin liner.

This is the actual talisman below, which he told me to put inside the clay pot, 21 talismans, 1 per day for 21 days. He said, this is how to remove occult, which he lied as usual. It’s full of satanic names and aids in summoning satanic forces.

(Note added on the 16/03/2022, previously by mistake I uploaded the Scary Face talisman in error (simple mistake). This is the actual talisman below i.e. the Cat Face talisman, this was the actual talisman instructed by Mufti Siraj Saleh for me to use for 21 days, 1 per day for 21 days)


(Above is the Scary Face talisman, the use of that talisman was a different procedure. This is what the Deobandi scholars are into i.e. the summoning of hell, hence the protection of Mufti Siraj Saleh)

He told me to go down to the river, and make sure it goes far in the river so it floats. I went in the dark, and found a staircase that went down to the river.

I spun holding the bin liner knot access material, attempting on some form of shot put, to make the clay pot go far, so it floats along the river. Mufti Siraj was setting me up as always, as I spun, I slipped and landed flat on the floor, with my head on a massive slab of rock. The only reason I was still conscious, somehow my palm ended up stuck between the rock slab and my face, so I landed as though I’m sleeping with my palm on the side of my face. That’s the only reason I was conscious, because my head landed on my palm, God knows how my palm ended up there.

The river was low at the time, I had to walk along the pebbles to it, if I were unconscious, I would have drowned with the rising tide.

To think, after all my explanation and what this scholar has done in my life concerning me and my family, yet these scholars continue to support him, what does that really say. Mr Prophecy Mufti Siraj Saleh has been causing me and my family harm since he first set eyes on us. All he had to do was walk away, how can I understand this field if he chose to walk away.

To the reader, I advise, do not look into the future ever, just live your life and try to make the most out of it.

It’s like a spiritualist who works with the unseen, saying to a customer, this person that you have just met is going to cause you harm, so you start attempting to hurt him, you repeatedly violate anything about him, then finally after years the person stands against you, then you wonder why. You should have never listened to the Sorcerer saying the person is going to cause you harm.


How do the Elite Sorcerers target and direct this entity for precision attacks.

The Darul Uloom elite scholars, those who work with this entity on an elite level, use custom made dolls for precise transportation, it’s all to do with guiding this entity i.e. aiding it to transport to an exact location of the body.

The elite Sorcerer may tell fancy stories to his Non-Sorcerer colleagues, this is to appear normal and magnificent to the layman, but behind the scenes, there is works of abomination taking place.

The elite Sorcerers make dolls by using real animal body parts i.e. an example, a Sorcerer could buy a pet rat, or any other animal, then skin it, put a wire frame behind it, so it stands upright to resemble a body. The aim is to resemble a body structure i.e. a doll, but more accurate and real, replicating the human body and aiding this entity to transport to an exact location i.e. organ, heart, liver, kidney, prostate location etc. The Deobandi is that perfected, he can target a man’s testicles, that’s how accurate a Darul Uloom scholar is.

The purpose of such a detailed doll, is to aid this entity to (apparate) meaning To appear (magically); to teleport to or from a place. i.e. apparate, to an exact location of the body, direct to the desired location, so the entity or entities end up just being there, without having to make their own way to the location i.e. transport directly into the selected organ, its precision transportation.

A Sorcerer could have an animal’s skeleton at hand, and within the rib cage area, a heart hanging in the location to resemble a human, lungs etc, the purpose is to replicate the human body via flesh. They use items from the target i.e. hair etc, and attach it to the animals skeleton, or clothes i.e. material, to infuse the doll with DNA from the target, as though this is the target, and they assist this entity for precise transportation, hence being able to transport at will to an exact body part location the Sorcerer wants.

I don’t want to even use the word active frequency or science, because it opens a doorway for exploration, this route shouldn’t be explored in such sight as science and this is the way to go.

This route needs to be known, to take heed to avoid it, and to understand this is an active frequency, and there is a science behind this entity.

What baffles me is, how have the hairy fairy mystics who don’t understand anything about this subject, made it to the mainstream with fantasy books that lure people in. Why hasn’t one single Sorcerer ever come forth to explain any of this.

This is what the Darul Uloom elite scholars are protecting, the use of this entity and the science behind it. This is why they protect Mufi Siraj Saleh, to protect what he’s leaked, hence my family is a target for these scholars. I am telling you, the young and the old, if they belong to the group Darul Uloom Deoband, or if they call themselves Deobandi, young or old, they will protect Mufti Siraj Saleh. The young follow the old, and the old adore and honour Mufti Siraj Saleh, they honestly believe Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visits and liaises with Mufti Siraj Saleh.

There is only one Darul Uloom, and the movement, no matter which part of the world it’s in, they move as one.

It has come to my understanding, that you cannot change a Darul Uloom scholar, global scholars, even the highest social media leading scholars, if they stemmed from Darul Uloom Deoband (i.e. trained within any part of a Darul Uloom establishment) they will have to salute Mufti Siraj Saleh, because their own Ustadh’s i.e. teachers adore and salute Mufti Siraj Saleh, that’s just the way it works i.e. you cannot go against the elders its forbidden, so this cycle and the use of this entity cannot be stopped, UNLESS ITS BROKEN, and that happens when it’s all exposed.

Those who work with this entity, their aim is to provide bodies for this entity, this is what this entity wants. The Sorcerer receiving glory for working with this force is false glory, he is nothing but a cancer dealer. People look down on the crack dealer, which is the right thing to do, because it ruins people’s lives, but the Sorcerer i.e. those who work with the unseen, they are way worse than any crack dealer, they are autoimmune and cancer dealers, dealing in direct death.

What these scholars are engaged in, should be thought of as the same threat as terror against a country and its people. This is unseen terror, and those who use this force should be looked upon as a threat.

F:\News TWEET\6TH EXTRA BITS TWEET\Pigeon 6 sized.jpg

I am going to explain a few examples of use concerning this entity, and you can use your imagination on what can be rehearsed by a Sorcerer.

I am telling you, anything you can imagine can be rehearsed with the correct data holding entities, and it will work. Rehearsing this entity can be so detailed, you may find it difficult to digest.

My understanding is inside my head, but it needs to be on paper. I don’t explain certain things, because I know how it may sound to the public. I have a totally rational mind i.e. logical, and I am sensible, hence I do hesitate in explanation.

One subject I will avoid, is the Darul Uloom scholar, and his obsession with entities that hold the data of sexual perversion. I don’t even want to explain what I understand in that subject. I have previously briefly touched upon this, but I will leave it as that. You can imagine what types of sexual perversion exists in the world i.e. people that are warped in their sexual desires, such people, their own birth entity holds this perverse data, and when such entities are used, you can imagine the rest.

Just a quick few lines on this, if the entity of a transsexual person, homosexual or bisexual was used, it will make an individual have homosexual thoughts, and can drive a heterosexual person to become bisexual, and have homosexual thoughts.

Any fetish held in such an entity will become a part of the target. I just want to say for the record, the Darul Uloom scholars specialises in this area of sexual perversion. They may look like they don’t understand sexual things (it’s easy to be fooled by the white garments), they understand more on this subject than the most advanced players out there.

I’m going to give you one straight sentence, if a Sorcerer put an entity from a human who had foot fetish, the target will also have a foot fetish, it becomes a part of you. Let me leave it as that, you can use your imagination on the rest.

Let me be brutally honest, the Light Orbs have restricted the Darul Uloom scholar from any death related or harmful attacks concerning me. This is so the scholars show me the fine science concerning this entity. Unknown to them, the scholars have been driven to show me all angles of use concerning this entity.

Few short examples, to let you know the elite Darul Uloom scholars have mastered the occult.

Everything I experience gets filtered through my own brother, without me telling him anything, he himself tells me, then I witness it in exorcism. I never tell my brother, until he tells me himself, then we compare.

Example, I’m walking and my back is going bent, then I realise my back is arching like it’s bent i.e. trying to bend. So, I’m walking with a bent arched back. Once I become conscious of it and I analyse it thoroughly, it disappears. My brother calls me saying, I’m walking with a bent back like an old man, I feel like a cripple. In exorcism, Mufti Siraj used entities with the data of people who had bent backs, you must have seen certain people who walk with a totally bent back practically looking down at the floor, there are people like that (i.e. bent back syndrome, round back syndrome). As I’ve previously explained, the Darul Uloom scholars collect entities with specific data for the jobs they do.

For the record, I have a straight composure i.e. a straight back and it’s not bent. I have no structural deformities, and my posture is good.

Another example, I’m walking and my legs are bending, like curved legs, you know the type, I’ve seen people with legs totally curved (Bowleg Syndrome). I became conscious that my legs are feeling like bow legs, they were physically trying to be like that i.e. my leg posture, as soon as I became fully conscious of it, it stopped.

My brother calls me, he said my legs have gone like curved legs, I’m walking with bent legs, again in exorcism its Mufti Siraj.

I promise you, I don’t tell my brother first, he tells me, then I put it together, then I understand it via exorcism, it’s always a minimum 3 way experience to analyse this.

It’s endless what Mufti Siraj and the associated scholars send, I don’t know why he bothers, it’s not like he’s succeeding in anything concerning me. He sends, because it’s simple and easy and it costs him nothing at all, and he finds it amusing.

If such entities were left in someone, they would end up walking with bent legs, or a bent back. My experience was, my back was going bent and tight, and trying to stay in a tight arched position.

He didn’t do this once, he kept on sending it, and me and my brother continued sharing the experience. Global elite Darul Uloom scholars collect data holding entities and distribute them between each other, they are in unity concerning their focus on me.

The devils want to stay unknown, and keep their secrets hidden, not with me sunshine, I am the reaper for this underworld.

When these scholars get an idea they don’t stop, the on seeing Darul Uloom theologians that are listening in on the Sorcerers circulated information, i.e. is he crippled yet, have we got him, you haven’t got anything at all, you are in a designed setup made by the Light Force which will take you down.

One of Mufti Siraj Saleh’s favourites is, he would put a mass group of entities direct under your front lower foot, it’s like a ball the size of a 10 pence piece, he is able to direct a ball of entities under the front foot, any foot he chooses. The result is, you can’t put your foot on the floor due to pain, you can walk in pain, no one would know you’re in pain, but yourself when stepping. They always put it in my brother, and he tells me the same, he says how am I supposed to press the gas pedal when driving, I just laugh. Mufti Siraj sends that as one of his favourites, it doesn’t bother me, he knows it doesn’t bother me. It takes Light Orbs a minute to dispose of it, disintegrate it, but the idiot scholar will keep doing it, because this entity is available and it costs him nothing, but to aid the entities to transport.

He will do this foot, then the other foot, he’s a menace, and I’m still saying Shaytaan is Weak.

He tries different methods in all body parts, it’s useless, and I’m fine. What I’m showing here is, a Sorcerer can target any body part to the precise location he wants.

Another example, it took me quite some time to figure out that it wasn’t me, and it was via this entity. It may seem cruel to the reader i.e. me experiencing this, to me it’s not, Light Orbs want me to understand this entity and its use.

Example, one of my feet before, when I raise my heel, I get a paralysing shock straight up my leg, I’m thinking what the hell is that.

If anyone bends, they have to raise their heel, you can’t really bend with your feet flat on the floor. If you study yourself, you will realise, when you bend one of your heels will raise up.

So, when I raise my heel, I get a paralysing strike straight up my leg, it’s not a nice feeling. I don’t go to the GP for anything, waste my time, and waste theirs.

I have got the type of soldier mentality, you could electrocute me, and I would still stick my middle finger in the air, I am really that strong, I do not fold. What makes me have no fear, is because I know what this entity can do, and I know I am safe.

So I figured out, if I don’t lift my heel, it doesn’t strike the pain, so I started bending with my feet flat on the floor.

I started experimenting with it, I raise my heel as a test, I get a striking paralysing shooting pain up my entire leg. Each time I test it, the same thing, it only happens when I raise my heel.

Once I knew 100 percent, when I raise my heel that’s the only time it happens. I became aware something’s under my feet in the nerves. Light Orbs removed it, and showed me in exorcism, all they wanted me to understand is, it’s a highly evolved entity that Mufti Siraj Saleh targeted under my feet with those exact instructions, it was residing in my nerves under my feet.

This is what’s responsible for paralyses. The highly evolved entities when occupying a nerve, if instructed to, can cause paralyses.

Whatever I’m explaining, he sends all around the clock, but I’m fine, it doesn’t bother me. Lights Orbs get rid of the entities fast. Thick skulled scholars, you have no chance against me using this entity.

Something else I want to make clear about this entity, whatever a Sorcerer can make the entity absorb, here I’m talking about the microscopic type, because the evolved type wouldn’t comply with absorbing such requests into their structure as a permanent condition.

When I say permanent, when this entity absorbs say, the instructions to rest in a particular grounded powder that would make it absorb a burning affect into its structure, such absorbing would wear off in time. An evolved entity wouldn’t readily accept such instructions, it is higher than that, meaning, it wouldn’t accept that offer, instead it would demand treats from the Sorcerer. The microscopic type is ready to take anything for its release. Yes Sorcerers are overdoing it these days i.e. giving all kind of offerings and honouring’s to the basic microscopic type of entities. Mufti Siraj wouldn’t readily give for the lower end type of entities, instead he would say, do you want freedom, if you want it, then get in this powder and stay there.

When I use the word powder as an example, it doesn’t need to be a grounded powder, this entity would readily go into any liquids that won’t kill it.

A sorcerer can make microscopic entities absorb anything he wants, it’s all to do with experimenting and testing the end results on patients, and foes.

Let me mention something here, in my documents I have mentioned someone in Ilford London, that goes under the name Rishi Ji, I learnt on exorcism before, that he has been experimenting with microscopic entities by electrocuting them with some form of low currency in water. I know it sounds weird, he has a setup with a bowl, some form of low currency to make the entities absorb the electric shock into their structure. The aim is, when he sends them to people, they will feel the torment i.e. a level of expression that the entity expresses. Whatever is inside you, becomes a part of you i.e. in torment etc. I found this out in exorcism, along with, he puts river water laced with these entities, and pours them direct in your eyes as healing. Well he puts the water on your palm with a spoon, and you raise your own palm, and put the water in your own eyes, he’s getting river entities inside your body i.e. giving them a life, and he’s got a council plaque on his wall as an approved spiritual healer, obviously he knows a fellow countryman whom works for the council, to press the buttons for him. Why the hell would the Redbridge council give him a golden plaque as a spiritual healer.

People need to wake up to what the Holy Men, and ethnic mystics are really doing. (They are simply autoimmune dealers i.e. cancer dealers)

The whole lot of these Holy Men are autoimmune dealers, that’s all they’re doing.

Let me highlight a point here, which provides good learning for the reader. In the early days i.e. the start of exorcisms, Jinn’s from me were put inside someone in the possessed state, each one raised said they are me, and they said my name. I thought what the hell is this, what I learnt was, Rishi brought non data entities i.e. Jinn’s from the sea, and said, I’m going to give you a life, he said your name is S Uddin, and chanted my name i.e, this is you. One by one Jinn’s were raised that said they are me, and named my name. I said, what are you doing in my body, I’m talking to the entity via the possessed in trance, Light Orbs force them to speak, they said, they swim via my blood and they go to all parts of my body, I thought what the hell, they were all terminated. I remember when Rishi gave me holy water to drink. Warning, keep away from Holy Men, they will put these entities in you to honour that side, that’s what they’re all doing. The Holy industry is all to do with this entity and its distribution.

Holy Man equals this entity and the occult, nothing more, the rest is cloaks, bright coloured garments and an act. I know this road inside out, and what these Holy Men and those who work with the unseen are doing. Keep away, find a way to cope with the problems you have, and seek medical help if needed.

Something else for the reader, when a Sorcerer has targeted particular parts of your body with microscopic entities repeatedly, my understanding shows, the target victim, would have dark areas i.e. patches on the skin surface on such locations. Yes I know they have medical conditions to, here I’m talking about this entity, attacks on locations of the body, be it face, head, or any other part of the body, if a Sorcerer is doing it repeatedly, you will have dark lesions in those areas, like burn marks, and it may be accompanied by typical Sarcoidosis rashes i.e. rashes.

USA is familiar with Sarcoidosis rashes, in UK they may ignore them, or confuse them for eczema, and refuse a biopsy, and prescribe topical treatments.

This entity’s presence drains us, and also results in dark areas around the eyes. Yes I know they have other reasons to, but here I’m explaining this entity.

Right getting back to Mufti Siraj, example on rehearsing Jinn’s, I can’t say other names or hint towards others in this explanation, say, a Sorcerer was holding someone from behind as they were walking up the stairs, say the person was leaning back and letting go of themselves whilst the Sorcerer is pushing the person from behind, the person who’s walking up the stairs, is just leaning backwards all the way when walking up the stairs. Now the Sorcerer has just rehearsed Jinn’s, the mental feeling of falling backwards and leaning back has been absorbed.

You could only push someone with a small body frame, up a staircase like that, you wouldn’t be able to push an adult like this.

Right cut it down, those entities sent inside me, I’m walking up the stairs, I’m leaning back, I keep leaning back, no matter how much I try, my body tries to lean back, so, I changed to leaning totally forward when walking up the stairs. I live this life, I have to experience and experiment with it.

So, it’s gone and I’m fine, my brother calls me saying, when I’m walking up the stairs I’m going backwards, I’m going to fall, Light Orbs leave it in my brother way longer, even days at a time. My brother tells me, he has to walk up the stairs with his hands on each step now i.e. leaning forward, because his body just wants to go back, and if he doesn’t focus he will fall backwards.

In exorcism, it’s Mufti Siraj saleh and his antics as usual.

I’m explaining the tip of the iceberg on what these scholars send on a daily basis.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and his colleagues send these entities direct on the knee cap area, every part of the body you can think of. Light Orbs put them in my brother as always, and he explains to me his day to day living. His knee joints are gone, the pain etc, he’s been diagnosed with arthritis. I can write on and on about what the Darul Uloom scholars can do.

I’m giving an idea of what these scholars can do via the use of this entity. They can direct entities in your spine, lower back, upper back, any part of the body they want.

Last example, to show the mind games and science with this entity. Ex-human entities with the data from people who suffered insomnia, if those are put in you, you won’t be able sleep, you will struggle severely. The Deobandi is a cunning fox, he wouldn’t be satisfied with the insomnia data alone, he would attempt to replicate insomnia via using entities that hold the data, then he would send entities to make you sleep heavily i.e. to make you tired, both feelings are clashing, one, you’re dying to sleep, and you can’t open your eyes, the other is trying to keep you awake – the mind games of the Darul Uloom scholars.

I’m fine, he can get lost with all that, I’m just explaining to the reader for understanding purposes.

My understanding and evaluation of this entity, goes beyond exorcism, and me and my brothers evaluation. I am explaining the basics so the reader broadens their understanding in this subject.

This entity in my opinion, is responsible for the majority of human sickness, and all these unknown causes, this entity is behind it. I don’t think anyone else could bring such an experience forward and deliver it and survive.

For the record, I am fine, and these Sorcerer scholars are not affecting me at all.

F:\News TWEET\6TH EXTRA BITS TWEET\av 4 fix.jpg

If you doubt what I’m saying concerning this entity, then it’s your own understanding at fault, not mine. I’ve nailed the understanding of this entity via what I have experienced, and the guidance in understanding what this entity really is.

The image below, they are Angelic Force, and this is what’s guiding me through this journey. Look at the image, and understand why I am safe from the full impact of the Darul Uloom scholar’s hell, and why I can explain what I have.


I’m really a shy reserved person, and I don’t like to press hard, I don’t like to take advantage of people, but against these scholars, I have to be firm in my explanation.

I am that confident in my explanation of this entity, and what it really is, I am willing to disregard all my written information and the information I have presented on this entity, if this entity doesn’t get announced.

When it gets announced, you need to understand what these scholars are really upon, and what they have been protecting, and that they are liars.

I will tell you in advance, when the time comes, these scholars will whisper Jinn’s to certain Dawah scene members, and whisper sentences like, no one can prove this, it’s not the Jinn. They will whisper to this entity as a command, no one knows the unseen, no one knows the unseen, so be prepared.

The whisper becomes a part of your own thoughts, so, by knowing in advance, you may be able to reject the thoughts. When this entity does get announced, it is the Jinn, it is this entity I claim, which has fooled man since the beginning of man.

Now getting back to this entity, and what the elite Darul Uloom scholar can do.

This entity can be transported to any part of the body, to any location. It can be transported in small clusters, to mass clusters in one go by an elite Sorcerer.

Usually the Sorcerer sends non data holding entities to reside in one’s body. The Sorcerer could send to one location of the body, or multiple locations, it’s entirely up to the Sorcerer on what he wants to achieve.

Understand what I am saying, a Sorcerer can send to the exact location so it transports to the exact location of the body he wants, or he can send entities in mass to your surroundings, so the entities themselves make their own way to the location of the body the Sorcerer instructed.

A person could feed someone this entity in mass i.e. laced sugar via a tea, or drinking water, or any liquid to consume, or placed within food to consume, with the instructions, go to his bowel and live in his bowel, or live in his prostate location, or any chosen location in the body, to the precise point, or no suggested location, and just chanted instructions for a desired job role.

A normal customer could chant before feeding a product laced with this entity, and this entity will find its way to the chosen location within the body. This entity obeys the instructions i.e. the command, for its freedom into a human body. One of the highest honours for this entity, is to be given a body to live in.

This entity wants to roam the earth in man’s body, it wants to see man depleted, riddled with health problems, dying of cancer in pain, it wants to see man suffering, and the Sorcerers are its agent.

The reality of it is, the Sorcerer i.e. those under the ethnic banner working with the unseen, they are seen as heavenly, like mystical Gods, but they’re just pretenders, false and rotten, and they aid in the destruction of man.

For the Muslim reader, those who think reciting gets rid of this entity i.e. terminates Jinn’s. Look at Mufti Siraj Saleh reciting on Iqra TV on his intro, you can’t beat his recitation skills, so, just know the devil can recite just as good as you, if not better.

The present day understanding of this entity by the public is poor, the Sorcerers i.e. those who work with this entity know this, but they pretend and continue to fool the masses and act mysterious in the process.

I have explained about this entity, it responds to rhythm, hence rhythm and recitation raises this entity into possessed state i.e. Jinn’s to the surface via an exorcism. Chanting, recitation, rhythm, raises Jinn’s to the surface, and allows this connection to be made, once it’s connected its stuck in that raised position, so when an exorcist is screaming away, the sound via the ears, its new to the entity and alarming, inside our body it’s not connected in that way. So when this entity is connected, if you pinched the human in that state, the connected Jinn will scream and act in a frenzy with recitation at the same time. It may appear as though it’s the words, it’s not the words, it’s as simple as, this entity has risen and is alarmed, hence exorcism works in every culture and language.

Here I would like to highlight, if someone is possessed, and the Jinn is relaxed and a pinch doesn’t bother it, that’s the hallmark, that it’s the actual persons birth Jinn, it knows the body well, hence its relaxed.

Also, if you get a normal Jinn who’s resided in the body for some time, if you get it accustomed to raising up in possession, it also will become used to the procedure, and would be relaxed like the birth Jinn.

Below a section taken from my website titled, Spirit Awareness, You Are a Spirit Accompanied by Spirits.


Brief intro into our birth Lower Astral Entity.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth i.e. a Lower Astral Entity, it grows with us, it’s part of God’s plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. This lower astral entity is appointed to us whilst we were in the womb by Angelic forces. All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego, which is the birth lower astral entity.

We are a Light Force, we also have a negative entity i.e. spirit inside us, and we ourselves as a spirit are inside our body, we are a Light Force ourselves. We are blinded from any knowledge of where we came from or who we really are.

The negative feelings we have, and the lack i.e. the empty spot stems from our birth Lower Astral Entity. The deceitful and bitter feelings within us, and the aggressive side of us stems from our birth Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity. This particular entity has a major influence over us, it is there to keep us ignorant and blind, that is its job, because this is its innate character. The purpose is to keep us blind and never understand. It has been put inside us by higher Angelic forces as part of this earths journey, its purpose is to confuse and mislead us. This confusion is part of the soul’s journey. Being aware of spirit i.e. that we are a Light Force accompanied by many Angelic forces can enable a person to see through the confusion.

(We are all the same, born in different parts of the world into different religions and cultures)

We also have an Angelic force with us i.e. inside and out, and we have a negative entity from the dark side inside us.

The Angelic force is shy and reserved in the background, whilst this entity i.e. the Ego is present and makes itself be known at all times. That’s just the way it is, I would prefer if the Angelic force within us, was more forward and present, so we don’t have to struggle so much concerning this negative entity.

Text from the above URL ENDS HERE

The gallery below is taken from the URL above. I hope the images and information provided broadens ones understanding on the unseen mysteries.

The Angelic Force that is with every man & women.

On most exorcisms, it is the patient’s own birth Jinn that has risen and taken the possessed state, your own birth Jinn has first right to take the position, that’s just the way it is.

All Jinn’s including our birth Jinn are pretenders and deceivers, it’s the nature of this entity, don’t lose sleep trying to understand why, that’s just the way it is. Your own birth Jinn will pretend anything and everything just to mislead you, and cause greater confusion, that’s how this entity is.

Normal Jinn’s don’t really understand what’s going on i.e. they have no worldly wisdom or information, here I want to highlight (It’s only the Sorcerers trained entities i.e. Jinn’s that have knowledge, due to working with the Sorcerer in that environment within the Sorcerers learning scope). All the knowledge the Sorcerer has learned via the hand me down hereditary passed learning, the Jinn’s he works with will know that, because what you know, so does the entities around you.

See, if the Sorcerers had wisdom, they would have backed off from me, because I’m dangerous lol, I’m just laughing to myself and typing, the time when Mufti Siraj Saleh said to me with his broken English accent, I’m dangerous menn, no fool, I’m dangerous, because I’ve taken all the Deobandis heightened occult skills, and all their advancement in the occult throughout the years, and I still have my middle up, and I’m typing with my left hand.

You have no chance against me with this entity, because I’m protected as proven via my qualification video.

I know I’m taking time, to get to where I want to get in my explanation. This is a subject that I can’t just jump into direct, without warming the reader into it. It’s not a publicly known accepted way i.e. the use of this entity, which you can jump into at any point, and it sits well, hence the slow intro into what I want to say.

What I want to explain is, the elite Sorcerers i.e. the Darul Uloom scholar and how he commands entities at hand via whispering and chant. Commanding this entity doesn’t need to be just chanting, there are a number of ways to instruct this entity.

One is chanting repetitively i.e. spiral the entities into the job by chanting nonstop, the entity absorbs the command, and the job request is embedded into the entity.

Another is minor chanting, just basic chant.

Another is whispering sentences.

Another is telling the entities to steer a person a certain way i.e. a direction.

What happens is, the sentence chanted becomes your own sentence (i.e. the targets), and a part of your own thoughts, the whispers becomes a part of your intuition and urges i.e. your own thoughts and interests.

The entities drive an individual, see when your driven by this entity, you may be able to refuse the strong urge, but when these scholars are monitoring an individual, and continuously doing the same, the victim i.e. target has no chance at all.

I can’t imagine other elite Sorcerers continuously monitoring a target, because they really have better things to do, they have dance trance and folly to get up to i.e. getting intoxicated, womanising etc. Sorcerers are usually dirty little rascals, so they have plenty of things to do.

The Darul Uloom scholar is different, totally sober, plenty of time in their heads, open space, which needs occupying.

This entity can control us, its imposed data becomes a part of our drive, and becomes us. The Darul Uloom scholar chants entities with the correct data, this is occult perfection i.e. the combination that they are using.

You can make a person pursue or do anything using this entity, I know it may seem like I’m promoting this, I’m not, I’m educating on the subject and exposing what the Darul Uloom scholars are protecting.

This is the secret the elite occultists have kept since man learnt occult. Witches and Satanists, do not understand this level of science involving this entity, nor do they understand the microscopic activity of this entity.

The world’s greatest underground Witches, Warlocks, call them what you will, do not understand the microscopic functionality of this entity at all, and they do not understand the microscopic activity of this entity within the human body.

This precision use of this entity by the Darul Uloom scholar, is a combination of the deadliest of Indian and African occult combined. This is how the Darul Uloom scholars have mastered this field, they stem from India, and I’m sorry to say this, India is a haven of occult. When you think of the Holy Men, just think of the occult, because that is what they are engaged in.

Some of things I’m going to explain, you may say, why would someone do that i.e. what’s the point. What I’m showing here is, a person can be controlled to any direction using this entity, I’m showing what the High Ranking Deobandi scholars can do.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is so confident, hence allowing me to learn fine detail of use regarding this entity, that’s why I know he’s stupid.

Example, say a Sorcerer used an ex-human data holding entity of a builder, a renovator, a decorator, or let’s say he combined one of each and sent them to a target, for the purpose of making the target renovate, build or refurbish their premises.

I know what’s going through the reader’s head, why would a Sorcerer do that. One, the Sorcerer may want you to spend any savings you have, to make you broke i.e. empty. There’s no such thing as building with a minimum in mind, once you start building, you generally end up broke and in debt.

Apart from that, say a Sorcerer wants you to sell your house, and your house is not selling, he may use such a package to encourage your house to sell.

Yes I know, you’re thinking what the hell is all that about. What I’m showing is, anything can be sent for any purpose.

What the Light Orbs have done, is allowed Mufti Siraj Saleh to feel invincible, so I get to see the fine precision use concerning this entity.

F:\News TWEET\Muf.jpg

First, for the Mufti Siraj Saleh supporters i.e. the scholars who back him. Mufti Siraj pulls faces like this, and says, I’m controlling them ha ha ha, and he can’t do anything.

F:\News TWEET\Muf 2.jpg
F:\Mufti Siraj Saleh UK APEAL Darul Uloom Buisiness\Mufti Siraj Saleh Praying Arms Open.jpg

Mufti Siraj Saleh and the scholars, think now, you know Mufti Siraj sends highly evolved entities and targets my body, i.e. heart, organs etc. You do know what happens to such entities, if you can understand this, that those attacks get terminated and halted in seconds.

Then think and use your intelligence, why do the microscopic type of entities with data stay active, as though the Light Orbs are struggling, or unable to remove them. You fool scholars you have been setup by the Light Force, to show me the fine precision work relating to this entity.


Monitoring Example.

I want to provide an example for the reader to show and demonstrate fine precision monitoring via the use of this entity.

I learn from this work with what I witness and experience.

I was doing a telephone exorcism concerning my current problems concerning the Darul Uloom scholars. Usually someone I know who I have previously helped with spiritual problems calls me possessed i.e. their partner rings my phone, and leaves the phone on loud speaker so I can listen.

I don’t need to do anything, just listen, Light Orbs would do the exorcism, and I would gather information, the learnt knowledge remains in my understanding, in my head.

This exorcism was animals from my wife, that had been tormented and slaughtered. Sorcerers are able to put any spirit inside any person they choose.

I have previously explained that every living creature has a spirit. I have explained, if a Sorcerer tormented and hurt, i.e. disfigured an animal. The animal absorbs the pain, and that becomes a part of the animal’s spirit. I know it’s evil and cruel, but I have to explain it so the reader may understand.

I have explained this previously, if an animal is butchered i.e. tortured and the person committing the act, held, say your picture at hand and covered their own face, and continuously pointing the picture at the animal, and committed these acts, the animal will see you, the image absorbed is your face, the pain the animal absorbs came from you hurting it. Sorcerers will torment an animal for prolonged periods, making sure the pain is absorbed.

If such an animal’s spirit was put inside your partner, your partner will detest you, and be repulsed by you. They won’t be able to escape it, because the animal within expresses this feeling via the thoughts of the target victim’s mind, i.e. a spirit lives connected to your thoughts, emotions, and memory’s, the images the target holds of their partner is being countered by the entity living inside the target victim, do you understand, so the host will feel the same, and that relationship will eventually dissolve. You cannot live where pain and such feelings reside, the natural reaction is to get as far away from where the pain stems from. In this case the pain stems from your partner to you, so that relationship will dissolve.

The Darul Uloom scholar doesn’t just do one move, he will continually do it until he gets what he wants. He will send in every angle and variety of entities he can, because he is a menace.

What I want to explain here is, I was doing a telephone exorcism with such animals, that have been tormented and violated by such Sorcerers.

It’s sad for me to hear animals in pain, growling in pain etc. The Light Orbs want me to understand this field, hence I have to observe and take in what I experience.

This particular occasion, the Light Orbs were doing the exorcism slowly, as though they were struggling. I thought to myself, they appear to be exhausted and struggling, and this concerned me. Me witnessing them doing a strenuous exorcism, which appeared to be a struggle worried me.

I am used to hard exorcisms, with no halting, and no delay, Light Orbs can thrash Jinn’s and remove entities at speeds, this is what I have witnessed.

They weren’t struggling, they deliberately did it slowly as to show the image as though they are struggling, because Mufti Siraj Saleh is watching with Jinn’s, they allow him to watch, so I can gather information in this subject.

Always remember Shaitan Jinn i.e. this entity, cannot see a Light Orb, unless they want to show themselves. Jinn’s feel invincible, that’s just how their nature is, even the tiny microscopic squirt Jinn’s feel like heroes, these entities are pathetic, hence the delusions of the Sorcerer.

So, I believed they were struggling, Mufti Siraj Saleh’s working devils would have relayed, they are struggling to Mufti Siraj.

So, what does Mufti Siraj Saleh do, this is the learning part now. Someone I know, who knows I do exorcisms and some of my history. Mufti Siraj Saleh chanted, your spirits are weak, your spirits are weak, you can’t do what you could do before.

This person out of the blue, tells me, your spirits are weak, your spirits are weak, you can’t do what you could do before.

This sentence as far Mufti siraj Saleh is concerned, is supposed to psychologically disturb me, or get to me, that shows how petty the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholar is in his thoughts.

Now, this person has no idea of the details on what I’m doing, or the struggling exorcism. Light Orbs deliberately did the exorcism so it appears as a struggle, so I can understand, how close monitoring works.

Then following that, we did a hard exorcism with no delay, what they are showing is, the Darul Uloom scholar is a pure devil when working with this entity.

With all the exorcisms that I have witnessed, when a Light Orb is doing this, no evolved evil spirit i.e. this entity can do anything about it. Yes they may watch from a distance, but at the point of exorcism, outside free moving entities do not come close to the exorcism. At this point when a Light Orb is doing an exorcism, these entities know, that any one of them could be next.

For the reader’s knowledge, if a Sorcerer is tracking you, wherever you go, or whomever you meet, the elite Darul Uloom Sorcerer can also get to those people, I promise you. If the Sorcerers Jinn’s know where particular individuals are, free moving entities can make their own way to those people, I promise you this.

Example, if you have been somewhere i.e. a location or destination, you can make it there again right, can’t you i.e. travel there, so don’t think this entity can’t. I can take this subject deeper and deeper, but I choose not to.

Chanted microscopic entities can be carried i.e. transported by an evolved entity within its own cell structure via those higher evolved entities the Sorcerer is stalking you with, and the chanted entities can be taken to the target to induce the chanting i.e. the thought and whispers the Sorcerer scholar wants to deliver.

Microscopic entities can be carried within a higher evolved entity’s cell structure, or it can be led to the target.

What I am showing here is, a Sorcerer can monitor an individual and chant sentences to those around you, and the sentences he chants becomes the targets sentence and thoughts. A Sorcerer can target your associated group, and work all individuals for the mischief he wants to commit. It is really easy for them, Jinn’s with free transport ability, monitoring people and relaying back to the Sorcerer. An entity that can free transport, can transport by the second from one place to the other.

For the readers knowledge, if a Sorcerer is tracking and monitoring you, wherever you have been, whomever you have met, i.e. your nearest and dearest, once the Sorcerers entities know where the associated people are, he can send entities to them anytime via his own entities guiding and assisting the other entities to those you’re associated with. The Sorcerer will cause mischief in your surroundings i.e. he can make any individual say any sentence he wants, and he can work all angles.

What I am saying is, wherever you have gone, whomever you are meeting, if an elite Sorcerer is stalking you, he can get to those individuals.

There are elite, then there is elite, Rishi Ji was supposed to be India’s King Kong, he couldn’t match the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholar. I warn against the elite Darul Uloom scholars, especially those in South Africa. People need to track where Mufti Siraj Saleh came from, those others in South Africa would be just like him. Track him, and study whom his associates are, then you find the mother hive.

The elite Sorcerer scholars, they are into the fine science of this entity, and the advancement of the occult, and I can’t thank them enough for showing me the unknown mysteries of the world.

I have got this subject nailed, i.e. the functionality of this entity, and the devils days are numbered.

Here I would like to remind those who maybe interested in using this entity. The ex-human Jinn i.e. Lower Astral entity may appear appealing for someone to consider working with such a force, STOP RIGHT THERE.

(Word of warning) For those considering using such a force i.e. the occult. Use this entity and you will pay dearly and suffer, abuse and control people with the use of this entity you will pay. Those who use this entity i.e. the occult, then you must believe in the unseen i.e. spirits. So, if you believe in the unseen, then you have to believe in a higher force which is opposite to the dark side i.e. an Angelic force.

If you believe in the unseen and its operation, then you have to believe in an opposite side i.e. an Angelic force, which governs the unseen world. Angelic forces can allocate such entities to any person they want, so understand the law of, You Reap What You Sow. Use this entity to abuse people and you will put yourself in-line to be subject to such natural laws. Nothing in life goes unpaid for, we suffer accordingly.

So please, do not get any bright ideas about harming people and using the occult via reading any of my information. I am trying to bring awareness to this subject, to bring awareness means me having to explain on this subject, hence demonstrating as such.

First thing I would like to say is, I am not teaching people how to do occult. My aim is to expose the science behind this entity and its use. Some readers may get ideas of using such a force, (I warn the reader, if you do, you will ruin your own life in the long run and suffer)

The natural breakdown of man via using this entity through the use of the occult, may take time, but it will happen, using this entity will result in autoimmune disorder, and dismantle your own life and those around you.

You could be working with these entities i.e. giving them treats and sacrifices i.e. what they want, and you may feel, it seems to be ok, and they are behaving loyal. You can be intercepted at any given time by another elite Sorcerer. Another Sorcerer can intercept at any given moment, and your own working entities will work for him without your knowledge. When a Sorcerer is working with evolved entities who the other entities see as Gods, your entities unknown to you will abide by the other entities requests, and you will never know about it, because your own so called loyal entities will never tell you. Your own loyal entities have no choice but to submit to the senior evolved entities, so, do not get bright ideas of benefits via using this entity.

That industry, the devils runs the show, when I say devil, there is a race of them young and old, so don’t get involved, because you will lose with this entity. The functionality of this entity, and what this entity really is needs to be understood, and its occupation inside the human body needs to be known.

I would like to say, regular Sorcerers do not monitor in such detail, they haven’t got the time, as I’ve previously explained, they have better things to do, dance trance and folly. They need to get intoxicated, they have their sessions of getting high and their Jinn circus group meetings, 7 days in a week is not enough, and time fly’s.

The Darul Ulloom scholar is different, no hobbies, free time, brain, a lot of empty space. How much recitation are you going to do, you will get restless if you don’t have hobbies and delightful things to participate in, hence comes all the free time to dismantle people’s lives.

What I’m saying is, the occult is these scholars hobbies, the closest they are going to get to a movie theatre is, sharing visual dreams amongst each other. If you don’t understand what I mean, by the Darul Uloom scholars distributing and sharing dreams, then please check the URL below, titled Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute dream distribution Exposed.


In the dream distribution, the reader will realise, the scholars are on wonderland via absorbing and sharing such dreams.

The dreamer says, the coronavirus is going to take the unbelievers, and the head of UK Darul Uloom circulated this dream, and made YouTube videos and this went viral. If any person with any moral sense read what’s in the URL above, would realise, to celebrate this dream means the person erected and pleased by this dream is shallow inside, and has his internal wires crossed on morality.

Any sane person who reads that dream would agree with me. I have a rational logical mind, and I’m sane in thinking, there is nothing wrong with my mind, and I am saying that dream is stupid, and I know the reader will agree with me.

For the Darul Uloom scholars, this dream distribution is a miracle from God.

Whilst I’m typing, let me continue with examples.

I want to provide another example, believe me when I say, the Darul Uloom elite Sorcerer scholar can control you into whatever he wants. A group of these scholars can monitor another group, and chant sentences to suit, whatever you can think about in your head, it can be chanted. As I’ve explained, the chanted sentence becomes the hosts sentence, whatever thoughts and intuitive feelings comes from within, it becomes ours.

Our own inner feelings and thoughts is the only thing we truly own, and this is where the Sorcerers operate, they take the only thing that is ours, and that is a violation of spirit, the violation of the human soul experience on earth.

For each sentence the Sorcerer wants, he sends a bundle of Jinn’s per sentence, which will lead to health problems for the host, how can someone fill a person with these entities, just to satisfy himself, just to hear his sentences working, it’s a violation of everything that is good, it’s a violation of spirit.

So, Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars cannot do any life threatening attacks, because I’m here typing away, and that should be proof of that.

The Light Force let the Sorcerer scholars do controlling occult, and this becomes part of the story, which will put an end to these Sorcerers.

Example, previously I sent my wife exorcism videos via my son, to attempt on reminding her, trying to get to her, for her to think, i.e. remember, that I’m not the bad one, I was trying to trigger her to understand, that its occult control that is making her feel the way she does.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars control my wife like a rag doll. He will laugh with Jinn’s as a command, and my wife would also laugh about me saying, that I think she is being controlled by the occult. What I am showing is, these scholars can control you and lead you in any direction they want. (Black Magic is stronger than chains, when using this entity with the correct data, and combining the entities into groups to work together)

I send videos of exorcism, and this is how I get repaid below, Mufti Siraj is already working the direction.

Example, he controlled my wife to visit a Holy Man, chanted sentences for my wife to ask the holy man, how does he do exorcisms, how does he do exorcisms, are the devils doing it, are the devils doing it, how is he able to do that.

So, where my wife has been i.e. to the holy man, Mufti Siraj Saleh’s Jinn’s would be there, unseen communication is taking place, so what does the Sorcerer Holy Man say to my wife, yes the devils with him are doing the exorcisms. Then my wife goes around telling everyone, the Holy Man said, he’s got devils and that’s why he can do what he does. Mufti Siraj also steered my wife to say publicly, he’s got devils, he’s got devils. I have previously explained he chanted to my wife the sentence, die with your devils die, die with your devils die, go with your devils go, go with your devils go.

Just an explanation for the reader.

If devils could do such exorcisms, then all of the holy men in India could display exorcisms like my qualification video, because the holy men work with devils.

Also, if the devils could do such exorcisms, then the Darul Uloom scholars would be able to do the same. The entire global Sorcerer scholar network within the Darul Uloom movement, not one single scholar could display any such exorcisms as my qualification video, nor could they show Blue Orbs conducting the exorcism. (Devils cannot do exorcisms like this)

The reason my wife calls me a devil, is because of the Sorcerer scholars chanting such sentences, and because of the way she feels inside i.e. she translates it as, only a devil could produce such inner torment as the way she feels about me inside, hence such words flow easily.

I have been setup by elite Deobandi scholars i.e. the Darul Uloom Deoband High-Ranking scholars.

Something I want to add here to broaden the readers understanding of the effects of the occult. Previously my daughter visited me alone at my brother’s house. I want the reader to understand what Mufti Siraj Saleh is doing to my family with the Darul Uloom scholar’s full support and protection.

After visiting me, when my daughter went back home, and told her mother that she was with me in the house alone. My wife said to my daughter, how can you be alone with that man i.e. your father, don’t you feel frightened. This is what the Darul Uloom scholars are doing to my family via the use of the occult. My daughter was confused herself, that her mother was telling her this, now imagine what my wife feels inside concerning me.

To my wife, I’m the biggest devil the world has ever seen.

Right, I’ve explained some of this, to get the reader ready to understand the levels of the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars.

Even though Mufti Siraj Saleh’s name is being used, it’s way bigger than that, as previously explained. It’s Darul Uloom Deoband itself, the hit, the order, me and my family becoming a target for these scholars, the order stems from Darul Uloom Deoband. If the order, and this occult way of life wasn’t a part of the movement, then Mufti Siraj Saleh would have been expelled a long time ago. He’s protected by the heads of Darul Uloom Deoband.

All the planning coming from him regarding the occult, this stems from the scholars around him i.e. the plan, and what to do, they are all in it together. You can’t doubt what I’m saying, just observe how they protect him, then it’s simple to understand.

One of their own Deobandi Mosques stated, yes, we have to summon Satan sometimes for help, and make him work. Do not be fooled by the possum acting taking place, and the ignorance concerning what I have explained.

The bodily target zones of attack that these scholars use is science based, only a person in the medical field, or someone working in medical health would understand i.e. the importance of focusing on certain areas of the body. Mufti Siraj is not that smart, he’s cunning but not smart.

I feel I have explained enough, to get the reader to this point now in explanation.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars read through the content on my website, and decide what to focus on, the aim is to damage my mind, which is not possible, nothing fazes me, because I’ve experienced way too much to let anything get to me.

I am going to briefly explain how Mufti Siraj and the associated scholars, how they read the content on my website, and use Jinn’s to violate my family via reading the written information.

The document titled, Holy Rings, and So-Called Spiritual Blessed Jinn Rings, Djinn Rings Exposed.


Me exposing such content irritates Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars. I talked about Jinn Rings and obtaining Rings with stones from known ethnic Sorcerers i.e. Holy Men. I exposed information on Jinn’s being sold via online sales, eBay etc, clearly stating, that you will receive such and such Jinn’s i.e. this entity.

Mufti Siraj didn’t like me exposing such information, so he targeted my daughter with the occult, he has targeted my daughter in many ways throughout this journey, but in this document, I am sticking to this particular occult control concerning Mufti Siraj Saleh’s response to my document titled, Holy Rings, and So-Called Spiritual Blessed Jinn Rings, Djinn Rings Exposed.

You may think, how can one respond to your document with the unseen, please read and you will find out.

Before I start, the Light Orbs allowed such control, hence it’s written down and documented, and now it’s sealed within my story.

Mufti Siraj controlled my daughter via these entities, by steering my daughter to follow the Jinn Ring document. My daughter was sending me pictures of her stone collection for rings. I said what’s that, she showed me her occult shop bag lol, she’s been to an occult shop buying stones and jewellery to make rings, it is an occult shop, I know of the shop, please keep reading.

She is making rings with stones inside and pendants lol, nothing fazes me.

She said, she wants a kit to make rings and pendants i.e. a tool kit. I always keep my daughter happy, the stones are just stones, they have nothing attached to them at all. They were purchased from an occult mystical shop. The shop does sell occult products, and has fortune tellers inside i.e. a service providing future information, tarot card reading, palm readers etc.

I don’t interfere with anything, I help if I can, but I have no input. So, I purchased my daughter a tool and wire kit to further her interests in making jewellery i.e. her holy moly rings and pendants.

I know it’s Mufti Siraj, he doesn’t miss anything. So my daughter is making rings and sending me pictures etc. Mufti Siraj Saleh is making me eat my Holy Ring Exposed document, it doesn’t bother me at all. These little things could trip someone’s brain out, nothing bothers me at all.

So, my daughters sending me her ring pictures etc, then my daughter sends me the Holy Man one eye and hand symbol thing, saying she’s making this, and do I like it. I thought common now, the Holy Man one eye that’s it lol, I sent my daughter images of the Aghori Sadu Holy Man with those symbols and the one eye, and their hand in the air. I said to my daughter, leave the one eye and Holy Man hand symbol. She wanted to make the one eye, and wear it around her neck along with the hand symbol. She would make it with the wire and wrap her stones within it, something along those lines.

If the reader wants to wear the Holy Man hand symbol, or the one eye, that’s your own choice. I don’t want my daughter making and wearing anything that the Aghori Sadhu calls symbolic and holy. I have already explained what the holy men are truly on, and the symbols that they hold dear, is not something that I want my daughter to get into.

If you get into the hairy fairy symbols, and anything Holy Men related, the next step will pull you towards the holy men, because they are the masters of those symbols, and the holy men are all about the occult, and the occult only. (Holy Men equals the occult, and the occult is the devils work)

Just for the record, this was Mufti Siraj Saleh, letting me know that he’s in control, and I should acknowledge, that I can’t do anything about it.

He’s not in control, he’s being used by the Light Force, so I can deliver him and the rest of these morons, and deliver I will.

Next example, this one may appear rather sad and cruel, but I have confidence in what I understand, and it’s all part of the story.

The document titled, The current status with Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib & Darul Uloom Deoband’s recycling of the ex-human Jinn, is just the entry level into this underworld.

I wrote in there, that this entity is pathetic, and such information would upset those who work with this entity. I wrote about this entity, and its attention to women’s breasts, and the reasons why etc.

I have added a section of text taken from the URL below, to demonstrate what I mean.


This entity also does naturally focus on the areas of the body you may pay attention to i.e. an example, women may pay attention and are conscious of their breasts, hence naturally if these entities are occupying a women’s body, they may naturally head to that location. This entity is pathetic, I study it, I know how mischievous this entity is.

This entity in my opinion is stupid and cunning. It’s the Sorcerers who aid this entity and make it so destructive.

Text from the above URL ENDS HERE.

I have explained this entity can be transported in small clusters or mass clusters, entirely at the Sorcerers discretion.

Following that document, Mufti Siraj Saleh decided to send entities in mass in both of my daughters’ breasts.

She has a lump in each breast confirmed by the NHS. This is supposed to panic me, this is the way the devil and the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars operate i.e. instil fear and anarchy, panic and alarm in someone.

It didn’t affect me, because I knew it was him, I know this entity and what can be done with it, so I remained calm. My daughter and her mother were panicking, my daughter would call me saying, what am I going to do dad, I said don’t worry, go to the GP etc, but don’t worry.

She could feel the lumps inside her breasts. The GP said, wait let’s see if it goes away, she got referred, and a lump has been confirmed via scan in each breast, the NHS said, these things sometimes do go away by itself, and because my daughter is young, they recommended to leave it, and see what happens.

You may say, why aren’t you panicking. I know what’s inside there, and I know what a Light Orb can do, they can disintegrate entities when they want. They have left it there, because it keeps the Darul Uloom scholars happy, knowing that they are in control.

I promise you, a Light Orb can disintegrate those lumps, but the Darul Uloom scholar will just resend it again, it’s very simple for them.

By the lumps remaining, it keeps the Sorcerer scholars happy, whilst the Light Orbs carry me along, and now it’s documented and part of the story.

I know this is taking a little longer than expected, I promise you this entity will be announced, and everything will fall into place.

For the record, Mufti Siraj and his Sorcerer colleagues read through my content, and target what they can via such methods as explained.

In one of my documents, I wrote, me and my wife were happy, we were the envy of most people we know, people always complimented us as a couple, and looked up to us.

So Mufti Siraj chanted, he thinks people envy us, my wife was walking and repeating it like a parrot, the response and expression of the target is subject to how many entities the Sorcerer used, and how many times he did it. If the Sorcerer continues the target cannot stop. The Darul Uloom scholar’s success in the area is due to repetitiveness, and mass sending. Other Sorcerers don’t focus with such aggression. You would expect the nasty looking Sorcerers to be more dangerous, no no, the ones that look innocent are way worse.

If you want to understand how guilty the Darul Uloom scholar is concerning what I claim, then just observe how they protect and support Mufti Siraj Saleh, then you will understand what I mean.

I am up against scholars of hell, to the reader, do you think the occult is good. The occult represents the Beast, the devil, call the son of bitch what you will, I don’t represent that side. I have an internal moral compass, and it would never allow me to take sides with the dark side. The devil is about hate, fear, anarchy, panic and control, I’m totally the opposite of that.

What’s guiding me, is in the image below.

I didn’t see my children in over a year, because of what the Darul Uloom scholar will chant, I wanted to spare my children the pain. So, I communicate with them via text only, and I didn’t visit them.

So here I am, thinking, what are you scholars going to chant, because I’m not giving you any angle to work from. Everything the Sorcerer does, it’s like banking money, keeping it safe i.e. an investment that he can go back to any time.

So times going by, my wife hates me, I don’t say anything, I’m waiting, the clock is ticking. So what does Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Sorcerer scholars come up with. In one particular evening, I started receiving texts left right and center. My daughter saying you don’t care, you don’t visit me, my son texting, you don’t care, my wife texting essays to my son to forward to me, saying, you have two beautiful children, where are you, you don’t care, what kind of man are you.

Oh the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars, they found an angle. My wife hates me, what is she doing sending me texts saying I don’t care.

The reason I didn’t go around for over a year is, my daughter a year ago said, mums cooked some food, if you come down you can eat, I can eat in the driveway in my car, because she’s scared of me, and the feelings she gets inside is intolerable.

So I went around, I sat with my daughter and ate in my car in the driveway. Mufti Siraj sent all hell, as I was leaving, my daughter called saying, mum said don’t come into the driveway anymore, because the feelings she gets inside is unbearable, she said, if you come stay on the public road.

I thought to myself, I’m not coming around anymore. The Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars will use any angle they can get.

These scholars can monitor and send entities by the second, any time they want for any purpose.

See, I had my reasons for not going around, which are valid reasons that are true. If my wife feels a certain way, how can I go outside the house. So, I wasn’t going, so the Sorcerer when he decided, used what he’s previously done, as banking, an investment he can take out and use when he feels, which he did.

One day he turned the house upside down, my wife saying, I don’t go down to pick the kids, i.e. I have beautiful children and don’t I care.

I know the reader may think, you have wishful thinking don’t you, if you think you can get out from the Sorcerers clutch.

I know I can get out of this, and I know I’m safe, and I know they can halt the Pimp Champion anytime they want. The story has been set, the picture made, the exposure and announcement of this entity, is far greater than what I face.

Here I want to explain a particular data retrieval of an entity, to give the reader an idea, of how an entity holding such data, and how it would impact a target victim.

I have explained, that the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars collect entities with data. This is what this road i.e. business is about.

Light Orbs can connect the data held within an entity, and show any part of the data held, visually and in feelings to the person in the possessed state.

This particular occasion, the entity connected, the data was shown of a young child. The footage shown was, a young blonde child with a denim skirt, and an elderly man was taking her into the woodlands to play. The possessed had the feeling that this was in the USA, the child appeared to resemble a 5 year old, and was entering the woodlands with the elderly man. It was felt and understood the elderly man was raising her i.e. grandfather.

What was understood was, the elderly man was abusing her in the woodlands from a child. Then the data was shown of the same child as an adult, and the feelings of her life was felt by the possessed. The lady in question was tormented throughout her life from childhood sexual abuse, and she lived like that.

This abuse is embedded into the data of the entity, and it is a part of the entity as its identity and expression. This type of data holding entity, without any instructions given on a Sorcerers job request, would impose those feelings i.e. data to the target victim and the feelings of abuse.

The above is one particular example, and this is what the Darul Uloom scholar’s do 24/7, 7 days a week. This particular entity was recently removed from my wife, this entity was inside my wife, and it was told to express those feelings, and direct them to her as though it’s coming from me.

When I experience such exorcisms, it’s easy to feel sorry for the Lower Astral Entity i.e. the ex-human Jinn. Now this is a mistake on my behalf i.e. to feel sorry for it. This entity is evil within, this is its innate character, and it’s just holding the data from the body it lived in, and it will use the data as instructed for its release. I’m an empathetic person, but I know this entity too well, you should never fall for its expressions and think you can help it.

My learning is to understand the truth about this entity, that no matter what its holding, I shouldn’t feel sorry for it. If this entity held the data of someone who committed suicide, it would happily attempt to make the target victim take their own life, and it would have no remorse about it.

Something else I would like to add here, to show the results of a physically rehearsed body gesture by a Sorcerer, and I want to explain the end result my end.

Any physical acting, if it’s short and direct to the point, this entity can demonstrate this within the target victim i.e. express it so the target responds the same.

This example should demonstrate, that any form of act of aggression rehearsed by a Sorcerer, a violent response from a target victim will take place.

It’s all do to do with imposing the instructions with authority. The Sorcerer rehearses an aggressive rehearsal, if the Sorcerer wants an aggressive response.

Mufti Siraj Saleh previously rehearsed walking lousily in his passage and hitting his arms and hands on the wall as a command. Meaning, he was deliberately walking recklessly so his hands and arms hit the passage walls i.e. behaving erratic. To do this performance, the person in rehearsal would wear thick gloves i.e. not to cause themselves harm.

He is willing to try anything to cause me harm, Sorcerers are true actors, to be doing this as a hobby. The Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars have unloaded all their arsenal for nothing, just to try and find something that may cause me harm. The unwillingness to stop by these scholars is mind blowing i.e. the effort the Sorcerers are putting in is sickening.

Such entities on my end, the result is, when I’m walking my hands and arms hit the edges and sides of everything I walk past. Let’s say, I was walking in the kitchen, I found my hands would hit the cupboards, the sides, it would result in injuries if left to continue. Yes I have experimented with it, by being totally conscious of my own movements, but still, you will have injuries even when being cautious.

Like I said, I experiment with this, then see the end result in exorcism.

I have previously mentioned Mufti Siraj Saleh physically rehearsed strangling someone i.e. the behaviour, and performed the strangling with aggression. This rehearsal was for me to lash out at my wife and strangle her, which I never did. The Light Orbs stopped it and showed me in exorcism.

In these cases a Sorcerer would rehearse strangling a pillow case, or something of similar form. It’s more accurate and affective when the person rehearsing this is using a real person to rehearse it with. I shouldn’t be saying that, but it’s pretty obvious in my understanding how this works.

The reason I am explaining such detail, is because I want to educate people on this subject to warn them, and I want everyone to know what the Darul Uloom Deoband High Ranking scholars are engaged in.

I have previously explained Mufti Siraj Saleh rehearsed punching someone up viciously, it would be like someone punching a punch bag with each fist clenched in a frenzy. He did this hoping, that I may do it to my wife, the Light Orbs stopped it, and showed me in exorcism.

Sorcerers kill people like this all around the world. A Sorcerer can rehearse stabbing someone etc, and vicious acting to go along with it as a command, and providing he did it in stages i.e. the base work, and building up the enmity, he can finalise it by rehearsing such vicious commands, and I believe Sorcerers do this.

I can’t say this enough, those who use this force have no empathy for a living thing, because what they work with has no empathy, so the user will become the same.

Why do you think Sorcerers all around the world perform occult to harm people i.e. kill them, paralyse them, or break a home. They have no feelings whatsoever, because what they work with has no feelings, that’s what the Sorcery life is about.

This entity wants to derail man, hence the reason someone like Mufti Siraj Saleh is the way he is. I showed him love, and he broke my home, and he’s trying to kill me. Stupid Sorcerer, he’s followed this entity to become the monument for the avalanche, how reckless can a Sorcerer be.

I would like to provide another example, to show the control via using this entity.

I explain gradually, to warm the reader into what I would like to say. This entity, I can’t stress this enough. This entity’s control over us becomes our own thoughts, and our own drive.

Mufti Siraj rehearses texting via a mobile phone with these entities, to create a command, he can control to that level, to get someone to text aggressive texts to another.

I am telling you, these scholars have refined Sorcery to perfection for the devil.

I am going to provide an example, from the document titled, The Deobandi Perfected Methods of Chanting Jinn’s for Mind Control.


If anyone has doubts creeping in, please refer to my qualification video on this subject. I believe, I have nailed this subject and I’ve got the devil strapped, and I’m still holding back. (I hold vital information that changes our present day understanding of reality, bold claim I know)

In the document titled, The Deobandi Perfected Methods of Chanting Jinn’s for Mind Control. I wrote in that document the word (Buddy), I called Mufti Siraj Saleh and Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera’s best friend and colleague (Buddy) i.e. saying – Anyway, give my regards to your little Buddy below.

With Muslims you don’t call your parents i.e. father Buddy, it’s a no no, you just don’t do it.

So, Mufti Siraj and the associated scholars read through my content, and had a giggle on how they can get a reaction out from me.

The reason I am explaining this, is to show, anything you can think of can be instructed, if the Sorcerer rehearsed it with the entities, and used the correct data holding entities.

What I’m showing is, the Sorcerer scholars can choose anything they want, it just happened that they decided to choose the word Buddy.

Mufti Siraj thought and decided, how can I make him angry i.e. humiliated, he wants a reaction, and I don’t react to anything because I understand this subject.

So, my son is texting me, calling me by the name Buddy, I thought for God’s sake man. He’s texting me and referring to me as Buddy repeatedly. I just want the reader to know, any person born in a Muslim household, or came from that background would never call their father Buddy, it’s forbidden i.e. taboo.

Yes I know, in USA they have people with names as Buddy, and I have heard the use of the name Buddy in the movies. But no Muslim, even an Ex-Muslim wouldn’t call their father Buddy, you just do it, and it’s rude in our understanding.

So, my son is texting me calling me Buddy, I’m not reacting, I know its Mufti Siraj. So he kept on referring to me as Buddy on text conversions. My son is arguing with me via text, again referring to me as Buddy, that’s it, I said, don’t call me Buddy, I’m your father, do you know how disrespectful that is.

What I am showing is, any sentence and feeling can be imposed, it just happened that the Deobandi scholars picked the word Buddy. I am telling you, I promise, these scholars share this information as their day to day chit chat.

This particular explanation now, I didn’t really want to say, my children have been brought up well mannered, and they are good children. To cut this short, what I have explained above, Mufti Siraj Saleh did the same with the word stupid. On my documents I have called Mufti Siraj Saleh stupid many times, so, he thought ok, I will give you stupid.

He chanted entities with the chant, your stupid, you’re stupid. My son kept texting me saying I’m stupid, for no reason. The word stupid, he texts many times, I had to tell him off, and block him on my phone, he was behaving erratic.

No Sorcerer in the world would take it that far, as to chant any sentence just because he wanted to.

With what I’m explaining, now I want the reader to think. You must believe me, when I say those who operate with the entity on an elite level, can control any person, for whatever result they want.


Now I’m going to take the veil off this further, deeper into the underworld politics via the use of this entity.

Before I begin, if people are progressing in life, or a movement is striving via normal means i.e. it’s a true way of decency, honest genuine demonstration of piety, I have no problem with that. I have a problem with this false entity and its use. You cannot have the devil demoralising man under the guise of piety and righteousness, and this is what’s taking place.

Let me briefly explain regarding the Holy Men, to get to the Darul Uloom scholar. The Holy Men use this entity to control those they come across, they target Western spiritual seekers, because they offer more and provide the best fruits for what the Holy Men desire. Their aim is to bring you to their way of life, to worship their Deities, which are the same entities that I’m up against i.e. the leaders, and those that have made it onto the world scene.

This entity as I’ve explained prior, is associated with the river, sea, land, forests and mountain areas etc. This entity wants man to worship it and be its harvesting machine, that is the reality of it.

It’s the biggest con in human history, brought to you by the Holy Men from the past. When I think about what’s really going on, I think, how the hell did this entity manage all this, what a sneaky son of a gun. If you understand this entity, you will figure it all out, we have been conned i.e. duped, done over by the dark side.

The reality of it is, people are weeping to these entities, and calling them my mother, it’s unbelievable how gullible man can be.

What I am experiencing via the Darul Uloom scholars i.e. control with the use of this entity, this is the same thing the Holy Men are doing in India. Western people go over to seek spirituality and wisdom, and the Holy Men put these entities inside those people, with data stemming from their background, with instructions to the entities to draw them into that direction i.e. make them submit.

When you meet the Holy Men, they will keep a record of your details, whilst you may return to England or the USA, or any other Western country. The Holy man will work on you, as explained regarding my experience with the Darul Uloom scholars.

You get pulled into the Holy Man route, you make a temple, invest money for such and such Deities, the Holy Man says, you heard the calling of Lord so and so, this is a divine calling. Whilst all along, the Holy Man is using the entities that the Darul Uloom scholars use.

So now, you have dedicated your life and money into that direction, exactly what the Holy Man wants. The Holy Man is pulling you in, to please the entities he worships, he has to do it, he’s in the trap, and he will never get out, he has to submit his all, he’s a slave to the dark side.

The Holy Men know exactly what these entities are, even though I mock these entities, this entity is powerful, because I’m protected by the Light Force, I have no fear, hence I am able to be myself, and see it for what it really is.

Now, let me get into the Darul Uloom scholars, and their use of this entity. The normal scholars use the occult i.e. summon this entity via talismans, but they don’t call it the occult i.e. blind users of talismans and summoning of this unseen force.

It’s been embedded into the followers i.e. scholars, because the elders participated in the dark arts, hence why the likes of Mufti Siraj Saleh are accepted.

There are elite scholars like Mufti Siraj Saleh scattered globally within the Darul Uloom circuit. You may see the name Mufti Siraj Saleh on my documents, but there’s hives of these scholars around the world in Islam.

The normal scholars don’t understand the microscopic functionality of this entity, they just use talismans blindly and accept this entity. I believe due to my information, Mufti Siraj has come clean, and confessed, but part of the confession is, we need to get rid of him, he will take us down. I believe they have embraced Mufti Siraj Saleh and this wickedness. If you doubt this, then just observe the support he is receiving, the proof is there. I have explained thoroughly and notified countless Darul Uloom Islamic establishments throughout the years, yet they support him, doesn’t that demonstrate what I say.

What the elite like Mufti Siraj Saleh are doing behind the scenes, is not fully understood by the normal scholars. So let me enlighten the reader on what I believe the elite scholars are actually doing behind the scenes.

The aim for those who use this force, is to spread its seed and conquer, and enjoy the bounty, there’s gonna be no more bounty now, I’m putting the stake in, and there will be a major ripple, its predicted and prophesised on the unseen weather forecast, the Sorcerer scholars know what I’m talking about – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get – Forrest Gump.

Let me get into the Darul Uloom funds and financial resources. Saudi with their oil money can’t compete with the growth of Darul Uloom Deoband. You would think with the Saudis oil money, that all the Mosques in Western countries would be Salafi. Check the stats, they are mostly Darul Uloom Deoband, how did they grow so quickly, charity, collecting donations by feeding the poor, no chance whatsoever. You wouldn’t be able to pay your electricity bills with that kind of charity, yet Darul Uloom Deoband controls Western Islam. If they weren’t using these entities, I wouldn’t be interested in their internal politics.

For the record, when you see live charity on air, and they’re saying, we need 10 ambulances etc, who’s going to give 10k each, who wants to go to heaven, then money pours in, looks lovely doesn’t it. Its politics, its filtering money via charity, cleaning it up. Charity is not always what it appears to be, and money filtering and cleansing funds does take place via protection, under the guise of charity.

Getting back to this entity, and the politics involved by those who use this force.

Those who use this entity monitor everybody around them, it’s easy for them, the entities scope and gather information, this entity is the master of whispering peoples business.

These scholars monitor social media, they are aware and up to date on what’s taking place.

Everything that goes on with these scholars, from the low end street level to the top, it filters immediately to those who specialise on the elite level concerning this entity.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is like Santa Claus to these scholars.

I believe the regular scholars wouldn’t be aware of what I’m about to explain now, this is kept a secret between those scholars who work one to one in communication with this entity.

What I’m talking about is, controlling someone and driving them to give their will i.e. assets, financial resources over to the Darul Uloom funds management, or hand it over to someone within the Darul Uloom to circulate the funds for the progress of God, in the name of God. What I mean is, the deceased will i.e. assets, gets handed over to some part of the Darul Uloom movement.

Do you understand how easy it is for the elite Sorcerer scholar to take someone’s will, it’s like taking candy from a child. Any will i.e. assets that the owner rejected handing it to any family member within, and instead gave it to the movement for God, is suspect. Yes I know, there may be verbal news, the old man wasn’t getting on with his family, he had an argument with his son etc, so he decided to give it to God via donating the funds to the movement, to be recycled for God to grow Darul Uloom Deoband. Yes family feuds do look genuine, arguments are arguments which are true and known, enmity between people becomes public, so there is a reason, and it looks genuine doesn’t it.

Read my story and understand, that feuds and enmity between people can be arranged, and be presented as the truth, via the use of this entity, and appear to be valid, and sealed as the truth. (Totally undetectable right)

I believe those who use this entity do this, its part of the game when using this entity, and its normal practice.

I know the elite within the Darul Uloom scholars use this entity in this scale, and I believe they justify it to themselves like this, oh God I’ve done it for you, you are the controller of the worlds, you control man and jinn, and I have used your creation to help you.

You have to understand how a Sorcerer thinks under the Islamic banner. See a Pagan or Polytheistic Sorcerer i.e. a Holy man, would say, oh Lord so and so I have done it for you, I am your slave, and the holy man is content, his job is to bring people to Lord so and so etc. This is how they justify in their minds on how to remain happy and content, i.e. that they are following what they believe is the truth.

The real truth is, the Holy Men know exactly what these entities are, and what they want, and that they are evil. When working with that force, you will become its slave and give your all, and pull everyone else in to honour that side, and thus you will call it God.

Same for the Sorcerer scholar under the Darul Uloom Deoband banner, he would justify to himself, (I know it’s awkward to comprehend) but think yourself.

These scholars pull Hadith i.e. text, and find those texts that show man’s interaction with the Jinn, and between themselves, they believe that the rest of the scholars i.e. other sects outside of their own are stupid, they believe we have the truth, but we are not going to share it with the others, because they don’t understand it.

To the Darul Uloom scholar, the use of this entity is normal, hence their support of Mufti Siraj Saleh.

You can take religious texts and make them suit whatever you want, I know these scholars look at text that shows man’s interaction with this entity, and they have justified the use of this entity within themselves i.e. the movement.

Let’s say, someone who’s unwell i.e. someone who attends the Darul Uloom Mosque, his health status would be known by the Imam and the rest of the Mosque staff, and it will filter to the Sorcerer. Those who have wealth and fortune are known, if you go somewhere, your status will be known via your interactions i.e. this guy is minted etc, simple maths.

The information ends up in the Sorcerer ears, they would investigate with the unseen and check the status, to dismantle, or not to dismantle, because to take the funds, you have to make a number of people unwell and steer others to get to the pot of gold, and create enmity within the dying person’s family. Just observe my story to understand the use of this entity.

A sorcerer could create the enmity, then chant, I’m giving the money for God repeatedly, and who gets to have V.I.P access and visits, and knowledge of who’s in hospital, the Imams, they get called in to pray and visit the sick, this filters to the Sorcerers. It is easy work for the Sorcerer, how many Darul Uloom Mosque attendees have given their entire savings to the movement.

A Sorcerer could get the target to the point, the sick person i.e. (let me add a random name to this) Mufti Saiful Islam is ready to sign the solicitors consent and will etc. The Sorcerer says, quick get the Solicitor in, the old man’s sons going crazy. Once signed, the Sorcerer can finish you off, in the name of God of course, he may pick a Friday, to make it look heavenly, he tells the evolved entities, make the old man’s face muscles pull and hold them as though he’s smiling to Jannah. I am telling you, it’s simple for the Sorcerer, even to make someone appear as though they are smiling. This entity can occupy our nerves, and if trained, it can make a smile appear. Such trained entities for the smile, will go back to the Sorcerer, because he uses them regularly, he trained them to figure out the exact location to pull a straight smile, without it being lop sided like Bell’s Palsy.

I know this entity and what it does, and how it can be trained to do certain things. How much effort does it require for you to lift your cheek muscles up, try it, soon as you lift you cheeks your smiling aren’t you. Put your finger on your cheeks and hold them up, its easy isn’t it. You don’t think an evolved entity could learn to occupy the appropriate nerve to replicate a cheesy grin, simple work.

Random docile evolved entities that have never had human interaction, on a novice talisman users instructions can Paralyse ones face, which is called Bell’s Palsy, it happened to my own wife, I have it on video, and I have the Light Orbs pulling the evolved entity out, it would be like a transparent worm occupying the nerve, it found its own way in there, to complete the job to honour its agreement for its release. The occupation of the entity on one side of the face, resulted in none use of the nerve by the brain, which makes the cheek drop down i.e. sag down.

This entity can very simply be trained to raise the nerve in occupation via joint cooperation i.e. an evolved entity across the forehead, and one entity occupying each cheek, they can hold onto the entity across the forehead in cooperation, and pull to raise the nerves, hence resulting in a cheesy grin.

I am explaining in a way so reader can understand it, this entity doesn’t need pulling cooperation via the forehead, 2 evolved entities can make the smile, one on each side of the face.

I am telling you, you have no idea what an elite Sorcerer scholar can do.

My own father was taken out by my stepbrother via him using his own Holy Man contacts, they said my father had a smile, he was smiling whilst deceased. You may say, how would you know, my stepfamily got the same Sorcerer to send me what they used on my father, and it was held, and the information retrieved.

I have so much information to give in this subject, and information relating to Light Orbs, and what I understand. A light Orb can do an exorcism, so the person in the possessed state, can hear their conversion to the held Jinn within, and I get to retrieve vital knowledge, hence retrieving, you killed his father, and now you come for his son.

These evolved entities can be trained to perform, to kill, to induce the smile to Jannah look.

For the reader’s knowledge, a Sorcerer can make you ill, and steer you to death via occupation of this entity as an investment, to get to the assets i.e. will.

Getting more deeper, this stretches further now. This is what a Sorcerer will do, don’t ever think he won’t.

Read my story, you won’t find any mercy from the Sorcerer or his supporters. Look at pious Mufti Saiful Islam, and there you have it, crystal clear, it’s like reading a book.

Now I’m going to go deeper, say you have a rich young Muslim man, he’s loafing about, but he’s rich, businesses etc, he’s got the lifestyle, all the fancy things that people dream about, he’s flossin it on social media. He’s not really practicing, but he goes to the Mosque on Friday, so people know what time it is, shows his face now and again, he’s flossin, dinners, everyone knows about him. People say, Mashallah he has been blessed, he catches the attention of the Sorcerer, word travels. All it takes is for one Deobandi to clock him on social media, then the word travels.

Sorcerer loads the person with this entity, gives him cancer, sends entities and makes him depressed, sends entities to make him think about the afterlife, and what am I going to do. The Sorcerer does it in stages, then he chants, this life is nothing, this life is nothing, I don’t need this, I don’t need this.

The Sorcerer will control him in i.e. reel him in, and kill him, may even get him to make a confession video, declaring this life is nothing. There’s politics going on that people don’t understand, i.e. behind the scenes politics regarding the use of this entity.

Say the rich individual confessed and gave all his wealth via this particular person, it doesn’t mean that the handler was involved, the handler may be innocent, he may have only heaven in mind and genuine feelings. The behind the scenes activity goes undetected, whilst the Sorcerer is eating Samosa and sipping on Yorkshire tea.

A Sorcerer can groom someone in, and get them in position i.e. make them sick, control their thoughts, and through the chain of commands, allocate a senior handler, and via the handler instructions are passed, i.e. you have to make a video and tell the youth that this life is nothing, brother this is your chance to do good. The handler may be innocent, but behind the scenes Sorcery is taking place.

You read my story and think, would this be taking place, yes it will be taking place. Look at what Mufti Siraj Saleh did in my life, with great support from the Darul Uloom scholars.

If you read the fine precision concerning my daughter, and the detailed control regarding the use of this entity, then you will figure it out, this is way bigger than just Sorcery.

Something I would like to add here, Sorcerers don’t just control people and take their assets, they also dismantle people for fun. If any Islamic related media i.e. YouTube related, if it’s blossoming and looking appealing i.e. a couple is shining via YouTube and social media, or those involved in the Dawah scene, if it’s not Deobandi, the Deobandi scholars will dismantle and break them down for fun.

You have never seen a Deobandi scholar having a meltdown, or social media disasters, but when you look at the rest of the scholars and Dawah related activity, every now and then someone is falling apart, and chaos seems to be prevalent i.e. conflicts, and everything’s going wrong, people are turning against them etc. I am telling you, it’s the Darul Uloom scholars playing with the occult. If it isn’t Deobandi, or if you’re not with the Deobandis i.e. in their pockets, they won’t let it blossom, and if you find yourself in their pockets, then check your health status, autoimmune disorder is to follow.

F:\Mufti 2022\Blue Bell Lion 4 longer withBird sharper.jpg

(A word of advice, for those who believe their marriage or family are affected by this entity)

Here I would like to add, if one is a target of occult i.e. if you feel that you are being targeted as a family, between husband and wife. The only way to have a chance against this is, not to feed into the ongoing drama, and not respond to conversations that may lead to arguments.

My story proves, the elite Darul Uloom scholar is able to work off anything, and turn normal circumstances into an oblivion.

My story shows, with me not even responding to anything, the elite Sorcerers are able to turn everything upside down.

Normal Sorcerers do not operate on the level the Darul Uloom elite scholars function on with the occult.

So, if a normal Sorcerer is targeting you, I believe you may be able to survive, by responding to all conversions between a husband and wife i.e. family, in a positive way with the upmost love.

If one person out of the relationship focused on only operating in communication and expressions via love and being positive, even though the situation may look dismal, you may be able to survive it.

The aim is, to not let a negative situation escalate i.e. do not feed into it.

No Sorcerer in the world would operate on the level that I’m experiencing with the Darul Uloom scholars. You have to remember, these scholars are sober and drug free i.e. restless, and such people when they use the dark arts, can become pure menaces.

No I’m not promoting drugs, what I mean is, Sorcerers have habits, addictions and they do get intoxicated, and they have a busy lifestyle, hence making them less dangerous, and not so committed to ultimate destruction. A Sorcerer who is sober and drug free will naturally be more focused and committed to the end goal they have in mind.

(This entity will be announced, and its occupation within the human body will be identified, but the mind controlling aspect concerning this entity could go undetected i.e. brushed under the carpet, disregarded and not acknowledged. The mind controlling aspect of this entity and what it really is needs to be highlighted and understood, to bring awareness to what those who work with the unseen on an elite level are actually doing)

Kind Regards S Uddin – Document Created 19th February 2022.

The document below will provide a good source of learning, and should help one become more conscious, I advise the reader to check the URL below.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Pagan Gods and the Gods of Polytheism, who are these Gods. Look past the idols and beyond, what is really there. Let me take the veil of this and let you see.

This document delves into the dark side of man, and his worship of evil spirits.


The gallery below is taken from the URL above. I hope the images and information provided broadens ones understanding on the unseen mysteries.

Evolved Lower Astral Entities i.e. Evil spirits.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

If you understand this entity, you will understand the past and the history of man.

The Final Deobandi Seal 2021, Capping Off The Deobandi Satanic Underworld With Logic & Common Sense.


Below is a section of text taken from the URL above.

Some may not like what I’m about to say, and this may rattle some people. I am taking about the occult underworld and its operation. I have explained on my website concerning the occult, and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholar’s engagement in the occult.

A simple thing that any none Deobandi can do, or any person on the Dawah scene, or any media reporter when it’s all said and done. It’s very simple, point a camera to any Darul Uloom Deoband affiliated scholar in England, and say, (Mufti Siraj Saleh who is he, is he respectable, how do the Darul Uloom scholars view him). They will all defend him with honour and praise him, and say, he has transformed Islam and rekindled the hearts of the people, press a little bit more, then they will tell you about his dreams i.e. he liaises in his dreams with Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and receives revelations.

Then ask them, what about the person who has complained about him, and wrote all this information about Mufti Siraj Saleh, they will wiggle like snakes, and lie and say, he maybe fabricating it, they will disregard me, WHY, because the Darul Uloom Deoband scholar is a liar when it comes to protecting their occult ways. The scholars can’t help it, they have to protect their movement, so, they will smile in your face, give you a double handed handshake, and continue to act and pretend to be pious. (images will be displayed below, of notable Deobandi scholars in the UK i.e. scholars affiliated and grounded in UK Islam)

(The text from the above URL ENDS HERE)

Below I have displayed short split sections of Jinn Exorcism videos, this is to prove and demonstrate I am qualified to expose the occult underworld.

Exorcism of a Bulls Spirit || Angel Orbs In Flight || Light Orbs in Slow Motion (HD Re-Upload)

Exorcism of Pig Spirits By Light Orbs || Angel Orbs || Trance Medium || Spirit Possession || Exorcist

Exorcism By Light Orbs, Orbs Terminating Demons

Above, Exorcism by Light Orbs | Termination of Lower Astral Entities | Jinn

I SAW THE LIGHT – Angel Orbs after Possession Exorcism REACTION VIDEO – (HD Re-Upload)

Kind Regards S Uddin – Document Created 19th February 2022

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